What are 3i and 4i golf clubs?

3i and 4i simply refer to 3-Iron and 4-Iron. If you have been with golf for even a little time, this term should be much familiar to you.

But if you really are asking this question, we guess you are quite new to golf. Not a big deal. We are here to deliver everything you need to know about these Irons.

Iron golf clubs are available in three different categories, and they come with different numbers as well. The 3-iron and 4-iron fall in the category of a long iron. At the same time, these are the longest golf irons after driver. 

Let's not disclose everything in the intro, making the article a little unattractive. If you are still willing to continue with us, let's jump deeper into the discussion-

What are 3i and 4i golf clubs

What does a 3-iron mean?

3-iron is the longest Iron after driver and 2-iron.

It is indeed true that 1-iron and 2-iron do exist. But they are mostly available in pen and paper only. Most golfers avoid using a 1-iron and 2-iron because of their complex construction and critical swing mechanism. But most golfers do carry a 3-iron inside of their golf bag.

It is because 3-iron is one of the most versatile items that can deliver essential leverage in the fairway. Although hybrids are nowadays replacing a 3-iron to a great extent, their popularity has not dropped to a great degree. Here are some of the things you should know about a 3-iron.

  1. A 3-iron will have a loft angle of 21-degree. As a result, they can come as a handy tool to get moderate distance on the fairway.
  2. 3-iron also falls in the category of a long iron. Long irons mean long distance.
  3. A 3-iron will have a longer shaft compared to other irons on the list.
  4. If you can hit with confidence and proper skill, it is possible to get almost 190 yards of distance at max with the 3-iron.
  5. A skilled women golfer will be able to take almost 160 yards of distance at max with the 3-iron.

What does a 4-iron mean?

The 4-iron is the next longest golf Iron after the 3-iron. A 4-iron is not as popular as 4-iron. But golfers do carry a 4-iron inside of their golf bag to improvise the performance. An iron golf club works on precision and accuracy. And that is where a 4-iron can deliver a whole some service. 

Many professional golfers always prefer carrying a 4-iron inside of their golf bag because of their high-end accuracy. We won't say that 4-iron is versatile, but they do deliver quality support when you need them.

Here are some of the facts you should know about 4-iron-

  1. A 4-iron will have 3-degrees of more loft than a 3-iron. As a result, you will get less distance with the 4-iron.
  2. 4-iron delivers a little better consistency and precision than a 3-iron.
  3. You can also keep a 4-iron in the category of long Iron.
  4. 4-iron will have a little smaller shaft compared to a 3-iron. As a result, they are a little easier to hit.
  5. As an adult male, one can easily get a carry distance of 170 yards with a 3-iron.
  6. On the other hand, a women golfer will take it around 150 yards with a 4-iron.

What are the differences between a 3-iron and a 4-iron?



A 3-iron will have a longer shaft than 4-iron.

A 4-iron will have a slightly smaller shaft than 4-iron.

A 3-iron is a little inconsistent with its approach.

A 4-iron will deliver a little better consistency than a 3-iron.

A 3-iron will have around 21 degrees of loft.

A4-iron will have around 24-degrees of loft.

The swing mechanism of a 3-iron is a little complex than 4-iron.

Hitting with a 4-iron is a little easier for a beginner golfer.

190 yards of carry-distance as a male.

170 yards of carry-distance as a male.

160 yards of carry-distance as a woman.

150 yards of carry-distance as a woman.

3-irons are more popular inside of a golf bag.

Not everyone prefers carrying a 4-iron inside of a golf bag.

Which one should you use in which position?

As we have said earlier that both 3-iron and 4-iron fall in the category of long Irons. Long irons are an excellent aid on the fairway. After teeing off the golf ball, there will appear some certain situations when you will need to get a great distance but with more accuracy. That is when the 3-iron and 4-iron come into action.

The 3-iron will be a handy club when you aim for the maximum distance on the fairway. The explosive distance delivery of a 3-iron can sometimes make it a little inconsistent for an average golfer. But honing the skill of a 3-iron is not altogether impossible.

On the other hand, pick up the 4-iron when you require more precision than distance. If you have the potential to control the swing, accuracy, and precision is the last thing that you need to work. In that particular situation, a 4-iron can deliver real premium support.

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Is there any difference between the construction of a 3-iron and 4-iron?

The face design of both 3-iron and 4-iron is a little different. The 3-iron will have a more forgiving face than compared to the 4-iron. Besides, the thickness of the steel on both irons is also a little unequal. The thickness of the 3-iron will be a little higher than those of the 4-irons. As a result, one player will get 10 to 20 yards of leverage according to his potential with the 3-iron.

Which one should you pick?

Now if you are asking this question, we need to say again that the decision entirely depends on the player's preference. A player can only decide the thing that suits him best. Everyone is different, and so do their preference.

If you are good at swing but lacks accuracy, the 4-iron may deliver the best service possible.

On the other hand, you may go with 3-iron if you prefer having more versatility and distance in different positions of the course.

Final words

Irons are the most confusing golf clubs in the bag. They sometimes give you the boost, whereas some other times can throw you in the middle of a confusing state. But those who are really good with the irons can claim themselves as good golfers. It is because good golfers have the potential to control their swing and speed.

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