Mizuno ST190 vs. ST200 : What Is The Main Difference

Everyone wants distance and forgiveness from a reliable driver. If your teeing-off is perfect, you are already halfway to the hole. But a comprehensive teeing-off demands a precise driver.

When it comes to a quality driver, the Mizuno ST series is one of the many that easily stands out. But golfers seem to fluctuate between the ST190 and ST200 to make a precise decision.

In this particular article, we will compare the two best Mizuno Drivers ST190 and ST200, as we did with the Mizuno JPX919 hot metal vs. forged vs. Tour Irons.

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Without wasting any more words here, let’s move on to the next section-

Mizuno ST190 vs. ST200

Mizuno ST190 review

The Mizuno S190 driver is also available in the ST190 G edition. The difference between the ST190 and ST190G is mainly the adjustment. The ST190G edition will provide you with the capacity to adjust the weight of the driver to a great extent. Anyway, the ST190 G driver will cost you almost 100$ dollars more than the ST190 edition. Now let’s talk about the feature we have got-

First of all, the stylish design of both Mizuno ST190 and ST190 G allows them to stand out from the rest. You will love every angle of the club with the perfect black matte carbon finishing.

We have also found that the Mizuno ST 190 delivers a decent carry distance, performance, lie angle. Here is what we have found while making the experiment-

Clubhead speed

110-115 mph.

Ball speed

158-162 mph.

Smash factor

1.45 degree.

Carry distance

275-280 yards.

Total distance

295-300 yards.

Launch angle

10-13 degree.

Total spin

2000-2250 rpm.

The adjustable weight feature of the ST190G will deliver some further benefits than the ST190 edition.  An average golfer will get further forgiveness and distance with the ST190G driver.

The ST190 also uses an SP700 Titanium face.  The larger face design with a decent material should provide you extra leverage both as a high-handicapper or average golfer.

Mizuno ST 200 Driver review

The Mizuno ST200 Driver is available in three different categories.  The ST200 comes with no adjustability, whereas the ST200G will allow you to make perfect weight adjustments to get the most versatile feeling. Finally, the Mizuno ST200X will have heel-biased weighting to get a higher launch to get the most optimum experience. The price range for the three drivers also differs a little. The Mizuno ST200 is the cheapest among these three with no adjustment capability. The rest of the two drivers share an almost similar kind of price range.  Here are some of the things you can keep in mind-

If the design of the Mizuno ST 190 satisfies you, this Mizuno ST200 series also have some exciting features to make you happy. The stylish black finishing of the driver undoubtedly makes it one of the most elegant drivers on the market.

When it comes to performance, the Mizuno ST200 driver actually provides slightly better performance than the ST190 series. Here is what we have got-

Clubhead speed

115-118 mph.

Ball speed

160-165 mph.

Smash factor

1.40 degree.

Carry distance

280-285 yards.

Total distance

300-305 yards.

Launch angle

10-12 degree.

Total spin

2000-2300 rpm.

The adjustable weight feature of the ST200 G makes it a better driver for the average golfer, too. But the expensive price range may provoke you to do some further inspection.

The ST200 comes with a forged SAT Ti face design. As a result, you can expect a little more forgiveness than the ST190 drivers.

One of the drawbacks of the Mizuno ST200 drive is that it delivers a little more spin. Some high-handicapped golfer may find it troublesome to cope with the higher spin production.

Comparison between ST190 and ST200 Driver

Mizuno ST190

Mizuno ST200

ST190 Driver is available in two different  variants

ST200 is available in three different variants.

The ST190 comes with no weight adjustable feature

The ST200 also comes with no adjustable feature.

The ST190G offers optimum weight adjustment.

The ST200G and ST200X will allow you to customize theweight to get enough consistency with your stroke.

The Mizuno ST190 offers enough forgiveness to get the moderate distance and yardage.

You can expect a little more forgiveness with the ST200 driver than the ST190.

The spin rate of ST190 is optimum for the average golfer.

The spin rate of Mizuno ST200 will be higher than ST190.

The Mizuno ST190 comes with an SP700 Titanium face. 

The Mizuno ST20O comes with a larger SAT Ti face.

The price range of Mizuno ST 190 is  cheaper than the ST200

The price range of the Mizuno ST 200 is a little higher than the ST190.

Is there any difference between the performance?

We certainly know that the Mizuno ST200 comes with a little higher price range than the ST190. What do you think? Is it worth replacing the ST190 with the ST200?

Truly speaking the performance ratio Of ST190 and ST200 is kind of the same. Indeed you will get four to five yards of carry-distance leverage with the ST200, but you also get some extra spin rate at the same time.

Both ST190 and ST200 come out from the typical blue hybrid driver. Both clubs will provide a carbon crown aesthetic black finishing.  That means you are getting no extra features on the design, too.

So why should you make the replacement?

The answer is that you should not. If you are using the ST190 driver, you don’t need to switch to the ST200. But if you are using another brand’s driver and want to switch to Mizuno, grabbing the ST200 should be the ideal choice. Because Mizuno ST200 will provide a few yards longer distance driver than the ST190.

Are you a new golfer you should chose golf driver for beginners.

Which driver is perfect for you?

There are two major things you can keep in mind while deciding between the Mizuno ST190 and ST200.

The first thing is the performance of the club. If you compare the performance ratio of both clubs, you would notice that the Mizuno ST200 will remain a little ahead of the Mizuno ST190.  But you have to cope with the spin rate to get that extra performance. That is when the expertise of the player comes into action.

If you are a high-handicapped golfer, controlling the Mizuno ST200 will be a little harder than the Mizuno ST190.  That is why one should go with the Mizuno ST200 when one can make a precise stroke. On the other hand, the Mizuno ST190 should be a perfect item for all high-handicapped to the mid-handicapped golfer.

Final words

When it comes to style and performance, the Mizuno ST190 and ST200 are two elegant items you can grab without any hesitation. But before you go with one particular drive, make sure that you have done enough research.

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