What color golf ball is easiest to use and why ?

A high visibility golf ball is always the easiest to use. In that case, yellow and green should be the easiest to use because they tend to be the most visible golf balls available.

A typical golf ball is always white. A white golf ball is okay when you are playing under the clear sky. But when the weather is not perfect, or you are playing at an old age, a plain white golf ball can be hard to find.

Many manufacturers are thus launching high-visibility golf balls in the market, allowing golfers to use them according to the weather condition or age.

There is nothing special about a high-visibility golf ball. All the mechanisms of a white ball and colored ball are the same except the color. If you have not tried a colored golf ball before, this article might provoke you to try one.

What color golf ball is easiest to use

High-visibility golf balls

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High visibility golf balls are those balls that come with a colorful finishing, allowing them to be more visible. They are available in every color except white.

The colorful finishing allows you to find the balls without facing any eye strain. Going to the course or driving range and returning home without losing a single ball is pretty rare. But it can be possible when you are playing with a high-visibility golf ball. Here are some of the interesting facts you would love to know about high visibility golf balls-

  • High-visibility golf ball comes in multiple distinctive color patterns. The most common high visibility golf balls that you would notice are yellow, green, red, lime, pink, and orange.
  • A colored golf ball and a typical white ball will have the same construction pattern except for the color. That means you can expect the same performance with a colored ball and a typical white golf ball.
  • Among all colored golf balls, yellow and green tend to the most visible pair. That is why they tend to be the most popular item among the old-aged people.
  • Some high-visibility golf balls can also come with a multi-color variation, making them more vibrant on the course.
  • You may also notice matter finishing on a colored golf ball. In recent days, colored golf balls with matte finishing are getting more popular than ever before.
  • Colored golf balls are more popular among old-aged people than young-aged golfer. Ladies also prefer using colored golf balls on many occasions.

There was a time when a colored golf ball meant a lady’s golf ball. Thoughts are changing at a rapid rate nowadays. People of all ages are loving them. Some valid reasons are obviously there to play with a colored golf ball. If you are interested to learn, the next section is for you-

Why you should play with a colored golf ball?

Lose less golf ball

Every day thousands of golf balls have been lost in a single course. One of the main reasons for losing golf balls is visibility. Golfers make their swing, and Alas! The ball is nowhere. When you will play with colored golf balls, you can expect to lose fewer balls than before. Whether the ball is on the fairway or inside a bush, you will always find it.

Colored golf balls are easy to track

Whether you are playing under the scorching sun or cloudy weather, a high-visibility golf ball will never disappoint you. They are always visible to the eyes. As a result, you will be able to track the movement of the ball quite easily.  On the other hand, a white ball may give you a tough time finding it.

Colored golf balls are suitable for old-aged people

Old-aged people with impaired vision find it hard to concentrate on the golf ball. That is why they lose a large number of golf balls while playing a round of golf. The solution is simple. Go on the course with some colored golf balls to avoid losing them. Besides, tracking the movement will be much easier than ever before.

Colored golf balls make putting easier

Putting is all about making the perfect alignment. A high-visibility golf ball can help you to make perfect alignment, allowing you to make a perfect putt. A perfect ending is everything. If you want to make the round a success, start playing with some high-visibility golf balls.

High-visibility golf balls are lucrative and unique

The final reason to try high-visibility golf balls is their unique appearance and lucrative design. The distinctive color patterns allow them to be more vibrant. Girls are already using them. Old-aged golfers with impaired vision love them. Young-aged golfers have started using them. It should be the right time for you to start playing with a colored golf ball to understand the benefits and demerits. In market srixon and vice company makes more vasivility golf balls.

What is the most visible golf ball?

A high-visibility golf ball comes in multiple distinctive colors. Besides, multi-colored golf balls are also prevalent everywhere. Some of the most common colors that you would notice while purchasing a colored golf ball are red, green, lime, yellow, orange, pink, and blue. Not all of them are same visible to the eyes. Some will be much easier to catch, whereas some others will give you a tough time to detect. The photoreceptors of our eye do not allow every color to be the same visible.

  • As per as golf ball is a concern, green and yellow should be the most visible colors. Green will be more influential than yellow. If you prefer a high-contrast golf ball that will be much easier to track, consider going with either green or yellow. You can have both, too.
  • Pink and orange will remain next on this list. Despite their high visibility ratio, they are not that prevalent among golfers. Most women golfers love playing with pink and orange golf balls.
  • White golf balls are next to the list. They may not come with a high range of visibility. But they are the widely used golf balls. A typical golf ball means a white golf ball. A white golf ball should not create any problem when you are playing under a clear sky.
  • Red and blue golf balls come last when it is about visibility. A red ball might have less visibility. But people love playing with red golf balls. The least popular and visible golf ball is the blue. Once you strike them, they will hide inside the sky.

Final words

The visibility plays an important role while tracking the ball after the stroke. If you have problems with finding out the ball after hitting, a high-visibility golf ball can come as a handy choice. Their unique design also gives them a vibrant look to love.

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