Can you play golf in the rain? (Advice post)

Who, in the world, is going to stop you from playing if you really want to play, even if it is pouring heavily? Yes, you can play golf in the rain. There are no hard and fast rules that say you can’t play golf in the rain. Certainly, playing golf in the rain is not going to be the same as playing golf in any other season. You need to take better preparation before jumping into the battle. Well, to make the battle easier, this article might be the road map to follow.

How to play golf in the rain?

To play better golf in the rain, you need to know the conditions that you would face, and some basic tactics or strategies on the first hand. On the other hand, you need to have perfect equipment or gadgets that will help to do a better performance. Let us start with the conditions that you would face.

Conditions that you would face

  • While playing in the rain, the most distracting thing that you would notice is the mud on the golf ball. It does not matter whether the mud is on the left or right side of the ball, if there is mud, the distance is going to be deteriorated for sure. Be ready to face that kind of situation while playing in the rain.
  • Wet clubface with a wet ball is another incident that would make golfing hard.
  • To avoid these kinds of situations, instead of trying to hit bigger, you should aim to hit the golf ball to a shorter distance by maintaining a higher trajectory. At first glance, it might seem inappropriate. But, the more you will play, the more you will get to know that this is the only approach that can ensure steady performance.

Tactics or strategy

  • The first strategy to do better is to take the perfect preparation. Without having the right amount of instruments or equipment, you can’t expect to do better in the rain. We will be talking about the preparation and instruments that you need to have in the latter section of this article. Stay tuned for having some great insights.
  • The next strategy to better is having a controlled mind set up. I mean, only enforcing a great stroke by using your muscle power is not going to do the task for you. Instead, it can make the condition worst. A solid hit or a compact stroke is the only thing that is going to make the differences.
  • Understanding the course is the final strategy that you need to work on. Before you start playing, you must speculate on the course properly. Chipping, putting, or tee-off, everything is going to be difficult. Understand the course first. Things are going to be okay because; if it is hard for you, it is going to be hard for your opponents as well.

Equipment or gadgets

We have mentioned in the first bullet of the previous section is that preparation is the most important determiner that can say whether you are going to do better or not. By preparation, we mean, if you are ready with your armor, sword, or ammunition. Here are some of the things that you should have if you want to play better golf in the rain.

Water-proof bag

Golfing without having a waterproof golf bag is quite impossible. Imagine, you are running from one place to another on the golf course, and all of your clubs are soaked up, even before the tee-off. Can you imagine how intimidating it is going to be for you to hit with a wet grip and club? if you want to avoid this kind of situation, make sure you are having a good quality water-proof golf bag that will ensure the protection of your necessary equipment.

Water-proof gear

using good quality waterproofs from your head to toe is important because it enables you to stay rain-free. Although many professional golfers claim that all these things slightly slow you down, but playing without them is going to make you even more sluggish.


Having convenient gloves while playing in the rain is more than necessary. You may need to change the glove a couple of times. so, it would be ideal to take more than one gloves to gain the perfect grip and traction for hitting.


when you hit the golf ball, you not only use your hand force but also collect the energy from the ground. But, when it is raining heavily, you may not get the perfect grip that the soil should produce at any other time. That is why using good quality spikes in the rain should make the task easier for you. Make sure, you are using good quality spikes before jumping into the course.


If you are wearing a rain jacket, then you may not require an umbrella. But, having a large umbrella can help you to remain calm and animated. If you have ever visited a golf course when it is raining, then you would notice that most of the players carrying a large umbrella although they have a rain-jacket worn up.


Instead of all the precautions, you can’t get rid of the stupendous rainwater. To get rid of it, carrying a dry towel should be the ideal choice. It allows you to dry yourself up whenever you feel dizzy and soaked-up.

Accept the toughness

 And, finally, it is necessary to have a mind set up that things are going to be tough, the score won't be good enough, and you are going to face trouble now and then. And, this is where the fun of rain golf relies on.

Final words

A hardcore golf fan can never be intimidated by the rough weather. He loves to play whether the condition is suitable for him or not. Rain golf takes a good test of the expertise of a golfer. If you want to take your golfing skill to another extent, then playing in the rain might help you greatly.

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