How to pitch a golf ball- Beginners to Advanced Golfer

You are close to the green, but can’t chip or putt, now, it is the time to make a pitch shot.

But, do you know the proper ways to make a pitch shot?

When you are 20-40 yards close to the flag, you need to think about making a pitch shot. But, for a beginner, it is a kind of tough job. But, don't worry, after reading this whole article, you will able to make a perfect pitch shot that you would love.

In this article, we are going to provide you the exact pieces of information and procedures that you need to know for making a perfect pitch shot.

What you will get in this article?

  • You will learn about the equipment that you need to have for making a perfect pitch.
  • You will learn about the tactics that you need to follow for honing this particular skill.
  • You will feel confident when you will be close to the greenside area.

Procedures to make a perfect pitch shot

In this section, we are going to provide you the exact pieces of information that will be necessary for making the pitch shot that you will love to watch.

So, without making any further delays, let's get started with our presentation.

pitch a golf ball

1. Choosing the right club

When you are thinking about making a perfect pitch shot, you need to pick up the right club. Without having the right club in your hand, you can't expect to make the pitch shot perfect.

When it is about picking the right club, the sand wedge should be the appropriate club for making a pitch shot perfectly.

Obviously, there is a valid reason for suggesting a sand wedge. Sand wedges tend to be loftier than any other a result, it becomes easier to make a perfect stroke. Many professionals around the world tend to play with a sand wedge when it is about making a pitch shot.

If you can use the sand wedge properly while making a pitch shot, there will be less room in the air, and as a result, you will be able to control the distance and stopping time of the golf ball.

For all these reasons, a sand wedge would e our first recommendation that you should pick up for making a perfect p[itch shot.

2. Holding the club

the next major important thing that you need to think about is the way of holding the club. If you are not holding the club correctly, you can't expect to make a perfect pitch shot.

To hold the club correctly, make the clubface a little bit open so that you can control the distance that you are expecting to get, and how quickly you want the golf ball to stop. The most important thing that you need to consider while making a pitch shot is the backswing. When you will take the golf club back for making the backswing, you need to make the clubface open in the air so that you can make a lofted stroke.

3. Placing the golf ball

This is another major issue that one needs to consider when they are trying to hone the skill of a pitch shot.

When you are trying to make a chip shot, you need to place the golf ball back in your stance. But, in case of pitch shot, it is, totally, the opposite.

In case of pitch shot, you need to place the golf in the forward in your stance. That is how you are going to extract the best out of it.

Remember, the position of the golf ball greatly impacts on the total outcome of the stroke. That is why make sure you are placing the golf ball in the correct position.

4. Making your stance correct

If you are not familiar with stance, then it means the way or path of your best swing.

If the stance is not correct, you are not going to get the expected shot. Either it will reach too much distance or too less.

To make a correct stance, you need to take a little wider stance than usual so that the club can get enough room in the air.

The sand wedge is usually the most lofted club in your club list. That is why it requires some room for getting the exact distance that you are expecting.

To give it the room, making the stance a little wider is the appropriate solution.

If you have done all the things correctly so far, then we are ready to move to the final section where we will be talking about the ways of striking the golf ball in the correct way.

5. Striking

This is the last step but the most important one that you need to have possession.

If you are doing every other step correctly, but this one wrong, then everything will be a waste of your time and energy.

To make a correct stroke, you need to strike underneath the golf ball as you come through from the backswing.

Don’t put too much force underneath the bottom of the ground. If you do so, you will end up making a top shot. And, nobody wants to befall in such kind of embarrassment.

Whenever you will make the strike, make sure to make a little bit of body movement. Now, it’s important to allow your body to move a little because it provides enough room for the club and your body to get the expected distance.

Final words

If you have done everything as we have said, then you should, by now, get the expected pitch shot that you are looking for.

For your convenience, we are concluding by saying that you need to concentrate on these five things properly to make a perfect pitch shot.

Choose the correct golf club so that you don’t hesitate while striking, correctly hold the golf club, place the golf ball in the right position, make the stance correct, and hit the golf ball by maintaining proper procedures.

Following these procedures will do the trick for you to hone the skill of a perfect pitch shot.

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