Putt Putt vs. Mini Golf : What Is The Interesting Things

While putt putt is the craziest version of mini golf with more themes and customization, mini-golf can be both simple and complex.

We all know that both putt putt and mini-golf are the two offset of the original golf. But is there any distinction between these two to differentiate? Well, the answer is yes.

Both Putt-Putt and mini-golf indeed share some similar characteristics, but they are never the same. If you are interested, let's find out the differences-

Putt Putt vs. Mini Golf

What is mini-golf?

Mini golf is the miniature version of the original golf where you need to mimic the same rules and regulations you follow while playing real golf.

Real golf comprises different types of strokes, including teeing and putting. But mini-golf only targets at putting. If you can make a better putt, you can call yourself a better mini-golf player.

The only difference between a mini-golf course and a professional golf course is the length. An 18-hole golf course can be twenty times larger than a mini-golf course. Besides, the distance between one hole to another is also nominal.

Regardless of the length, both mini-golf courses and real golf courses will have numerous obstacles to make the game more interesting.

What is Putt-Putt?

Mini golf can come with or without a themed layout, but putt-putt will always come with a themed construction. As a result, people call it the craziest version of miniature golf.

Besides, you will get only two strokes to complete a hole in putt putt. The simplest hole construction allows the player to make the putting with a maximum number of two strokes.

What are the differences and similarities between putt putt and mini-golf?

First of all, both putt-putt and mini-golf are the two offset of original golf. You can include putt-putt in the category of mini-golf, but the rules may not be the same all the time.

The hole layout of putt-putt golf is simple. An avid golfer can easily put the ball inside the hole with a single stroke.  Even an average golfer will be able to complete the hole with a maximum number of two strokes.

The inclusion of numerous hazards and obstacles on the course can make the putting tougher while playing mini-golf. The par hole for mini golf can be from two to six.

You can build a mini-golf course anywhere with a little amount of space. But making a putt-putt golf course requires enough planning. Besides, most of the putt-putt golf courses are for commercial gains. But you can always build your own mini-golf course in your backyard.

A mini-golf course can come with or without a themed layout. But almost 99 percent of the putt-putt course will have a themed construction.

Comparison chart


Mini golf

A shorter version of the original golf.

Shorter version of the original golf.

Complex course.

Both simple and complex course.

Commercial course.

Private and commercial course.

Simple putting.

Simple and complex putting.

Most holes will have a par score of two.

The par score can be anything between two to six.

Straightforward hole with fewer hazards and obstacle.

Complex hole with more obstacles and hazards.

Anybody can play putt-putting.

Some versions of miniature golf may require decent expertise.

How did the name Putt-putt evolve?

It is no wonder that we sometimes refer to mini-golf with putt-putt. But have you ever thought about how did the name evolve so dramatically that it is now replacing the term mini-golf with putt putt?

The answer is that the name was unique and people accepted the name vigorously. In 1954, a franchise called Putt Putt, LLC decided to build a recreation mini-golf course with par two holes.

Initially, they targeted the family section. And no wonder that it was a great success. The hustle of life made people obtrusive to find the alternative of time-consuming golf. At that time, the appearance of putt puttmade it quite popular.

Nowadays putt-putt golf courses are too prevalent across the whole USA that you will find them almost in every city.

Why should you play mini-golf?

A good golfer is always a putting expert. And the only way to develop your putting skill is continuous practice. How about practicing with fun?

Yes, you can take your putting skill to another level by playing mini-golf regularly. Mini-golf and putt-putt both are putting-based sport. Developing avid skills in mini-golf will also develop your putting skill to another level.

Mini-golf is less time-consuming. You can complete a whole session of mini-golf by spending fifteen to thirty minutes of time at most. That is why they always save your time to be more productive on some other efficient job. 

You can always build a mini-golf course if you have a backyard.  As a result, mini-golf saves your budget and time simultaneously.

Mini-golf is budget-friendly even if you play on a commercial mini-golf course. They are much cheaper than the original golf. You will be able to save much of your bucks if you play Mini-golf.

Finally, they are an excellent way to spend quality time with your friends and family. When you have a mini-golf course on your backyard, friends and family gathering becomes much interesting.

Mini-Golf events

Professional golfers not only belong to the longer version of golf.  They are present on the mini-golf, too. Like the PGA tour, many professional mini-golf tournaments are also happening all over the world. If you think that you are better at putting, you had better enlist your name in one of the competitions to prove your worth.

Mini-golf has been there for a long time. The appearance of various mini-golf tournaments has made it even much more popular.

The popularity of mini-golf also declares that it is going to be the alternative of longer golf in the recent future for many people.

Final words

Some people call it mini-golf, whereas some others call it putt putt. But they are never the same. If you have read this article, you should have enough clarity to differentiate the distinctions.  Be more precise to declare whether you are playing mini-golf or putt-putt for the next time.

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