What do you need to know when creating a blended golf iron set?

Blending is the combination of two different models of Irons in one set.  Blending is not only popular among the high-handicapped golfers but also popular among PGA Tour professionals.

Players like Tiger Woods also have blended his Iron set during his victory of 1997 masters. But before you get into the blending process, it is essential that you know why you are getting into the process.

Getting the perfect combination of offset is the main reason to blend your golf clubs with other models.

It does improve your performance. But if you are not confident with your approach, it’s always better to stay away from the blending process.

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Why should you blend your golf iron set?

Getting the right amount of offset from your golf club is the primary reason to blend your golf irons.

Suppose you are using a set of specific golf club set from Mizuno. You may feel comfortable with the longer irons of that particular set. But when it comes tothe shorter golf irons, you always get a distracting feeling. At that particular moment, replacing the shorter Iron with another model may give you some leverage to boost your performance.

Besides, blending a particular golf iron also delivers you the essential amount of loft to take the golf ball into the exact distance.

While ensuring the loft angle, you may end up enhancing or reducing the gap between two different items. As a result, recovering the distance may become a little harder.

Why blending irons is a better option?

The problem with most beginner golfers is that they choose golf clubs by speculating only a few clubs from the set. A beginner may love the longest Iron from a particular set. But when he will move down below to the shorter Iron, it may deliver an intimidating experience to hit that shorter Iron. That is when panic starts to overpower the individual.

At that particular moment blending the shorter Iron with another model can bring forth excellent results to reduce the gap between two different irons.

Before you get into the process

Before you get into the blending process, ask yourself whether you really are comfortable with your Irons or not. If you are a consistent player with regular distance, this question will really help you out to make a better decision.

You can be comfortable with your longer irons like 3-iron and 4-iron. But when one is talking about shorter irons like 8-iron or 9-iron, the situation can turn out to be a little complicated.

If you give yourself a 50 or 60 when it is about shorter irons, blending the set should be a handy option to reduce the gap.

Why professional golfer uses compact irons?

A professional golfer is professional only because they make the right decision in most situations. Compact golf irons are more forgiving around the green. As a result, getting enough control near the greenside area becomes much easier for them.

As a beginner or high-handicapped golfer, you may find it a little tough to cope up with your clubs when you are 20 to 40 feet away around the green. But a professional golfer uses their true potential through the standard and powerful compact shorter irons to get the best support possible.

Mizuno Golf is popular for delivering quality irons for all ages of people. If you want to learn about the quality of Mizuno Irons, you may check the all-time Mizuno Irons list. 

Where should you split the set?

If you are struggling around 200 yards from the green, one of the best things you can do is splitting the Iron set in the middle of the 7 or 8-iron. 

If you split the set in the middle of the 7-iron or 8-iron, it will be much beneficial for you to reduce the gap between the shorter irons. Besides, you will get more forgiveness and control simultaneously.

On the other hand, you may split between the 4-iron and 6-iron if you are not comfortable with the mid-irons.

Improvisation is always important. Everything depends on the balance. If you can get the balance for yourself, things should be more wholesome. Spend a little time on your approach and swing mechanism to find out the things that are actually impacting your performance.

Is blending your Iron a whimsical decision?

should you blend your golf iron

Nope, not at all. Blending your irons or making a combo iron set should never be the wrong decision.

But it will turn out to be a wrong decision if you are doing the mixture for no reason. Beginner golfers do experiment with their performance. And one of the essential ways to experiment with your performance is making a combo set. Improvisation always brings creativity.

But combo golf iron set is popular among professional golfers, too. If you search on the internet, you will notice that almost 80% percent of the PGA Tour professional blends their irons with two or more golf clubs to improvise their performance.

Which professional golfer blends their golf club set?

A legend like Tiger Woods to most recent PGA Tour experts use blending to ensure better performance on the course. Here is a little list of some of the most popular golfers who have blended their golf irons in different situations-

  • Tiger Woods.
  • Justin Thomas.
  • Rickie Fowler
  • Jordan Spieth.
  • Keegan Bradley.

Learning the Irons

Gathering precise knowledge about your Iron is one of the most effective ways to make the right decision whether you should blend your iron set or not.

Blending your iron set always introduces you to a new experience. There is no meaning in blending your irons when you are comfortable with your stock set. In case you are having some problems with the longer and shorter game performance.  Blending the iron set should deliver some authentic support.

Golf irons come for using them for different distances. Some golf irons are easier to hit, whereas some other may give you a daunting experience. Everything depends on how comfortable you are with your irons.  If you are comfortable with the longer irons, think about splitting the irons between the 8-iron and 9-iron.

On the other hand, split between the 6-iron and 7-iron if you want to improve your fairway performance.

Final words

Golf irons are simple and complex at the same time. One may find all the longer irons from a particular golf club set easier to hit, whereas the shorter irons may give him a nightmarish experience. At that particular moment, blending or splitting your golf club with other models may deliver the most authentic experience.

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