How to hit a hybrid golf club, Are hybrid golf clubs easier to hit

A hybrid club has been a great invention since the beginning of the 21st century, so it has not disappointed its consumers. The real truth is that if you have started playing with a hybrid club, there is a very slight chance that you will ignore it again.

As the terms suggest, a hybrid club is the combination of iron and wood. As a result, getting the expected distance is much easier than usual or an iron club.

In this article, we will explain everything that you need to know about a hybrid club and about the approach that you should be taking to get the expected distances with a hybrid golf club.

What you will get in this article:

  • You will learn the definition of a hybrid golf club.
  • You will learn the ways that you should be following for hitting a hybrid golf club.
  • You will learn the approaches that you should take for getting the expected distance in the golf course.


A hybrid golf club is a mixture of both iron and wood to give one such a feeling that he is getting the benefit of both. As it is the combination of both an iron club and wood club, one will easily get the benefit of swings like iron, and the distance capacity of a wood club.

Sometimes it can be tough for the beginner to hone the skill of a long iron to hit because of their launch angle. On the other hand, hitting with a wood club is also not an easy task to accomplish because of their longer shaft varieties.

In this case, a hybrid golf club can be a greater choice.  A Hybrid club possesses an optimal shaft length with a higher launch angle that allows the player to benefit from both an iron golf club and a fairy wood golf club.

If you are a beginner or a high-handicap player, then playing with a hybrid golf club should be a beneficial choice that you can make for getting great distance and yardage in the golf course.

hybrid golf club

Plus points of a hybrid golf club, and why you should use a hybrid golf club?

Let's make a list regarding the benefits of a hybrid golf club. After reading all the benefits, we can assure you that you will think about using a hybrid golf club, at least once if you are not using it right now.

  • Hybrid golf clubs are the alloy of both iron and a result you will get the true benefits of both an iron and a wood club in a hybrid club.
  • Hybrid golf clubs are a great invention for producing greater distances.
  • The optimal launch angle of a hybrid golf club allows the player to reach a decent distance in the golf club.
  • With the perfect shaft length of the club, a hybrid golf club can make your stroke making an enthusiastic task to do.
  • It can give extra benefits to beginners and high handicappers. Even, many professional golfers are playing with hybrid clubs, and many of them opined that they will continue playing with a hybrid golf club as long as they continue their golfing career because they are great stuff to improvise their golfing skills.

Distance chart of a hybrid golf club

If you would like to find out the distance that a hybrid golf club can make, then this is the right place for you where you can get everything about a hybrid golf club.

Down below is a test of the distance that a hybrid golf club can make.



Distance-men(slow-med-fast) yards

Distance-women(slow-med-fast) yards





































How to hit with a hybrid golf club?

Hitting with a hybrid golf club is not a hard task to accomplish. If you are familiar with hitting an iron golf club, you won't have to put an extra effort into honing the skill of hitting a hybrid golf club.

There are, basically, two steps that you can follow for hitting with a hybrid golf club.

For the first step, you need to make your placement of the golf ball, and the placement of your body appropriate. If you mistake making it correct, you won't get the benefit of a hybrid golf club. To make the placement correct, place the middle of your body just behind the golf ball. Make sure that the middle of the body is slightly behind the golf ball. Don’t make it too wide or narrow, just a little behind should be enough. You should not move too far to the left and too far to the right. Now, hit as you do with an iron club.

For the second step, you need to pick this approach when you are using a lofted hybrid club, you also need to make your placement correct. To do so, place your sternum more over the top of the golf ball. After making the placement correct, hit like a usual iron club. That is how you are going to make it possible.

You need to remember that, for the first time, you may not get the expected distance or comfort zone that you are expecting. But, gradually, there is a high chance that you will be able to cope with the mechanism of a hybrid golf club because they are a great tool to make your approach easy and comfortable.

Choosing the perfect  hybrid golf club with the best construction material and technologies might also help in this regard.

Final words

We have discussed everything possible that you need to know about hybrid golf if you are a beginner or interested in learning the mechanisms and benefits of a hybrid golf club.

If all these things, somehow, help you to find your queries then it would be our greatest accomplishment.

Distance chart of a hybrid golf club

Distance chart of a hybrid golf club

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