Are golf simulators shows result accurate?

No golf simulator is 100% accurate. But if you can manage a favorable setting, you can expect near 85% to 95% accuracy.

People prefer installing a golf simulator to practice at home. It is an alternative to real-life golfing. One may not get enough time to go to the driving range because of his busy schedule. The solution is simple. Install a golf simulator inside your room and start practicing like a pro.

Wait a minute. Is it that simple? If the simulator fails to deliver the accuracy, it would be a complete waste of your hard-earned money. Let's find out the reality-

golf simulators result accurate

How accurate are golf simulators?

Indeed, a golf simulator will provide you a realistic feeling to improve your golf swing. But when you are talking about accuracy, it depends on the setting. If you can manage to ensure a favorable context, you can expect to get high-end accuracy. 

In general, a golf simulator is around 80 to 85% accurate. You can increase the accuracy up to 98% by ensuring a convenient setting.

If you are thinking about enhancing the accuracy of the simulator, the following section might help-

How to make a  golf simulator more accurate?

A golf simulator emits infrared rays to determine the appropriate distance and accuracy. It is always possible to increase the accuracy of a simulator by modifying the setting. Here are some of the essential elements that would help you to get high-end accuracy while playing with your simulator-

  • Turf and mats: When you make the swing without using convenient turf or mats, the simulator fails to determine the exact accuracy. A mat is an alternative to the course. Set one essential mat to get the perfect feel and lie.
  • Launch monitor: If the launch monitor or simulator is not up to date, accuracy becomes hard.
  • Simulation software: The simulation software determines the distance that you would get with the stroke. Ensure whether you have installed convenient software or not.
  • Projector: The projector omits the view of the course. If the projector is not appropriate, you cannot expect to get decent graphics.
  • Projector screen: Get the real-time feeling through a larger and clear screen.

Ensuring all these aspects should make golfing more accurate on a simulator. By the way, there are some primary differences between a golf simulator and real-life golfing. If you are interested, let us learn about golf simulator vs. reality.

Golf simulator vs. reality

Installing a golf simulator paves the way for practicing your session anytime at home. You just need to gather some courage to turn on the simulator to start your session. If you are looking forward to installing a simulator inside of your room, you would always think about feel and accuracy. What's the reality? Here are some of the main points-

Dexterity level

In real-life golfing, the environment and your dexterity level determine your performance. Playing golf using a golf simulator will allow you to set the environment.

But if you are not dexterous enough, you may also falter while playing with the simulator. When you are hitting indoor, it is quite hard to get the real-time feeling. But a wisely chosen high-quality projector may provide you with some real-time graphics to extract the real taste of golf.

Problem with putting and chipping

The toughest job that you would face practicing indoor using your golf simulator is putting and chipping. A golf simulator is very much bad at providing low distance accuracy.

By the way, the problem is not with the golf simulator.  It is you who is failing to get the exact feel. While playing on the actual course, you get to make the calculation through your eyes. But getting that point on the simulator is hard.

Environment influence

The environment is another essential aspect that you would miss while playing golf using the golf simulator. Indeed, you can set the environment according to your wish on a simulator. But the weather will not fluctuate like in real life.

Unlimited courses

A golf simulator will allow you to play in more than 1000 different courses from all over the world. Most of the time, all the courses tend to come with high-end accuracy.

On the other hand, it is quite impossible to play on thousand different courses in real-time golfing. If you are thinking about playing on the Augusta National course the very next day, you can compete for your practice on the same course by using your golf simulator.

Flat lie

Getting the real-time lie on a golf simulator is quite impossible. Most golf simulators will only generate a constant flat lie angle, making every stroke straightforward. But you can influence the lie by setting a turf with different lengths. By the way, a golf simulator usually comes with artificial turf to generate a real-time lie angle. If you want a convenient lie, you may get one to be better with your swing.

No hazard

There is nothing about bunker and hazards in a golf simulator. Indeed, you will fall on bunker and hazards. But getting out from the bunker and hazards is the easiest task in the simulator. You will not have to face the extreme trouble you face while playing on a real golf course.

Less time

Completing 18-hole in a real course would take around 2.5 hours to 4 hours, whereas you will be able to complete 18-hole in a simulator within one hour. A golf simulator consumes less time, allowing you to be more productive. If you are a busy person with a tight schedule, setting up a golf simulator should always give you relief.

Records and statistics

A golf simulator will gather the records of your performance, allowing you to find out your faults and weak points. Indeed, you can keep track of your performance in the real course. But it takes a hard test of your perseverance.

Time friendly

A great reason to install a golf simulator indoor is that it will allow you to play a round of golf any time. You can't think about going on the course in the middle of the night or during rough weather. But a golf simulator will never prevent you from doing so.

Final words

A golf simulator may not provide 100% accuracy, but one always enhance the accuracy by making some modification. In general, you can expect to get around 85% accuracy. Installing some further gears like a turf, convenient simulation software, a projector with high-end graphics, a larger screen, and sundry might help to get enhanced feel and accuracy.

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