How to stop topping the golf ball

Topping is an embarrassing moment for any player while playing golf. Amateur and handicappers tend to make this kind of stroke very often but senior and professional players are also not free from this evil.

Whether you are a professional player or an amateur, you have faced this kind of embarrassment for sure if you are playing golf for a certain period of time.

In this article, we will be discussing all the important tactics and steps that you can follow to avoid this kind of topping stroke. Although your best performance will depend mostly on practice, following these steps would help you to practice even better.

What you will get in this article

  • You will get the basic idea of topped shot and why we tend to make this kind of stroke again and again.
  • You will learn about the ways that you should choose to avoid this kind of stroke.
  • You will be able to practice better and acquire the skills of professional stroke-making and
  • You will be able to make the right placement every time you go for striking the ball.

What is topped shot

In a general sense, people tend to think like if the club does not make great contact with the ball, and if the ball does not reach enough or your expected distance, you call it a topped shot.

But, it is not actually the real meaning of topped shot, although, in a broader sense, we may agree with you.

A topped shot obviously causes the ball not to reach the expected distance, or sometimes it may not reach any distance at all.

The real definition of a topped shot is - when you strike the golf ball above its equator, it is known as a topped shot.

The real difference between a topped shot and a great shot is when you make a great shot you hit on the sweet spot of the golf ball that enables it to reach a great distance. On the other hand, you hit above the equator of the golf ball in time of a topped shot.

Making a topped shot is never an ideal choice in any kind of game.

Why you make topped shot

There are many reasons behind making a topped shot.

Even if you are using the perfect golf clubs and perfect golf balls available in the market, misbalance can always create a topped shot.

These are the most common things that can compel you to make a topped shot that you dare to make.

  • If the length of your club does not match your height, you tend to make a topped shot very often.
  • If your position is not correct, you are going to make a topped shot although you don’t want to.
  • If the swing arc is too high, you will end up making a topped shot.
  • If the stance you are making is not appropriate, you will again end up making a topped shot.
  • Reverse pivot can be another way of making a topped shot.

How to avoid topped shot

avoid topped shot

1. Make a perfect stance

when you are not making the correct stance, the probability of topped shot increases dramatically.

For stance, we mean the path of your swing. If it is not in the right direction that hit directly the sweet spot of the ball, you may end up making a topped shot.

That is why we recommend you to make the path of your swing correct. That is how you are going to make great contact with the golf ball.

2. Correct length of your club

Pick up a club that has the right balance with your height. If you are not aware of the right length of your club that you should pick up, you may follow the golf club length chart for finding out your appropriate length.

If the length of your club is proportionate, you will be able to reduce the chances of a topped shot.

3. Make a correct ball position

you maybe are trying again and again after fixing your stance and club length but the problem has not gone yet.

The reason behind this can be the positioning of your ball.

Make the perfect positioning of your golf ball according to your standing position. That is how you are going to make a perfect stroke.

4. Hit properly

The tendency of most of the beginner and the amateur player is like-if I hit directly on the ball, then I will be able to take it to a great distance.

But believe me, this is where you miscalculate most. The best way to do it correctly is you need to hit down on the golf ball. By hit down on the golf ball I mean, you have hit at first at the sweet spot of the ball, and then you have to hit the ground.

Hitting only on the ball will not reduce the chances of a topped shot.

5. The balance between hands and head

If the head and hand is not in the right balance, you may end up topping the ball.

Keep your head steady while you are taking the stroke, and make sure you have kept the club with perfect comfort and balance in your hand.

That is how you are going to make progress and reduce the chances of a topped shot.

Is it really easy

If you are a beginner or amateur level player, then I have to say that it is never an easy process that you would accomplish in a day. If you are reading an article or watching any lessons where they are claiming that practicing one day should be enough for avoiding topped shot, then sorry, I need to say that they are giving you wrong information.

You have to practice consistently until you get your rhythm or flow.

It is always about improvisation or finding out your own way that fits you the best.

You just need to know how to do something and then creating your own way to be the best in that field.

Final words

Again we are emphasizing the importance of practicing here.The steps we have mentioned in this article are some of the basics that you need to know for avoiding topped shot.

The more you will practice, the more you will find out the faults and areas where you should improve.

We are recommending you to start with these basics, and then making your own kind of improvisations.

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