Why do I keep topping my hybrids?

It is always okay to be comfortable with the longer Iron as a beginner. But Shifting from the long Iron to the Hybrid can really improve your fairway performance to a great extent.

A hybrid delivers much better distance compared to a longer Iron. You can expect to get almost 5 to 10 yards of leverage with a hybrid.  We have also added an article on Hybrid vs. Iron to help you to make the right decision. Do check the article to understand the primary differences between these two types of clubs.

But honing the skill of a hybrid may take a little time. If you have just started your journey with the Hybrid and are facing topping shots too often, you probably are not following the proper stance while hitting with a hybrid.

This article will deliver some essential tactics and guidelines to enhance your true potential with the Hybrid.

If you are interested, let's dive deeper into the discussion-

Why do I keep topping my hybrids

What is a top shot in golf?

When the leading edge of the golf club ends up hitting the equator or above the equator of the golf ball, you end up creating a topping shot.

This happens because you fail to transfer the exact loft of the club to the ball.

Three situations you can end up topping a golf ball

Topping the golf ball is not only prevalent with the hybrid golf club. Anybody can end up topping the golf ball with any type of club. Believe it or not, some professional and low-handicapped golfers also top the golf ball. Topping a golf ball is okay, and one should not be embarrassed when they top the ball. But having clarity about why you are thinning the ball can help you to recorrect yourself. Here are the top three reasons you might end up topping your golf ball with any kind of golf club-

  1. The first reason you might end up topping the golf ball is placing the ball away from your stance.
  2. Another reason you might end up topping your golf ball is using too much lateral movement in your backswing while hitting the golf ball. It happens when you hit the ball with excessive weight on your trail leg.
  3. The final occurrence of topping happens when your arm structure changes through your impact.

As you can see that all the problems we have discussed above are related to your stance or golf swing. If you can auto-correct your golf swing, you are almost there to the finish line.

How to stop topping with a hybrid golf club?

Making the precise swing is the only way to prevent topping shot with your Hybrid. If you are replacing one of your longer Iron with a hybrid, the very first thing you need to do is honing the fundamental skill of making the right swing. Here are some of the processes you can follow to make the right swing with your hybrid golf club-

Mind setup

If you are accustomed to hitting with a longer iron, you can always hone the basics of hitting a hybrid as well. Just think that you are hitting with an Iron. The rest of the task will be much easier than ever before.

Making the perfect ball position

You need to place the golf ball a cub head inside of your lead heel. You can also do that by using an alignment stick. At the very beginning, it may require you to do some practice. But it's never going to be the hardest. But always remember that the reference point is always one clubhead inside of your lead heel.

Getting ready with the stance

A hybrid will deliver a combined experience of an Iron and a Wood. That is why it is always better to hit like an Iron although it delivers a feel more like a hybrid.

Ensure that the ball is at the precise position so that you don't end up topping the golf ball. Always remember that it should be one clubhead inside of your lead heel.

Make the swing as low to the ground as possible on the of making the swing. Besides, ensure that the club brushes the ground while hitting the ball.

Making the perfect contact with the ball is also necessary. Strike on the golf ball as low as possible. Hitting above the equator of the ball can also introduce you to a thin shot.

Why hitting with a hybrid is much easier than a traditional longer Iron?

Well, it may arouse confusion. But it is the reality.  A hybrid golf club is a little easier to hit than a traditional longer Iron. The profile of the club is the main reason behind this.

A hybrid golf club tends to come with a larger profile than most traditional longer Iron. As a result, you can get the center of gravity from the lower back of the Hybrid. This makes the club more forgiving to keep the ball up in the air for a long time.

Why you should think about a replacement?

We are not saying that you have to make the replacement. But it would be better to give it consideration. The combination of different club materials makes a hybrid more forgiving than a traditional Iron.

Hybrid golf clubs are quite versatile in different situations. They can deliver better support in fairway and tees to boost up your performance that a traditional longer Iron may not be able to deliver.

Another reason to try a hybrid golf club is its consistency. Sometimes getting the consistency with a longer Iron can be more intimidating for a beginner golfer. But once you are comfortable with a hybrid, you can expect consistency in most situations.

Is topping shot common in golf?

You would not find a single golfer who has not faced any issue with a thin or topped shot. It happens for almost everyone. As soon as you get into the flow, the top shot vanished from your list.

You would notice tons of professional golfers who sometimes make a thin shot, taking them to an embarrassing situation. Even a professional player like Rory Mcilroy did it once when he was trying to get the ball past a mini lake.

On the other hand, you may face topped shot if you have just started your golf career. The more you will practice, the better golfer you will be to avoid making a topped shot.

Final words

A topped shot should not mean you are a bad golfer. It happens and it will continue happening as well. Keep practicing with your true potential. Things will be far better than your present situation.

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