Vice vs. Snell Golf Ball: What Is The Main Difference

Both Vice and Snell golf balls are popular for matching the Tour level. But have you ever dared to make the comparison between these two renowned golf ball brands? Well, we are here to help you to make the perfect decision.

Both Vice and Snell golf balls come with a three-layer construction, giving you the firmer feeling possible. But do they deliver the same performance while playing a match on the course?

We will try to find out. This article will deliver in-depth information regarding the similarities and dissimilarities of both Snell and Vice golf balls. As a result, it would be much easier for you to discern whether you should go with a Vice or Snell golf ball. 

Vice vs. Snell Golf Ball

What would you get from a Vice golf ball?

Vice Tour

Vice Pro

Vice Drive

Lower compression core.

Lowe to mid compression core.

Higher compression core.

Surlyn Cover material.

Cast urethane cover.

Surlyn Cover.

Precise distance.

Better distance.

Explosive distance.

A mainstream Vice Golf ball will come with three-piece layer constructions. But Premium Vice golf balls like Vice Pro Plus will also deliver four-layer construction to deliver thefirmest feeling. Here are some of the essential characteristics you would get from Vice golf ball-

The Vice Tour Golf balls include a lower compression core. As a result, you will get higher velocity and distance through the production of lower drive spin. Besides, the Surlyn cover material will also be handy to get additional ball flight.

Another Vice golf ball lineup you would get is the Vice Pro golf balls. The Vice Pro lineup comes with a cast urethane cover. As a result, you can expect to get much feel and comfort through these amazing Vice Pro Golf balls.

Vice Drive is another Premium Golf ball lineup from Vice.  This one will have Surlyn cover like the Vice Tour. But instead of four layers, the Vice drive will have two layers.  As a result, beginner or high-handicapped golfers will be able to get premium distance through these golf balls.

What would you get from Snell golf ball?

MTB lineup

MTBX lineups

Three-piece construction

Three-piece construction.

Mid to lower compression core.

Higher compression core.

Better greenside control.

Excellent distance

The MTB and MTB X golf balls are the two most renowned golf ball lineups most people prefer having. Here are some of the essential things you would get from a Snell golf ball-

Both MTB and MTBX lineups come with three-layer construction. But the compression core and the outside mantle of the balls are the two things that differ from one another.

You will get a mid to lower compression core from the MTB lineups. As a result, they will deliver precise accuracy in the greenside area.  That means you can expect to get Premium Tour performance from the MTB lineup.

On the other hand, the MTBX lineup comes with ahigher compression core. As a result, you will get better performance with your shorter and mid-Irons.

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Vice Golf Balls vs. Snell Comparison chart

Here is a little comparison chart between these two brands to give you some insights-

Vice Golf Balls

Snell Golf balls.

Vice Golf balls are a little expensive than Snell golf balls.

Snell Golf balls are a little cheaper than Vice golf balls.

Vice golf balls are better for distance and accuracy.

Snell golf balls are better for excellent control on the greenside area.

The Vice Tour golf ball will deliver Tour precision.

The Snell MTB lineup will deliver Tour Precision.

The Vice Pro and Vice Drive golf balls will deliver excellent distance.

The MTBX lineup will deliver precise distance with excellent accuracy.

Vice golf balls are good with drive performance.

Snell golf balls are good with a shorter and mid-iron.

The Vice golf balls will have two to four construction layers.

Most typical Snell golf balls will have three-layer constructions.

Comparison between products

The Vice Pro Plus and the MTB Black are the two equivalent lineups from both brands that are worth comparing. If you are interested, let’s begin the comparison section-

Vice Pro Plus

MTB black

The Vice Pro plus will have a three-layer construction.

The MTB Black will also have a three-layer construction.

The Vice Pro Plus golf balls come with a high-energy speed compression core.

The MTB black will have a lower compression core.

Vice Pro Plus golf balls are good for additional ball flight.

The MTB black golf balls are good fordelivering better ball spin.

The Vice Pro plus golf balls will have a cast urethane cover.

The MTB black golf ball will also come with a cast urethane cover.

Vice Pro Plus delivers high visibility golf balls.

The MTB black offers white and yellow golf balls.

They come with better grip control facilities.

They come with better aerodynamic construction.

Vice Pro Plus offers varieties.

The Snell MTB Golf balls provide less variety.

Which one should you pick?

Now comes the final position to declare the winner.  You need some specific considerations before you declare one particular brand as the winner. Here are some of the essential things to keep in mind while choosing between Snell and Vice golf balls-

If the price of the golf ball is your primary concern, the Snell Golf ball will be the winner. Snell golf balls are a little cheaper than the Vice golf balls.

If you are not good at making a better driving stroke, the Vice golf balls will deliver the most optimum support. The mid to higher energy core will deliver explosive distance to take the golf ball to a great distance. Besides, Vice golf balls will also deliver optimum performance with your long iron.

If you face a great deal of trouble in the greenside area, the Snell golf ball may deliver precise control. Besides, the Snell Golf ball will also deliver better performance with a shorter to mid-Iron Golf club.

If you prefer having a high visibility golf ball, the Vice golf ball will deliver the essential support. They are available in a large variety of color options. On the other hand, Most Snell golf balls come in white and yellow color options.


Vice golf ball

Snell Golf ball



A little expensive

It cheaper than Vice Golf balls.



Better distance.

Less distance.



Precise control

Precise control


Club support

Better with longer irons and driver.

Better with mid to shorter iron.


High visibility

Vice golf balls deliver more high-visibility golf balls than Snell.

Most Snell golf balls come with a typical yellow and white color pattern.


Final words

Both Vice and Snell golf balls are good in different situations of their presentation. That is why it would always be an ideal choice to go on the driving range with both brand's golf balls to declare your ultimate decision.

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