Is side-saddle putting legal?

Yes, side-saddle putting is completely legal. However, if you are not happy with the conventional putting style and suffering a lot with your score, the side saddle putting may give you some leverage with your approach.

The problem with conventional putting style is that it may not allow the ball to remain down the line all the time. But the side saddle putt allows the ball to remain on the line with a pendulum-like swing.

You may have a putter with the appropriate length, but it won’t deliver the result unless your swing style is okay.

If you would like to know more about side-saddle putting, this article has brought everything you should know about side saddle putting. So without wasting any more words in the intro, let’s get started with the real presentation-

Is side-saddle putting legal

Why conventional putting method is a little inappropriate?

We will be telling you two main reasons why the conventional putting method is a little distracting than the side saddle.

Reason one: getting the better vision

Side saddle putting gives you the authenticity to read your putt. When we make a conventional putting, we go behind our ball and measure the line to make our putt.

At that particular moment, we use our binocular vision to see the line clearly. Now when you go for the stroke, you go away from the line and use one of your eyes. This process can sometimes make the situation a little complicated by giving our brain a complex diagram. Anyway, if you are comfortable with the conventional putting style, you can go on with your process. It is because your brain already knows how to do the calculation.

The benefit of a side saddle putting is that you always stay on the line to make the putt. As a result, our brain does not get distracted by two different pictures. As a result, making the putting becomes much easier than the conventional putting method.

Reason two: the mechanics of the stroke

The second reason we encourage people to go with a side saddle putting is because of the mechanics of the stroke.

When you go for a conventional putting, you swing by creating a little arc. The problem with an arc is that the face of the club can sometimes deviate from the proper swing position. That means sometimes you may end up making a more open swing, whereas some other time the swing arc can end with a close position.

As a result, you can end up either with a push or pulled putt.

Why you should try the side saddle putt?

When we putt with the side saddle putting style, we swing the club like a pendulum. As a result, you get a square and neutral clubface throughout the entire stroke.

Side saddle putting style allows the golf ball to move down the line all the time. As a result, the chance of one stroke putt enhances to a great extent.

That means if you want more consistency with your putting, the side saddle putting style can be an ultimate option to get the optimum versatility in any situation.

How to putt side saddle?

Not everyone thinks about making a side saddle putting. But if you have got the eccentric mind to hone the skill of side saddle putting, we are going to help you out with the procedures.

Making a perfect side-saddle putting requires one to make a perfect balance among the grip, hand placement, stance, weight, ball placement, and finally stroke.

Anyway, reverse everything we are going to say in this section if you are a leftie. So without wasting any more words here, let’s kick off with the grip-

Step one: Grip

Place your left hand at the top of the grip.  Reverse the hand if you are a left-handed golfer.

There are two possible ways to make the position.  You can either go back of your knuckles or back of the hand flushes with the putter face. Stay square with your target.

The left thump on the top of the grip will stabilize the club, whereas the right hand will dictate the shot-making. 

Step two: hand placement

Extend your right hand by making it as flat as possible. You need to make sure that the hand is as close as to the clubface.  Grabbing the club in such a manner will deliver extreme feel and control over your hand.

Straddle the line and ensure that the feet, hips, and shoulders are square to the line.

Step three: stance

Move one step to the side so that you get enough room to bring back your right hand to make a perfect swing.

Now lean as much as possible to make the stroke.

Step four: ball placement

You need to set up your stance according to the ball’s position. The ball should be nearer enough to the hole so that you can make a one-stroke putt.

Step five: making the stroke

In the final step, make the stroke. One thing is pretty common. If you lack confidence, you will be no way there.

If you are comfortable with the conventional putting method, honing the skill of side saddle putting may take a little time. We need to mention that it requires a little practice and perseverance to be comfortable with the process. But once you become comfortable with the approach, you will do great while making your putting.

Who invented the side saddle putting?

Sam Snead is the inventor of intuitive side saddle putting. We have to go back in 1965/1966 to get some flashes of the history of Side-saddle putting.

Sometimes USGA forces us to change our comfortable putting method, making us a little uncomfortable with the new rules. In 1966, Sam Snead faced such a situation. He was feeling a little uncomfortable with the new rules.

He said to himself, ‘’you know what I am going to make a croquet stroke’’. He moved one step away from the ball and made the side saddle putt for the first time.

He maintained the same putting method for the rest of his life, too. You should not think that he was an average golfer. He ended up his career becoming one of the most prominent PGA Tour players.

Final words

If you can hone the skill of side saddle putting, you can expect more accuracy and consistency to reduce your golf score. Give side saddle putting some try to be more versatile with your approach.

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