What to wear for golfing when it is cold?

Golfing during the winter is the toughest job ahead. Many people prefer packing their clubs to go in hibernation during the winter. As long as the course is open, you do not need to stop playing golf. You can always play golf with some proper clothing and preparation.

Why a sudden drop in temperature ought to stop you from playing your favorite game? Yes, it never should. Golfing during the winter should be more fun as a golf enthusiast.

Just ensure that you are wearing the appropriate clothing so that you don’t get the cold. Throughout the whole article, we have listed down some of the essential gear and apparel that you should have for winter golfing. This winter is never going to be the same again. Get ready to start with your preparation-

What to wear for golfing when it is cold

Winter jacket

cold weather golf

Winter without a convenient jacket is unimaginable. Whether you play golf or not, you always need a jacket for sure. If you are thinking about playing golf this winter, you should choose the jacket precisely.

This will help you to save some of your bucks. Not all winter vests are appropriate for playing golf. Some would provide you with some stiffy experience by making the swing horrible. Here are some of the things to consider while purchasing a winter golf jacket-

  • A winter golf jacket should always come with better water-resistant capacity. It will keep you warm and comfortable on the course.
  • A convenient golf jacket should allow you to stretch your body and shoulder according to your comfort zone. This will help you to make a comfortable swing. 
  • Choose a fabric that is thinner and lightweight to give you a comfortable experience. A heavy winter jacket is never an ideal choice for golf. It gives a bulky experience by making the swing terrible.

Winter Pants

Only keeping the upper body warm is not going to ensure a comfortable. You need to think about your legs, too. Choosing a convenient winter or rain golf pants can be tricky if you miss the important things. Here are the top three things to consider-

  • A quality fabric always ensures comfort. Choose a fabric that is enough weather-resistant to keep you warm and comfortable.
  • The next thing to consider while choosing a winter trouser is the length. It should always cover your ankles so that your legs do not capture the chilly dews. Besides, having some pockets on the trouser might also help to keep your hand warm.
  • Finally, trousers should be enough stretchy to allow you to move comfortably. If walking becomes hard after wearing the trouser, golfing will be tough, too.

Winter golf gloves

The golf glove is always a necessary gear to make your swing appropriate. When we talking about winter, it becomes the most important gear to have. An ordinary golf glove and a winter golf glove are not the same. They both have distinctive characteristics to use in different weather conditions. here are the top three important things that you should consider while purchasing a winter golf glove-

  • A golf glove is for getting the appropriate grip while making the swing. A winter glove is for keeping your hand warm. A winter golf glove is for doing these two tasks simultaneously. That is why choose a glove with proper water repellent capacity so that your hand remains comfortable to make a perfect swing.
  • Golf requires only one glove to make the swing. We recommend choosing at least a pair of gloves to keep both hands warm and comfortable.
  • A leather glove should provide the best comfort during the winter. If you are not comfortable with leather, choose a material that is enough wear and weather-resistant to keep you in a comfortable state.

Winter golf shoes

Can you think about golfing without wearing a pair of good-quality winter shoes? A pair of winter shoes is the most essential gear to have to play golf during the chilly weather. During the cold season, the course tends to be wet and stingy. As a result, it becomes tough to move on the course. You can handle the situation dexterously with a pair of good-quality winter shoes. Here are some of the essential thing to look over while choosing a winter golf shoe-

  • A winter golf shoe should come with a decent closure system so that your feet remain safe from outside influence. A customizable lace closure should be the most appropriate closure system to have during cold weather.
  • An insole cushioning always keeps your feet warm and comfortable. It makes the movement lot easier. If you are choosing a pair of shoes to play golf this winter, choose one with proper insole cushioning.
  • A spiked shoe should be another cool option to make while choosing one for golfing. It will help you to make a comfortable movement. Besides, it will gather less dirt and mud from the course. A spike-less shoe with the perfect outsole mechanism should also be okay to use during the winter.


When we are talking about a shoe, we also should not avoid a pair of socks. Good quality socks keep your feet warm and comfortable. It does not let the chilly weather invade your leg. If you are using a breathable shoe, a pair of socks might bring the beneficial result to keep your feet warm and comfortable. Besides, they help you to ensure essential fitting. You should never ignore a pair of good-quality socks during winter. It can literally save your feet from the damaging cold.

Winter hat

Maintaining the body temperature during the winter becomes the toughest job. Even if you keep your whole body covered, only a bear head can give you a clumsy experience. That is why you should think about wearing a hat while playing golf during the cold weather. Playing golf requires sudden movement from one place to another. The windy dew can create an uncomfortable situation when your head is fully open. While choosing a hat for winter, a wooly construction should provide you with the most comfortable experience. Besides, a waterproof buckle hat can also come in handy to keep the wind away.

Final words

We have already talked about the clothing that you should wear to play golf during the winter. There are some other gears as well that might help you to get the optimum experience. Snood, umbrella, a good quality water-resistant golf bag are such items that you should take with you on the course to remain warm and comfortable. The weather may not support you to play smooth golf. But a true golf enthusiast knows that tough is the name of real adventure.

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