Lamkin vs. Golf pride: which golf grip should you choose?

When it comes to golf, we are constantly bombarded with numerous terms and conditions. But golf grip is the only topic that gets less concentration most often. But choosing the precise grip is as important as the CG, shaft, precision, distance, and the like terms.

Golf grip is the only part that creates the connection between our hands and the club. That is why you should always pick a quality grip to get moderate traction and control over your golf club.

The presence of numerous golf grips and brands on the market can always give you a baffling experience to make the final decision. That is when comparisons between various brands come into effect.

Throughout this article, we will try to make a decent comparison between the two most renowned golf grip brands Lamkin and golf pride.

Both Lamkin and Golf pride golf grips offer distinctive benefits so that you can choose according to your preference.

Lamkin vs. Golf pride

Comparison between Lamkin and Golf pride

Here are some of the things worth comparing between Lamkin and Golf Pride. Remember that both brands are popular for delivering golf grips for different sections. That is why it is the necessity that should get the highest priority rather than the brand.


Golf Pride

Lamkin golf grips are recommended for versatility.

Golf Pride golf grips are popular for quality.

Lamkin golf grip offers fingerprint technology to ensure traction and comfort.

Golf Pride golf grip uses the traditional brushed cotton technology.

Lamkin offers grips for both tour and beginner golfers.

Golf pride targets all tour enthusiasts. You can use their grips as a beginner, too.

Lamkin offers both rounded and calibrated upper-hand construction.

Most golf pride grips offer rounded construction.

Lamkin Calibrate series offers Tour-level performance.

Golf pride Tour Velvet series offers tour-level performance.

The genesis series from Lamkin offers multi-material golf grips.

Golf Pride MCC series offers hybrid construction.

You have to make the alignment on your own with most Lamkin golf grips.

Golf pride offers an essential grip alignment feature.

What's special about the Lamkin golf grip?

Lamkin has been bringing quality golf grip on the market since 1925. And we need to mention that the company has not disheartened their consumer until now. Lamkin offers numerous golf grips for different types of golfers.  No matter whether you are a slow or fast swing specialist, Lamkin has always something to offer.

Here are some of the special lineups to serve you in different manners-

Lamkin Fingerprint technology

We prefer using a golf grip on our golf club to get feel, consistency, and comfort simultaneously. And that is when the fingerprint technology of the Lamkin golf grip comes into action. The micro-texture construction on the surface of every Lamkin golf grip delivers the most optimum experience and consistency to swing like a pro on every occasion.

Genesis material

When it comes to golf grip material, rubber is the only thing that comes to our mind. But have you ever thought about a grip with a blend of rubber and other material?  Well, Lamkin did the thinking for you.

Genesis is here to introduce you to the most appealing feeling you can expect from a golf grip. The hybrid construction allows them to deliver the softest feeling possible.

Calibrate models

Professional golfers find it a little tough while hitting with the rounded grips. That is when the ribbed golf grips deliver the most optimum support.

Lamkin offers numerous Calibrate models (Lamkin ST +2 Hybrid Calibrate grip, Lamkin Sonar+ Tour Calibrate grip, Lamkin Sonar+ Wrap Calibrate grip) so that you can make better hand placement to get the freedom according to your expertise.

Round grip models

Both calibrate and rounded golf grips share the same characteristics except the upper hand construction. The rounded models will have a rounded upper hand construction, whereas the calibrate models will have a ribbed composition.


The cross-linelineups need no introduction. They have been here for a long time. All the cross-line grips with the firmer construction material are popular for reducing the twist of your hand while making the swing.

Lamkin UTX grip

The Lamkin UTX grip is popular for its full cord design. If you need better traction, the UTX grip is always the ideal option to give a go.

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What’s special about golf pride grip?

Golf Pride golf grips are everywhere. From slip-on to hybrid golf grips, Golf Pride offers everything a true golfer requires. Besides, their Brushed cotton technology will always deliver the firmer feel and consistency you deserve on the course.

Here are some of the lineups from Golf Pride and their benefits-


Two-layered textured construction will deliver precise feel, control, and consistency simultaneously.

Z-Grip align

The perfect alignment technology with the same firmer construction will ensure perfect hand placement and performance at the same time.

Tour Velvet cord

Tour velvet should be the perfect example of a tour-level golf grip. The inclusion of an essential grip cord and all-weather material will be handy to get the most optimum performance at any moment.


The inclusion of hybrid material with the perfect alignment feature will always give you some boost as a beginner.


The all-new triple texture technology of VDR will be handy to get a revolutionary feel and performance.

Tour velvet/ Velvet Plus4/velvet align

These are all revolutionary examples of feel and performance with the tour-level construction. Take your expertise to another level with the unique construction of Tour Velvet.


Tour Wrap Microsuede is another name for soft traction performance. The all-new micro suede technology with the soft brushed construction will deliver the feel you deserve on the course.


CP2 WRAP and CP2 Pro are the two softest performance grips from golf pride with the combination of high-performance technology.

Tour Wrap 2G

Tour Wrap 2G offers tackiness and soft material construction to enhance the feel and performance to another level.

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How to choose the perfect grip?

For many people, the default grip that comes with the club becomes the standard. But when it is about changing the grip, picking up the appropriate grip can be a little daunting process. But we won't let that happen as long as we are here. Here are some of the essential things to keep in mind while picking a new one or changing your old golf grip-

  1. First of all, consider your hand. If you have a smaller hand size, the standard Tour Velvet golf grip will deliver the ideal performance.
  2. Second of all, pick up a corded golf club when the weather is uncertain in your area. The corded golf grips do really deliver extreme protection from the all-weather condition.
  3.  A double-textured or triple-textured golf grip will deliver the most optimum result when you want feel and performance simultaneously.
  4. The final thing to consider is the alignment of the grip. If aligning the grip is your highest priority along with performance, do check the alignment features of the grip.

Final words

Believe it or not, golf grip can really deteriorate the overall performance to a great extent. Be a little more precise while changing or installing a new grip to your club. If you are fluctuating between Lamkin and Golf Pride, our suggestion would be to impose priority to your own preference. This will help you to make a better decision.

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