How to re-grip a golf club

Re-gripping a golf club is much easier than playing with a messy grip. If you are a heavyweight player, and you love playing golf every week, then the chances of changing your grip increase to a greater extent.

In this article, we will be discussing all the procedures that you need to follow for re-gripping your golf club correctly. Besides, you will get a section where we will be discussing some of the precautious steps that you should be following while completing the re-gripping process.

Before we get started, we would like to mention that re-gripping your golf club is not a kind of task that you should fear about rather anyone with little experience of golf and club can do it if he has the right instruction in his repertoire.

Our broadest aim here is to provide you the right information or procedures that will help you to complete the task without any kind of hardship.

regrip golf clubs

Re-grip a golf club

What you will get in this article:

  • you will have a sense ofthe materials that will be necessary for re-gripping your golf club.
  • You will learn about the procedures that you need to follow for re-gripping your golf club.
  • We will be talking about some of the precautious steps that will help you to re-grip your club smoothly, and these steps will be beneficial for maintaining your health safety, as well.

Materials that you need to have

These are the exact materials that you need to have for re-gripping your golf club.

If you are thinking about starting your re-gripping process without having these materials, you probably will fail to complete your task.

  1. Hook blade/utility knife
  2. Golf grip solvent
  3. Tape
  4. Grip
  5. Sprayer.
  6. Towel

Now, we believe you have the collection of all, without making any further delays, let's get into the main topic where we will be discussing the ways that you should follow for re-gripping your golf club.


Before you start, remember, you can do this task by many agencies or companies, but it is also possible to do it by yourself. If you are that courageous, then welcome! This is the right section for you…

Firstly, you need to remove the old grip. For removing the old grip, you need to use a blade or equivalent item that is sharp enough to cut the old grip. The grip of your club is mostly attached to the shaft of the club, and that is why, when you will cut the grip, make sure you don't put any scratch on the shaft. We encourage you to cut the grip from the bottom part, and while doing so, make sure you are not in front of the blade otherwise you may damage yourself as well.Once you make a good incision throughout the grip, it should come out with a simple pull. Now, as we are completed with removing the grip, it is time to move into the second part.

Secondly, you need to remove the old tape. When it is about re-gripping your golf club, most of the people fear about this section and there is a valid reason behind this.Not all golf club comes with the same construction material. Depending on the construction material, there is a high chance of making damage to the shaft of the club in this section.

If you have a club that has a steel shaft, then you can use a utility knife for removing the old tape of the club. Using a utility shaft won't make any damage to the steel shaft.

But, if you own a club that has a graphite shaft, then using a utilitarian knife may damage the shaft.One best way to avoid this kind of damage is, using a heat gun. A heat gun will help to loosen the old tape with less effort.

Not everyone owns a heat gun, and that is why, if you own a graphite shaft club, be careful while re-gripping your golf club.

We believe that you have completed all the tasks, so far, smoothly, and if you do so, now is the time to move one step further.

On the third step, you need to apply a new tape on the shaft for re-gripping your golf club.

For completing this task, you need to measure the length of the tape that you are going to apply on the shaft.

For measuring the length of the tape, take as much tape as the length of the grip that you are going to install.

Now, apply the tape on the shaft. When you are applying the tape on the shaft of the club, make sure you keep a little tape above the shaft.

This little portion of the tape will help to prevent the dust from getting into the shaft area.

After you complete the whole taping, peel that off (I mean the extra portion of the tape) for the tape to stay attached on the shaft.

Now, push the upper remaining part of the tape down, this one will help you to keep the shaft area of the grip to remain dirt free.

That’s it, you are completed with the third part of the re-gripping process.

Now comes the most important part where you will be installing the grip.

In this fourth section of the re-gripping process, you need to install the grip. For completing this section, we will need a grip solvent. Without having a grip solvent, the task is quite impossible. That is why make sure you have a quality grip solvent near you.

Now, pour a moderate amount of grip solvent inside the grip. Make sure you stuck the path with the help of your finger so that the grip solvent does not descend from the grip. After doing so, shake the grip for some time so that the grip solvent can reach all the places. You also need to pour some grip solvent on to the taped area. That will make it easy for you to install the grip.

