When to use a 60-degree wedge? All About 60 degree wedge

When you are around the green, a wedge is the ultimate savior. But picking up the right wedge for the appropriate situation requires a good sense of observation and thinking.

Wedges are of many kinds.  Pitching wedge, sand wedge, gap wedge, lob wedge are the names you would hear while talking about a wedge golf club.

It is the 60-degree wedge that ensures versatility by allowing you to hit both pitching and chipping shots.  

But things can be a little bit confusing regarding the approach you should take while hitting with a 60-degree wedge or a lob wedge.

Don’t worry! We are here with some specific hacks and tricks you can use to be better with your wedges.  If you are interested, let’s get started-

use 60-degree wedge

Golf wedges explained

A wedge golf club comes in handy when you are 100 to 120 yards away from the hole. Wedges are clubs used for the shorter shots in golf. Approach shots, pitch shots, chip shots are some of the many shots you can think about making with your golf wedge. Here are the types of wedges you would notice while going for a wedge-

Pitching wedge

The range of a pitching wedge will fall between 44 to 48 degrees. This is the lower lofted wedge in the category. If you can hit with a pitching wedge nicely, you can expect to get almost 130 yards of distance. That should mean that you cannot use a pitching wedge for a short pitch. Truly speaking, all the wedges are compatible for striking around the green. It’s all about finding the balance.

Sand wedge

The next lofted wedge club on this list is the sand wedge. The range of a sand wedge will fall from 54 degrees to 58 degrees. As you can expect, a sand wedge will deliver essential performance when you fall on a sand trap.

Gap wedge

The range of a gap wedge will fall between 50-54 degrees of loft angle. A gap wedge comes in handy when both pitching wedge and sand wedge cannot meet your thirst. A decent hit with a gap wedge can take the golf ball to a maximum distance of 90 to 95 yards.

Lob wedge

A lob wedge is the most lofted golf wedge golf club on the list. The loft angle of a lob wedge will be from 58 degrees to 62 degrees.  When you are thinking about making a very short approach shot, a lob wedge always delivers the most optimum experience.

The 60-degree wedge is one of the most versatile wedges every golfer tends to keep inside their golf bag.

Now that we have got some idea about every wedge let us begin the journey with our specific 60-degree wedge-

How far does a 60-degree wedge go?

A 60-degree wedge will go to a distance from 50 yards to a maximum of 75 yards. A professional golfer with more wrist power can take the ball to a decent amount of 90 to 100 yards.

We all know that the loft range of a lob wedge can be from 58 degrees to 62 degrees. But it is the 60-degree lob wedge that delivers the optimum performance.  A 60-degree lob wedge will allow you to make both pitching and chipping stroke to be more versatile with your performance.

A 60-degree lob wedge comes in handy when you need to place the golf ball directly inside of the green from 40 to 70 yards away.

How to pick up the right wedge club?

When you are around the green, you know that you have to use a wedge. But it can be intimidating to determine which wedge would bring the most authentic performance. There are three factors you can consider while picking up the right club to deliver a suitable performance-

First of all, measure the lie angle of the ball. The ball may lie on a grassy spot or may fall on a sand bunker.   You should pick up the wedge according to the position of the ball.

The next thing you should consider while choosing the club is the things between the position of the ball and the green. If there is a bunker or a bush between you and the green, a pitching wedge or a gap wedge may deliver the optimum performance.

The final thing you need to consider is the distance between the ball and the flag. The closer you are to the flag, the more lofted golf club you will require to use. If the distance is too nominal, it is the lob wedge you should prefer to take in your hand.

What is a 60-degree wedge used for?

When you need to make a loftier shot to take the golf ball directly into the green, a 60-degree wedge should be the optimum club you should grab to get the most decent performance.

Pick a 60-degree wedge when there is nothing between the ball and the green. A 60-degree lob wedge is the loftiest golf club inside of your bag. That is why you cannot expect to get a huge distance with a lob wedge. You can only think about using the club when you are around the green.

A 60-degree lob wedge is for an approaching shot where the player needs to send the ball up high in the sky so that it drops to a stop quickly on the green.

Finally, you can think about picking up a 60-degree wedge when the distance between the ball and the flag would not be more than 60 yards.

How to hit a 60-degree wedge

Hitting with a 60-degree wedge can be intimidating without proper guidelines and instructions. Besides, it takes a lot of time and perseverance to be comfortable with the 60-degree wedge.  Here are some of the tactics you may follow while hitting with a 60-degree wedge-

When the golf ball stays with a pretty good lie, there are two options available. Either you can make an upper stroke or a lower stroke. If the distance is more than 40 yards, consider making an upper stroke. On the other hand, if the distance is less than 40 yards, a lower stroke should serve in the best way possible.

But when you have got a bad lie angle, you have to dig the ball out of the position. No matter whether you have got a long distance or a shorter distance, you have to impose force to dig the ball out to get the appropriate distance.

When you have got a bunker or some other obstacles between the green and the ball, you can still use a 60-degree lob wedge. Hit with a decent manner so that the ball does not roll a long distance once it falls into the green.

Which wedge should you take inside of your golf bag?

A pitching wedge is an ideal choice when you need to take the golf to a moderate distance. On the other hand, a 60-degree lob wedge can be handy to make numerous approaches to get into the green.

You cannot think about taking all of the wedges inside of your golf bag.  You are only allowed to take 14 clubs with you. So which wedge should you pick?

A wedge comes in handy to make a decent shorter approach shot. Observe the course condition and try to anticipate the position you may face a tough time. A wedge can serve both pitching and chipping. If you think you would require passing a moderate distance, you can think about going with a pitching wedge. Otherwise, a 60-degree wedge should deliver the optimum performance.  

Final words

Getting into the green becomes tough without having the perfect wedge inside of your golf bag.  Be a little considerate while putting a wedge inside of your golf bag. A wise decision can reduce the score to deliver the confidence you deserve.

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