How much does a pyramid putter cost? All About Pyramid Putter

Some days earlier, the cost of a Pyramid putter was approximately 279$ dollars, but now you can grab one at 199$ dollars.

If you tend to remain active on social media, you probably have noticed the advertisement for Pyramid putter.  But are they worth purchasing? Well, we will find out throughout this article.

This article will discuss everything you need to know regarding the pyramid putter. If you are confused about picking up a pyramid putter, this article should help you to discern your doubts.

pyramid putter cost

Is pyramid putter good?

Pyramid putters are good when you take the price and quality into consideration. Getting such features at a price of under 200$ dollar should provoke anyone to go with the item.

We are not saying that you will get a premium experience with the putter, but we can assure you that the putter will not disappoint you.

We have also added a review section in the latter part of this article. If you would like to learn about the features and our experiences with the putter, you had better check the review section of this article.

How many variants are there of a Pyramid putter?

Pyramid offers two variants for the Pyramid putter. You can choose either a classic blade shape or a standard mallet shape putter from Pyramid.

The classic blade shape putter represents the model number     AZ-1, and the standard mallet shaped putter represents the AZ-2 model.

Both putters are available at the same price.

That means you have got the authenticity to pick up the appropriate size according to your preference.

Pyramid putter features

A very prominent feature of a Pyramid putter is the precision grooved face. The company claims that the exclusive face design of the club will reduce the dispersion of off-center. As a result, you can expect to get a straighter shot to make a perfect putt.

A pyramid putter comes with an alignment line that is quite similar to a pyramid.  A perfect putt without making the optimum alignment is impossible. That means you can expect to get the same alignment feature by spending up to 100$ dollars less than a premium putter.

Another thing that would catch your interest is the premium putter grip that they have installed on the putter. You don’t have to sacrifice your comfort zone to make a perfect putt with your putter.

The putter head comes with a very soft metal construction. Although the putter does not come with an insert, the metal construction of the head will deliver the feel like an insert.

The shiny sole of the classic blade putter with a black powder-coated finishing provides the putter with a sleek-looking appearance.

Key Features

  1. Factory-made grip.
  2. Soft metalhead.
  3. Powder-coated finishing.
  4. Exclusive pyramid alignment.
  5. It reduced off-center stroke.

Why should you purchase a pyramid putter?

Here are the top 10 reasons to try a Pyramid putter-

First of all, a pyramid putter comes at a very economical price compared to its competitors. Pyramid putter will always be an ideal option when your budget is around 200$ bucks.

You can expect to straight-putting experience with a Pyramid Putter.

The consistent material will deliver a solid and awesome feel on every occasion.

The putter will allow you to make perfect alignment for a better stroke.

The all-new grip of the putter will never disappoint you to provide the supreme comfort zone.

You will get a boost with this putter as a beginner. Pyramid putters are much easier to control.

A pyramid putter will reduce the chance of off-center stroke to a great extent.

The manufacturer provides the highest quality material to ensure elegant performance.

Both the mallet and blade-shaped putter comes with a stylish and classy look that is pretty hard to ignore.

Finally, a pyramid putter will lower your total score to improve your proficiency level. If you want to know Putter length guides see the another post.

Our experience with the putter

We have tested the putter with a large number of approach shots. What's the result? Well, the putter actually performed way better than the anticipation.

The pyramid putter did actually reduce the chance of off-stroke shot to a moderate degree. Besides, the alignment feature is also quite convenient to put the ball directly into the golf ball.

We cannot say that the putter will surpass most premium putters with quality, but it certainly has got the potential to perform better on different occasions. If you chose another best putter brand like Scotty Cameron Putter and Odyssey putter follow the new post.

Should you buy a pyramid putter?

Now comes the ultimate question. Should you purchase a Pyramid putter?

We have already said that a pyramid putter is not a putter that is devoid of quality. Rather it has the quality to compete against most premium putters.

If you are a high-handicapped golfer who is having a tough time honing the basics of putting, this Pyramid putter will come in handy to deliver the most versatile experience.

On the other hand, you can ignore this one if your expertise level is quite moderate.

What’s our opinion?

This is a good putter for the amateur and beginners. If you have a high handicapped score, you will get optimum support from this putter. Besides, you will be able to develop your putting skill a little to reduce the total score.

But this one may not deliver essential support for professional golfers.  The first reason is that the putter does not include any insert. As a result, a professional golfer may not get consistency every time.

On top of that, the soft metal construction may deliver a bland feeling while putting. I think this putter is not for average golfer see average golfer putter.

Final words

Pyramid putter has been the talk of the town for a long period of time. Pyramid claims that the putter will deliver essential alignment and control to enable you to make the perfect putting. We have tested the putter again and again to support the claim of the manufacturer. We are concluding this article by saying that Pyramid putters are worth buying as a beginner or high-handicapped golfer. This will deliver you a birdie score.

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