Now, release your finger and let the extra grip solvent to descend from the grip onto the tape.

Now, put some force for installing the should not take much effort to complete the task.

For ensuring perfect installment, you may hit the grip on the floor.

After completing all these steps, there will be grip solvent all over the grip. Use a soft towel for soaking up all these things.

That’s it, you have completed the task on your own.

But there is also another important task that you need to think about while re-gripping your golf club.

Finally, you need to make sure that the grip is fully aligned with the club. Without a perfect aligned grip, you won't be able to play with the club with complete satisfaction. 

For making the grip aligned, you need to make sure that the clubface is squire and perpendicular to the ground.

Most of the grips that are available in the market come with an MCC aligned technology. Whenever you will go for buying your new golf club grip, make sure you choose those that have the same feature on it.

After installing the grip onto the club, you need to make sure that the top, middle, and bottom of the aligned grip marker is linear with the leading edge.

That is simple! It is not necessary that you need to be an expert for installing the grip.

Now, you are ready to play with the club that you have re-gripped. 

How often should you re-grip your golf club?

This is another common question that is running across the internet regarding how often one should re-grip his/her golf club.

It depends on the consistency of your playing. Many people are playing with a single types grip for more than two years.

But, the ideal would be to change your grip once a year.

In case you are just using your golf club for practicing then re-gripping your golf club twice a year should be ideal.

Playing with a dirty and messy grip may impact badly on the quality of your apparent tight grip gives you the freedom to play with full confidence.

That is why re-gripping your golf club should be an ideal choice. if it is not possible to re-gripping your golf club very often, make sure you do it for at least once a year.

This will help you to improve your quality of playing dramatically.

Now a days golf pride golf grips is leading golf grip in the market.


If you are doing this for the first time, and you are not confident enough to complete the task on your own, it would be better to complete the task with the help of someone who has early experience.

But, if you are courageous enough to complete the task on your own, then these are precautious steps that you can maintain for completing the task.

  1. Make sure you know all the things that will be necessary for re-gripping your golf club. Commencing without having a proper sense of certainty would not be a greater choice at all.
  2. Gather all the necessary equipment that will be necessary for completing the re-gripping process. Even the lackings of a single component may make a great delay.
  3. Keep enough time in your hand before commencing the process of is estimated that completing the whole task will take more the one hour or more. If you don't have enough time to complete the task, it is better you start when you will have. You can't spare in the midway for completing another time.
  4. Make sure whether it is necessary or not. Most of the grips can be used for at least one year or more. That is why it is important to know whether the re-gripping of the golf club is necessary or not. Why would you waste your precious time on something that is not necessary at it, only when you feel like your grip is not functioning properly.
  5. Choosing the right golf club grip is another precautious steps that you need to think while re-gripping your golf club. When you will go for choosing your grip for re-gripping your diffrent golf club, make sure it has the right aligned marks on it, and also, it comes with the perfect material that will produce enough friction while playing with the club.
  6. The last but not the least thing that you need to keep in mind while re-gripping your golf club is, maintaining the perfect balance of your club. I mean, while re-gripping the golf club, many people make damage or scratch on the golf club. When you will go for re-gripping, make sure you are conscious enough to avoid this kind of mistake.

Final words

The more you are indulged in playing golf, the more you are going to damage the grip of your golf club.

It is never ideal playing with a dirty golf club grip. This can impact the total outcome of your playing.

Experts advise is that you re-grip your golf club once a year, and doing this will help to maintain the perfect balance of your golf club.

But, before you start, it is ideal to gather all the knowledge that will be necessary for re-gripping the golf club, and providing you the right information is our motto.

We believe that following these procedures will greatly help you to complete the whole re-gripping process, and you will be able to play with a perfect grip that will produce enough friction while playing.

These are the simple steps and procedures that should help to complete the task without any hesitation although many critical and complex steps can also help you out.

We will be discussing those procedures in our future articles. But, for now, all these procedures should do the trick.

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