What are noodle golf balls? All about noodle balls

If you have been roaming around the golf course for a couple of years, you probably have heard about Noodle golf balls. Noddle golf balls are one of the softest golf balls that you would notice on the market.

The lower compression core with two-sided layers allows all these golf balls to get an explosive distance.

The Noodle golf ball was first introduced by the Maxfli company. Later TaylorMade acquired possession of the company. Lately, the company was owned by Dick’s Sporting Goods from TaylorMade-Adidas Golf. However, TaylorMade Golf still has the patent of Noodle golf balls.

Specifications of Noodle golf balls

When Noodle was launched for the first time on the market, its target customer was all women. After TaylorMade purchased Maxfli and released Noodle Soft and Long golf balls, the concept started to change. Right now, many amateurs and high handicapped golfers, along with women love playing with this special kind of ball.

If you are a high-handicapped golfer or are having a tough time getting a consistent distance and swing, here are some of the specifications for why you should think about trying Noodle golf balls.

  • Most of the Noodle golf balls come with a two-layer construction, allowing them to be soft.
  • The Surlyn cover of these golf balls will provide you with the softest experience possible. You will be able to feel the softness while hitting the ball with your club.
  • The lower compression core with a moderate compression rating will enable you to get explosive distance even as an amateur.
  • On top of that, the medium spin rate of the golf ball should be the thing that most amateur or high-handicapped golfers love to have on their golf club.

Who should play with Noodle golf balls?

If you are a single-digit handicapper or have been playing golf consistently for the last couple of years, Noodle golf balls are obviously not for you. Noodle Golf ball would bring excellent result for-

  • If you are a complete beginner or have started playing golf in recent days, you can think about starting with Noodle Golf ball.
  • If you are a high-handicapped player and are having a tough time getting consistent swing and speed, the Noodle golf ball should be the solution.
  • If you are a weekend golfer who loves golfing only on the weekend, grabbing some Noodle golf balls would provide excellent results on the course.
  • If you aged more than sixty but love playing golf, choosing a Noodle Golf ball should ensure excellent distance.
  • Finally, all the women out there who are having a tough time taking the ball more than 75MPH can think about playing with Noodle golf balls.

Noodle golf ball compression

The compression rating of most Noodle Golf balls will fall between 35 to 50, allowing the balls to get an explosive distance.

The compression of the golf ball determines whether the ball will get a long-distance or not. In that case, the lower the compression rating, the more distance the ball should get. Most of the golf balls that professional golfers play with need to have a balance between the compression core and the outer layer so that players can enjoy both distance and control at the same time. Now if you look at the compression core of the Noodle long and soft golf balls, you would notice that these golf balls come with a 34 compression core rating, allowing the ball to get the explosive distance. As a result, you may lose a little control over the ball. That is okay with most amateur and high-handicapped golfers. If getting consistent distance is your primary concern, choosing Noodle golf balls should be more than ideal.

Noodle golf ball price

If you are looking for golf balls with a long-distance and reasonable price, Noodle Golf ball should be the solution. Here are some of the price ranges that you would notice while purchasing Noodle golf balls-

  • The most popular Noodle golf ball, which is Noodle long and soft, would cost you around 15$ dollars. The whole package comes with 15 balls. If you want some more balls, you can think about purchasing the 24 balls pack. The 24-balls pack would cost you around 22$ dollars.
  • Another most popular edition, which is NOODLE Easy Distance would cost you around 13.50$ dollars. The Easy distance edition includes 24 golf balls.
  • One dozen Noodle Neon Matte Color golf balls would cost you around 15$ dollars.

To suffice this section, it can be said that Noodle Golf balls are a great way to save your budget. Even if you lost some of the golf balls in the bush or water hazards, it would not cost that much of your budget.

Noodle Golf balls type

Depending on the variety of your golfing skill, you can think about choosing different kinds of Noodle golf balls. Some of the most popular edition of Noodle golf balls are-

Noodle long and soft

Noodle long and soft is the most popular edition of golf balls from the category of Noodle. With the lower compression core rating, two-layer construction, surlyn cover, and 408 dimple patterns on the outside, these golf balls will ensure distance and consistent swing for every high-handicapped golfer.

Noodle ICE

If you prefer multi-colored golf balls, along with white, Noodle ICE should be an excellent choice you can think about having. With lower compression and excellent outside construction, this one should be a decent package that you would love.

Noodle Rotini

 the next kind of noodle golf ball that you would notice is the Noodle Rotini. This kind of golf ball will have more dimples on its surface so that you can get excellent trajectory control.

Noodle + Lady

The target group for this section of the golf ball is women. The softest construction makes these golf balls a great inclusion inside every women’s golf bag.

Noodle Tour LTD

 if you want more accuracy, along with distance, you can think about choosing these Noodle Tour LTD edition golf balls. The most advanced technology implemented on these golf balls would ensure excellent distance and accuracy at the same time.

Are Noodle golf balls legal?

Yes, Noodle golf balls are completely legal to be used in any professional tournament. There are no hard and fast rules that would prevent you from using Noodle golf balls in any event.

If you love playing with this kind of golf ball, you can always think about using them on any occasion.

Final words

Although Noodle golf balls were an excellent choice for women, nowadays many high-handicapped and amateur male golfers are also playing with these golf balls with great enthusiasm. If you want distance and control at a reasonable price, Noodle golf balls should be a great item to include inside your golf bag.

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