Trojan vs. Duracell golf cart batteries: What is The Good Brand

When your preference is an electric golf cart, maintaining your cart's batteries becomes a daily chore of your life. But, unfortunately, a golf cart battery starts losing its efficiency after one to two years of continuous service. That is when replacing the battery becomes almost mandatory.

When it is about replacing a golf cart battery, the two most prominent brands that will appear in your mind are Trojan and Duracell.

If you are having a tough time choosing between these two brands, we can help you make a better decision.

This article will compare some products from both brands so that you can get a clear conception regarding which brand would deliver the most optimum service.

So without wasting any more words in the intro, let’s get started with our process-

Trojan vs. Duracell golf cart batteri

Are Trojan batteries good?

Yes, Trojan batteries are good. However, when you talk about battery efficiency, Trojan batteries will always serve you in the best way possible.

The Trojan is one of the top leading battery manufacturers in the world. The company started its journey in early 1925.  The only reason Trojan is still serving the modern world is its extreme quality and high-end battery efficiency.

The Trojan is supplying a large number of batteries for the automotive and electrical world. No matter you belong to a sporting or creative world, you should have heard about Trojan batteries at any time.

Are Duracell batteries good?

The lower maintenance cost and an affordable price range are the main reason behind the peak popularity of Duracell batteries. 

It would not be so long that Duracell has celebrated its 100th anniversary. When you are talking about antiquity, Duracell is also a popular brand that catches your interest.

The affordable price range of maximum Duracell batteries is not the only reason for the company's popularity.

Another reason Duracell batteries are unique from most of its competitors is the fortified internal connections. The premium internal connection allows them to deliver more versatility than its competitors.

Trojan vs. Duracell

Comparison chart




The internal property of a Trojan battery is premium.

The internal property of a Duracell battery is moderate.


Trojan batteries are a little more efficient than Duracell.

Duracell batteries will deliver a little less efficiency than Trojan.


Trojan batteries will provide continuous service for up to 3 years.

Duracell batteries will provide continuous service for up to 2.5 years.


The maintenance cost is expensive.

Lower maintenance cost


Trojan batteries are expensive.

Duracell batteries are affordable.


Internal connection

The first thing that is worth considering between these two brands of batteries is the internal connection.

The fortified internal connection of the Duracell batteries makes them enough durable to deliver more efficiency. On the other hand, the dedicated Trojan Grid technology in most Trojan batteries allows them to last for a long time. As a result, you can expect better efficiency from Trojan Batteries.

Who is the winner then? The answer is that no one is the clear winner when you are talking about the internal connection. We are taking this section as a drawn.


A battery without enough efficiency rate is a waste of your money for sure.

When you are talking about deep cycle batteries, Trojan batteries will remain a little ahead of Duracell. The Trojan is delivering larger batteries for a long time. That is why Trojan batteries tend to deliver a better efficiency rate than most other deep cycle batteries.

We are not saying that Duracell batteries are far behind Trojan. Some of the equivalent Duracell batteries have the capacity to beat Trojan batteries. But in a larger sense, Trojan will remain slightly ahead of Duracell.


A Duracell battery will provide a warranty for up to 12 months, whereas a Trojan battery may deliver you up to 24 months of replacement warranty.

But is it the truth all the time?  In reality, a Duracell battery starts losing its efficiency after 8 to 10 months. That means you have to think about a replacement after 18 months to 24 months. On the other hand, if you maintain the battery with proper dexterity, you may expect to get a maximum time of 3-year continuous service without any replacement.

On the other hand, a Trojan golf cart battery wills start losing its efficiency after 12 to 15 months. If you take better care of the battery, you can expect to get almost 40 months of continuous service without making any kinds of replacement.

Maintenance cost

Once you buy the battery, maintaining the battery becomes the most important job ahead to retain the sustainability of the battery. But maintaining the batteries for a long time can cost some handy budget, depending on the procedures.

One of the plus points of purchasing a Duracell battery is that it will reduce the maintenance cost to a great extent. A deep cycle Duracell battery requires only distilled water for maintenance.

On the other hand, maintaining a Trojan Deep cycle battery can be expensive.


The final thing that is worth comparing is the price range of both batteries. A Trojan golf cart battery is expensive.  On average, a Trojan golf cart battery will cost you around 250$ dollars.

On the other hand, you will be able to purchase a Duracell battery at a price of under 200$ bucks.

That means if you are a little concerned about the price range, Duracell should be the optimum choice.

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Trojan 6V vs. Duracell 6V

Trojan 6V (T-105)

Duracell 6V (GC-2)

225 ampere

215 ampere



Flooded lead-acid

Deep cycle

High-end maintenance.

Efficient maintenance.

Two-year warranty

One year warranty

250$ dollars.

150$ dollars.

long life

Moderate life

We are taking the Trojan T-105 and DuracellGC-2 6V batteries to compare with one another so that you get some ideas about the quality of the equivalent products-

First of all, both the batteries come with 6-volt compatibility.  As a result, you can expect to get almost equivalent service from both the products.

The Trojan 6-volt battery will deliver up to 225 amperes of output, as a result, you can expect to get more power with your cart. On the other hand, the Duracell battery will deliver up to 215 amperes of maximum power.

Moreover, the Trojan T-105 will deliver service for a longer time. On the other hand, the life expectancy rate for the GC-2 would be near 3 years.

Finally, the Trojan T-105 comes with flooded lead-acid construction. As a result, you will have to spend some more to maintain the batteries for a long time.   On the other hand, the deep cycle construction of the Duracell battery will allow you to maintain the battery at a moderate price range.

Duracell batteries can be good in other kinds of presentation. But when you are talking about a golf cart, Trojan batteries will deliver the most optimum service.

Final word

Trojan has been delivering products for golf carts for a long time. If you check some reviews on various forums, you would easily get some knowledge regarding the brand you should pick for your golf cart.

There are plenty of brands out there to pick up the right battery for your golf cart. But when you are comparing between Duracell and Trojan, Trojan will remain slightly ahead of Duracell.

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