What is the hardest golf club to hit properly?

Longer Irons and Drivers are the hardest golf clubs to hit accurately. As they come for the distance, getting consistency and precision is most often troublesome with these golf clubs.

Everyone is different, and so do their swing mechanism. That is why your most difficult golf club may be the easiest for someone else. You may face an intimidating experience while putting, whereas your friend may exasperate himself while teeing off the golf ball.

In general, honing the skill of long Iron and driver usually consumes the longest time and energy.  Your preference can always be different. We really appreciate that. But if you would like to know why we feel like that, you had better continue with us so that you can share your opinion at the end. We are really looking forward to hearing from you.

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Without protracting the Intro much longer, let's get started with the main discussion-

What is the hardest golf club to hit properly

Why Longer Irons are the hardest to hit?

The primary purpose of a longer Iron is to enhance your potential on the fairway wood.  That means you ask for distance and accuracy every time you hit with your Iron. But that is where the culprit comes into action.

Delivering both distance and accuracy is a little troublesome for the manufacturer. That is why if you get enough yardages, you tend to lack precision. On the other hand, aiming at accuracy can reduce the distance conditionally. That is why it becomes a little inconsistent while hitting with the long Iron.

How to solve the longer Iron problem?

If you are a beginner, we would love to mention that honing the skill of a longer Irons takes a little time. You simply cannot think about becoming a pro Iron hitter with only one month of practice. Getting into the flow requires you to show enough perseverance and patience. Keep practicing until you get the rhythm.

We can assure you that, once you will be in your rhythm, getting consistency will be much easier than ever before. 

Nowadays, hybrids are also becoming a better replacement for the longer Irons.  The lighter construction with a decent club head face delivers enough distance and precision to make every beginner comfortable with the long game performance.

Make the exact stance and perfect ball position. Always pick up the right golf ball that suits your preference. Launch your swing with more confidence so that you can get the distance and accuracy simultaneously.

Why are Golf Drivers too hard to strike?

Even a professional golfer cannot say with absolute confidence that they are good with the driver. A driver is the most unpredictable golf club inside of your golf bag. Inconsistency, topped shot, over speed, lower speed, etcetera are all prevalent with the hybrids. If your first strike takes the golf ball around 280 yards, you cannot say confidently that the second driving stroke would go near 280 yards or not.

The problem is all related to the distance. A driver comes with the most forgiving clubface. That is why it demands you to have enough expertise to swing the club with full potential. If there are any flaws with your swing, you cannot expect to get the consistency every time you hit with the driver.

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How to solve the problem with the driver?

Spend a moderate amount of your time with the driver to be better with the driving shot. Inconsistency will always be there with the driver. But if you can manage to make it to a better distance, you really are making progress.

Concentrate on the distance and swing, you will do great eventually. If you can control the swing, accuracy will also come into effect.

What about wedges?

While beginner golfer troubles with the Longer Irons and Driver, mid and low handicappers may baffle with the wedges

Pitching wedge is comparatively easier to hit than lob wedge and sand wedge. Wedges are the loftiest golf clubs inside of your golf bag. Besides, they also have the shortest shaft to give you a boost in the shorter version of golf. As precision is the hottest matter of a wedge, it sometimes gives a little pain to get the accuracy you deserve. If you fail to make the calculation precisely, getting accuracy from the wedges becomes a little intimidating.

How to solve the problem with the wedges

An experienced campaigner does not make too many mistakes. That is what you should strive to be. If you are a golf fanatic, practice whenever you get free time. Try to improvise your skill of shorter range with the clubs available near you. Besides, spend a decent amount of time to make the stance correct. If the stance is correct and you are comfortable with the swing, getting precision and accuracy should not be that hard at all.

Finally comes the Golf Putter

Putters are relatively much easier to hit than compared to other golf clubs. Once you get to know how things work, you can easily deliver better performance with the putter. Despite being one of the easiest golf clubs inside f your golf bag, putters are not that easier for beginner or intermediate golfers.

How do you develop the skill of a putter?

Alignment is the most important thing you need to ensure while making a perfect putt. If the club, ball, and hole are not aligned properly, making the perfect putt will be almost impossible.

That is why pay some good concentration on the alignment so that you feel comfortable while making the swing. 

No golf club is hard when you have the skill

If you are facing some trouble with your stroke, it is probably because you have some flaws in your swing. Either you are failing to generate the exact amount of power, or your swing mechanism may not be up to the mark. That is why most pro golfers would say that if you are good at your swing, no golf club should give you the pain you hate.

Don’t compromise to give your 100% on the course. If you are really looking forward to developing your performance, you will end up being the best version of yourself one day.

Final words

No golfer is flawless. But it is always possible to gain some further confidence in your bucket. Don't think that you are not good with a specific golf club. Sometimes thinking like that can also generate the actual problem. Just try to beat yourself constantly. You will end up becoming a better golfer eventually.

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