Why are MG senior golf balls illegal: Are MG golf ball good

The MG senior golf balls are illegal because they do not conform to the USGA initial golf ball speed limit. According to the United States Golf Association, the initial speed velocity of a golf ball cannot exceed 250 feet or 76.2m per second to consider it a conforming golf ball.

The MG senior golf ball conforms to every USGA condition except the initial speed velocity. As a result, the MG senior golf balls do not have permission to take part in any professional tournament.

By the way, MG senior golf balls always deliver excellent leverage for the slow swingers. If you want more on your weekend with your mate, the non-conforming MG senior golf ball is always there to entertain you.

MG senior golf balls illegal

USGA golf balls rules and regulations

You simply cannot play with any kind of golf balls in a professional tournament. USGA imposes some strict rules and regulations every golf ball manufacturer needs to maintain to enlist their golf ball as USGA conforming. Here are some of the important rules every legal golf ball maintains-

  1. The initial velocity of a golf ball must be within 250 feet or 76.2m per second. If any golf ball exceeds the 76.2m per second speed limit, it is an illegal ball to play in a professional tournament.
  2. A legal ball must not have an asymmetrical shape.
  3. The weight of a USGA conforming golf ball must not exceed the 1.620 ounces or 45.93gm barrier. By the way, there is no limitation for the minimum weight range.
  4. USGA did not specify the exact diameter of a golf ball. But the diameter must surpass the 1.680 inches or 42.67 mm barrier.
  5. USGA did not mention the number of dimples a legal golf ball can have. But on average, a typical golf ball should not have more than 500 dimples.

Why should you play with an Illegal golf ball?

Golf should not mean to be competitive all the time. Sometimes it deserves to be a little exciting and fun.  When it comes to gathering some exquisite piece of happiness, an illegal golf ball has too many things to offer. Here are some of the reasons why and when one should play with illegal golf balls-

  1. First of all, an illegal golf ball offers explosive distance. If you play golf only to grab some excitement, an illegal golf ball will always serve you in the best way possible.
  2. The single solid core of most illegal golf balls delivers the supreme speed. If you cannot make a fast swing, an explosive illegal golf ball is the solution.
  3. Illegal golf balls are cheap. You will be able to buy a dozen illegal golf balls for the same price as a premium tour golf ball.
  4. Senior golfers will be able to find their rhythm back with the help of an illegal golf ball.
  5. Finally, a non-conforming golf ball will provide ten to twenty yards of leverage than a premium conforming golf ball.

MG senior golf ball review

Key Features

  1. The longest golf balls on the market.
  2. MG senior golf balls are suitable for players with less than 250 yards of drive distance.
  3. Moderate feel.
  4. Solid putting experience.
  5. Economical budget.

As the name suggests, MG senior golf ball targets the senior golfer. If you are a slow swinger, the MG senior golf balls will alleviate your weakness by generating explosive distance.

MG claims that the senior golf balls are the longest of its kinds. As a result, you can expect to get almostten to fifteen yards more distance with the senior golf ball.

A common thing you would notice with most non-conforming golf balls is the lackings of feel. But the MG senior golf ball is a little different.  They are popular for delivering a moderate amount of feel while hitting your golf club.

MG golf balls deliver explosive distance should not mean that you will miss enough stability on the greenside area. The exclusive dimple pattern on the golf ball will provide enough traction on the greenside area to be more versatile with your approach.

Moreover, a dozen of MG non-conforming senior golf balls will cost you around 20$ dollars. Getting such quality golf balls at a price of under 20$ dollars should always provoke one to grab the item.

Finally, you will be able to grab the senior golf ball in optic yellow and classic white color patterns. 


  1. Senior golfers will feel much comfortable while playing with these golf balls.
  2. The solid construction will deliver explosive distance.
  3. They are available at a budget-friendly price range.


The only drawback is that these golf balls are USGA non-conforming. As a result, you will not be able to use the balls in many golf tournaments.  But there is no limit to enjoy your time with your friends and family.

What’s inside illegal golf balls?

What actually makes an illegal golf ball illegal? It is always the construction. There are manifold differences between a USGA conforming and a non-conforming golf ball. Let's find out what we have got inside of an illegal golf ball-

The very first thing you would notice inside of an illegal golf ball is a solid urethane core. The diameter of the core is almost similar to the exterior shell of the ball. The solid core is the main reason behind the supreme speed of the golf ball.

An illegal golf ball will have more weight than a legal golf ball. The solid core inside of the golf ball makes it a little bulkier than the average USGA-conforming golf ball.

Some of the illegal golf balls may also provide irrational number dimples on the external shell.

Most of the illegal golf balls will have a urethane core inside of the golf ball. The difference is the density level of the core. A legal golf ball will have multiple-core with thin urethane layer construction. But an illegal golf ball will have a single urethane core, which is thick enough to blow your mind.

Final words

We all know about the quality of MG golf balls. But when you are talking about Illegal golf balls, they are even better. The MG senior golf ball, which is the longest illegal golf ball, is here to prove its worth. If you want to pass your senior year with some excitement, the MG golf ball is here to make your free time more exciting.

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