Can you spray paint a golf cart? Is it good ideas?

Yes! You always can spray paint a golf cart even if you have not done the job before.

Painting a golf cart body is not an intimidating job that one should fear about. Following some simple procedures and strict guidelines would enable even an amateur painter to do the job.

If you are thinking about painting your golf cart, this should be the complete guideline to follow-

Can you spray paint a golf cart

What is the best paint to paint a golf cart?

Almost all golf carts will have a plastic body. While choosing a golf cart paint for painting, it is thus essential to choose a type that would adhere to plastics.

In general, you would find five to six different types of spray paints on the market to do the job. These are-

  • Acrylic spray paint.
  • Vinyl spray paint.
  • Lacquer spray paint.
  • Plastic fusion spray paint.
  • Enamel spray paint.
  • Chalkboard spray paint.

Among all these types of spray paints, choosing acrylic or plastic fusion spray paint should be ideal for painting your golf cart.

Every single step is necessary for moving into the next step. Make sure you are not choosing cheap paint, deteriorating the color condition of your cart.

Should you do the paint job by yourself?

DIY painting or taking professional’s help? Which one would be better?

  • The answer is it depends on your gut. If you think you can do the paint job, you surely can. There is nothing to be fear about painting the cart. If you know what you are doing, there is no turning back.
  • On the other hand, if you feel like it is none of your business, don’t take any risk doing the job by yourself. There is a high chance that you would end up making a mess in the middle of the painting.

How much it would cost to paint a golf cart?

The cost depends on the type and quality of the paint that you are implementing on the cart.

  • The DIY painting would not cost that much. Painting a golf cart on your own should not cost more than 100$ dollars. In general, the price range would fall between 40 dollars to 100 dollars, depending on the type of paint. if you are thinking about using a spray gun for more precision and smoothness, it would cost a little more than the average. Indeed doing the job with spray cans would save the budget, but you may not get the smooth and precise paint as well.
  • On the other hand, if you want to paint your golf cart with the help of some professional paint company, it would cost you around 200$ dollars to 300$ dollars, including the labor and paint cost.

If you want a budget-friendly painting, consider doing the job by yourself. At the same time, it is better to spend some more than deteriorating the condition. It is all about having a clear sense of conception. It is all about understanding the job better. Make sure you are doing some extensive research before deciding.

How much paint do I require to paint a golf cart?

The amount of paint depends on the number of coats that you need to do the painting. In general, you would require 0.5 to 1 quart of paint to do the whole painting job.

  • Many people prefer giving two coats of base, whereas many others would prefer giving three coats of base. Our recommendation would be to give three base paint layers so that the painting looks precise and smooth.
  •  The more coats of base you will give, the more amount of paint you would require to complete the painting.
  • If you want multiple colors, the quantity of paint would rise up as well.

The thing that matters most at the end of the day is the precision of the painting. If it looks like a mess after doing all the hard work, you may fall into despair. Learn the job thoroughly before presiding over.

How to paint a golf cart?

Before we jump into the procedures, keep in mind that all these procedures are the basics that you need to know to complete the paint job. Consider taking some practical knowledge if you are thinking about doing the job by yourself. Otherwise, you may get stuck in the middle of the round. Follow these seven steps for a DIY golf cart painting -

  • The first part is giving the cart a clean look so that you face no dirt or debris while painting the cart.
  • Remove every removable part before commencing the painting process. There would appear some certain places that you don’t have to paint. Consider masking all those parts using a convenient tape.
  • Use sandpaper to rub out all the places that you want to paint. Now that you have a clean body, it is the right time to apply the first coat. Ensure that the first coat is as mild as possible.
  • All the above step was for the preparation. Now is the time for painting. Apply the acrylic or fusion spray paint as the first base layer on the coats. After completing the first layer, keep it for 30 to 45 minutes for drying up.
  • Now is the time to give the second base layer so that the color looks bright and charming.
  • You are now ready with the excellent painting on your golf cart’s body. Let the cart dry at least for one day.
  • Attach all the parts once you are finished with the paintings.

How to avoid the risk?

The only way to avoid risk is by knowing things properly. If you are not sure of what you are doing, presumably you would end up making a mess. Do some research by taking enough time so that you are clear about every little and larger aspect. Once you are confident enough that you know what you should be doing, get into the job.

Another way to avoid risk is doing the job by taking help from the professional. There are many companies available that would do the painting for you with payment. If you are dubious about the things that you should be doing, you should hand over the task to someone expert in the category.

Final words

Painting a golf cart on your own can be both easy and intimidating, depending the skill and experience that you have. If you are not sure of what you are doing, consider doing the job with the help of a professional.

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