How many golf trips did Obama take

If you are living in 2020, then probably you know that Barack Obama is no more the president of the USA. If you are both a lover and hater of Obama, then surely you are interested in the things that he has done during his presidency hour. We don’t know for which reason you hate or love Obama (because there are many), but we can surely say that if you have clicked on this article, then you want information or statistics about the golfing career of Obama.

No worries at all! Scanning through the whole article is going to provide you the exact information that you need to know about the golfing career of Obama.

Before we start, we would like to mention to you that throughout Obama's presidency hour, Obama has played 333 rounds of golf.

Who played it more?

when it is the question about the golfing career of the presidents of the United States, the most common question that we all need to hear is who played it more?

Although during the election hour Donald Trump objected that Obama is concentrating more on playing golf than doing his important tasks, trump is actually outnumbered the total round of golf that Obama has played during his eight years of presidency hour. Let’s have a look at the comparison of both of the presidents and their number of golf rounds.

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If you look at the comparison of both presidents, then you would find that Trump is far ahead than Obama when it is about playing golf. During the 2.5 years of office, Obama has played only 65 rounds of golf, whereas trump has already played more than 170 rounds. The difference is huge, and there is o doubt about the fact that if trump gets elected for the second time, he is surely going to surpass the present number of golf rounds that he has played.

If you keep the number of rounds aside, can you tell who has?

Who adds more tax to the taxpayers?

Now that we all know Obama is no way there when it is about the comparison of the total number of rounds that trump is playing. But, if it is the question about who is costing more to the taxpayers? Then again Obama is no way there with the comparison of cost.

  • While Obama has played most of his rounds in the military or public courses, trump is playing most of his rounds in the private courses that require more money than Obama.
  • Besides, as Trump is playing more than any other president, it is estimated that he is going to cost a lot of money to the taxpayers to be paid.
  • It is being estimated that throughout Obama's presidency hour he made taxpayers pay around 23,370,000 dollars whereas trump has already cost around 97,000,000 dollars. That means a huge marginal difference.

Criticism and reality

Obama has had to face a lot of criticism while he was the president of the United States regarding the matter that he has been playing a lot of golf not giving enough concentration on his official duty. But, do you think that the fact is completely true? Let's do some extensive research about the matter to find out if it is true or not.

  • During the presidency hour, Obama has played a complete of 333 rounds of golf.
  • His total office time was 55,008 hours.
  • The amount of time that he has spent on the golf course was 1,665 hours.
  • That means Obama has spent 3 percent of his total presidency hour playing golf and 97 percent of his presidency hour doing his tasks.

After reading all these statistics, can you still say that Obama is worth the criticism that he has faced? We are not here to be partial; rather the decision is completely yours about what you would think.

Obamas favorite golf courses

Not all the courses that Obama played were his favorite. But, certainly, there are many that Obama loved to play in. here are some of the most favorite courses of Obamas that he used to play most.

  1. Andrews Air Force Base,
  2. Fort Belvoir,
  3. Kaneohe Klipper
  4. Golf Course,
  5. Vineyard Golf Club,
  6.  Farm Neck Golf Club,
  7. Luana Hills Country Club
  8. Mid-Pacific Country Club
  9.  Mink Meadow Golf Club,
  10.  The Grove Park Inn
  11. Army Navy Country Club

If you look at the courses that Obama used to play in, then you would find out that most of them were either military courses or they were public courses. As a result, the total costing tended to be lower.

Which day of the week did Obama play more

Can guess which day of the week Obama used to play golf more? Well, if you are guessing that it’s Sunday, then you are quite right. Obama used to play 48% of his rounds on Sunday. Other than Sunday, he used to play more on Saturday as well. On Saturday, he was playing golf 26% more than any other day. The chances of playing golf on the rest of the days of the week were so minuscule. Let's have a look at the scheduling of Obama when it is about playing golf on the weekly basis.

  • During Saturday, the percentage of playing golf was around 26%
  • During Sunday, the percentage was around 48%
  • During Monday, the percentage was around 6%
  • On Tuesday, he played 5% of his total golfing rounds
  • On Wednesday, it was around 2%
  • On Thursday, he played 6% of his total golfing rounds.
  • During Friday, he played 8% of his total golf rounds.

Final words

One interesting fact about Obama is that he was the eighth left-handed president of the United States and the first left-handed president who played golf. Anyways, one thing is sure that Obama used to love golf a lot though he was not the great president who played golf, even trump is far better than Obama if you compare the golfing skill.

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