Hybrid golf club distance: should you replace your long Iron with a hybrid?

Thinking about making a replacement of your longer irons to get a better distance and accuracy? A hybrid golf club is here to give you freedom.

The multi-material construction with a decent head design allows the club to be more versatile than the Iron. We are not saying that Hybrids are better than Iron. It depends completely on your preference.

If you are comfortable with the long Iron, continue your journey with Irons. But if you would like to do some inspections with some other clubs, let it be the hybrid. They are becoming an excellent replacement for the longer Irons. 

A hybrid golf club can take the golf ball up to 190 yards, depending on the number of hybrids and your expertise. Besides, you can expect to get around 10 yards of leverage than Iron with the hybrid clubs.

Hybrid golf club distance

Why should you pick a hybrid?

First of all, a hybrid golf club comes with a larger sole design than compared to an iron. As a result, it will be much easier to make a straight shot with a hybrid. If you are a beginner, honing the skill of hitting longer distances will be much easier with a hybrid.

Second of all, a hybrid golf club provides more ground interaction. As a result, anyone with a high-handicapped score will be able to make a comfortable swing with the hybrid.

Besides, the production of the lower CG below the ball will help everyone to make a straighter and longer shot. The lower CG level is always a handy tool to take the golf ball to the furthest distance.

Finally, the forgiving clubface delivers the optimum height to get the maximum yardages in your every stroke.  

Hybrid golf club distance chart

This chart includes the average yardages you can expect to get from all hybrids.

Club name

Loft angle

Average distance(men)

Average distance (women)



220 yard

190 yard



200 yard

175 yard



190 yard

160 yard



175 yard

150 yard



160 yard

135 yard



155 yard

120 yard



140 yard

110 yard



130 yard

100 yard



110/120 yard

90 yard

3-hybrid, 4-hybrid, and 5-hybrid are the most popular replacement for 3, 4, and 5 irons. The rest of the hybrids exist only on paper. You may not see them in most people's hands.

Hybrid and Iron golf club comparison

Here is a little comparison between hybrid and iron golf clubs so that you can make a better decision regarding the replacement.

club name


Club name 



190 yards.


175/180 yards.


180 yards.


170 yards.


160 yards.


150 yards.


150 yards.


140 yards.


140 yards.


130 yards.

That means you will get almost 10 yards of distance leverage with a hybrid compared to the equivalent Iron.

What’s the difference between an Iron and a hybrid?

The first difference you would notice between a hybrid and an Iron is the clubface. An iron golf club will come with a flat face construction. On the other hand, a hybrid golf club will come with an over shaped and larger sole design.

The face of a hybrid golf club is more forgiving than the face of an Iron golf club. As a result, you can expect more distance with the hybrid golf club.

You will get a higher angle shot with a hybrid. As a result, the golf ball will fly a little higher in the sky with the hybrid.

A hybrid golf club will come with a combination of different materials. On the other hand, an Iron golf club will come with solid steel construction.

The swing mechanism of a hybrid and an Iron is kind of the same. A similar swing mechanism is one of the main reasons for hybrid's popularity. You don't need to do some further practice training to swing a hybrid golf club. If you are good with your Iron, you will be good with your hybrid too.

Who should go with a hybrid?

You should always grab your club according to the type of your shot-making. Some golfers can make fast swings, whereas some others will go on with the slower swing mechanism.You cannot expect to get the same distance with two different types of swing. That is why it becomes ideal to choose the club that befits your swing type.

Hybrid golf club serves those who are a little slow with their swing. The forgiving face and the lower CG production allow the club to make a straighter swing. As a result, slow swingers can get some extra benefits from the hybrid golf club.

On the other hand, an iron golf club will deliver the most convenient experience when you can make the fast swing. Golfers who can make fast swings can control the swing output to a moderate degree. As a result, Iron golf club can deliver more precision when you are on the course.

The condition of the course is also an important factor one should consider while choosing between a hybrid and an iron. If you are playing on a windy or difficult course, a hybrid should be the ideal choice. On the other hand, grab a long iron when you need accuracy on the course.

Another factor you can keep in mind while choosing between hybrid and Iron golf clubs is speed. If you want better speed and distance with your golf club, a hybrid golf club should be the ideal choice. On the other hand, choose an Iron golf club when you want precision and accuracy with your golf club.

The final factor to consider while choosing between a hybrid and an iron golf club is your handicap level. If you are a high-handicapped golfer, a hybrid should serve you in the best way possible. On the other hand, you can go with an Iron golf club if you have a low handicap score.

Final words

Replacing the longer Iron with a hybrid golf club requires deep considerations.  Both clubs share the same swing mechanism. That is why there are not too many things to consider with the swing. Speed, accuracy, and distance are the three most important foundations you need to keep in mind while replacing the club. If you want accuracy, go with your Iron. But if you want speed and distance, a hybrid is always the perfect replacement for the long Iron.

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