SKLZ Gold flex vs. Orange Whip

Does all these swing trainers like SKLZ Gold Flex or Orange Whip bring any improvement to your swing? Well, it actually does.

A swing trainer does three things to you. First of all, they are an excellent golf fitness trainer. It helps with strength as well as flexibility. Second of all, they are excellent swing path trainers. And finally, they are a rhythm trainer. That means all these devices help you to be in a rhythm when you make your swing.

When one is talking about a golf swing trainer, the SKLZ Gold flex and Orange Whip are the two most influential devices that most golf coaches recommend. But which one would be better in terms of performance and price?

Well, we are here to find out.

SKLZ Gold flex vs. Orange Whip

SKLZ Gold Flex

First of all, let’s talk about legality. SKLZ gold flexes are completely legal to take on the course. That means you can always take them on the course to try something new with your approach. What about the performance and features? Well

The Gold Flex comes with a total weight of 657 grams or 1.45lbs. The lightweight construction of the device will make it much easier for you to hone the basics of the swing.

The weighted head of the shaft will be handy to create extreme tempo and rhythm on your swing. You will feel much comfortable while playing with the real club.

The SKLZ gold flex is always ready to be your swing companion at home and on course.  Warm-up with the Flex a little to do great in the real match.


  1. The shaft indeed helps to strengthen your muscle and flexibility.
  2. The lighter construction will support all ages of people to practice with more comfort.
  3. The device offers two different sizes so that you can pick one according to your height.
  4. The shaft Flex uses some decent material to ensure durability and flexibility.


The shaft indeed will improve your drive performance. But you may not get essential support for the shorter irons.

Orange Whip

The Orange Whip was the standard of conventional swing trainers until the appearance of Gold Flex.

The Orange whip trainer is an excellent tool to get the rhythm between your arms while making your swing.

The original function of the Orange Whip is to develop your flexibility, strength, and tempo to deliver the most versatile experience on and off the course.

Another great thing about the orange whip is that it really develops the lag throughout the shot.


  1. The orange whip swing train works on flexibility, strength, and tempo. You will feel much comfortable with your swing once you start practicing with this trainer.
  2. The durable construction will be handy to retain the quality of the whip for a long time.
  3. This one is also legal to take on the course. That means you will always get the opportunity to practice your swing on and off the course.
  4. The orange whip will also develop your longer game performance.


The orange whip is suitable for players with 5.6feet or more height. As a result, many beginner golfers may not find it useful. Besides, it requires a little expertise to make the perfect swing.

SKLZ Gold flex vs. Orange Whip

SKLZ Gold Flex

Orange Whip

The SKLZ Gold Flex comes in a cheap price range.

Orange Whip is much expensive than the gold Flex.

The Gold Flex is lighter than the orange whip.

The Orange whip is heavier than the Gold Flex.

The Gold Flex is available in 48 inches and 40 inches variation.

Orange whip is available in 47.5, 43, and 38 inches variations.

The Gold Flex is convenient for all ages of people.

The Orange whip is convenient for most intermediate golfers.

Swinging the Golf Flex is much easier compared to the Orange whip.

Swinging the whip trainer requires a little expertise.

The gold Flex improves your flexibility, strength, and tempo.

The orange whip gives more lag throughout your swing.

The gold Flex comes with a little heavier variation.

The shaft flex is closer to the middle of the club.

What’s our verdict?

 A swing trainer always helps to improvise your swing tactics. But confusion can always arise when you are comparing the SKLZ Gold Flex and Orange whip. Here are some of the things you can consider while picking up a particular swing trainer for you-

The first thing that is worth considering is the price of both products. You will be able to purchase the SKLZ Gold flex at half of the price of the orange whip. If you don't want to spend a lot of your money, the SKLZ gold whip should be the appropriate item for you.

The next thing to consider is the performance ratio of both products. The SKLZ is an excellent swing trainer to improve your strength, specific golf muscle power, tempo, and rhythm. On the other hand, the orange whip is a handy tool to get more lag throughout the shot. Choose the SKLZ gold flex when you lack the power. On the other hand, choose the orange whip you lack the balance and tempo.

The third aspect worth considering is the skill level of the player. If you are an intermediate golfer with a low handicapped score, the Orange whip will serve you in the best way possible. On the other hand, choose the SKLZ Gold flex if you are a beginner with a high-handicapped score.

How does a golf swing trainer help?

  1. First of all, all golf swing training devices help to stretch out your golf muscles without enforcing too much pressure on your shoulder. All golf swing training devices come with a   weighted golf club construction. As a result, you don’t need to swing that hard to hone the skill of golf swing. 
  2. It's always an easy job to get a sense of rhythm with all these swing training kits.
  3. Besides, these devices also build specific golf muscles. As a result, you become more comfortable when you swing with the real golf club.
  4. Finally, they can also be an excellent swing path determiner. 

A professional does not require a swing trainer to hit a more specific golf swing. But a beginner can get a lot from a swing trainer. If you have been struggling with your golf swing as a beginner, go and grab one to improvise your own kind of swing style.

Final words

Both SKLZ and orang whip is an excellent swing trainer to boost your swing performance. But there are some terms and features that may allow one product to dominate over the other. Scan through the whole article so that you can make a better decision while choosing a particular product among these two.

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