How to hit a golf ball far – Guide beginners to advance players

It is a kind of dream for every golfer to hit the ball to a farther distance. They tend to put hard labor, but their endeavor fails because it’s not a process that only depends on the force that you are implementing, rather it’s a process that needs co-ordination between the tactics and improvisation.

Another important aspect that you need to think about is the consistency of your practice and the experience that you are gaining.

It is not like that you have watched a YouTube video or read an article, and you are now, ready to hit the ball farther.

In this article, we will discuss all the things that you need to follow if you are thinking about taking the golf ball to the farthest distance possible.

But, remember, it is only your effort and consistency that is going to make your endeavor a success in the long run.

What you will get in this article

  • We will be discussing the mistakes, probably, you are making while playing golf that is causing you to reach a less distance than expected.
  • We will be discussing the tactics that you may follow for increasing consistency and farther distance capability.
  • We will share with you some of the hacks that you may follow for developing the skill.

Why do we fail

Even if you are doing everything correctly, you may fail to take the golf ball to a great distance. Many factors are there to determine your outcome.

Most importantly your way of playing fixes the outcome, but practicing and keeping the motivation can also impact the total outcome. We will be discussing every aspect that you may follow to improve your distance capability.

But, for now, let’s start with the mistakes that you are making while playing golf that is impacting on the distance capability.

How to hit a golf ball - Mistakes you are making

golf ball driver hit

1. Your posture

Your position of standing in front of the golf ball greatly determines whether you will be able to hit better or not.

Making a good posture before hitting is the most essential pre-requisite that you need to hone at first.

Don’t be so moderate, and don’t be so hard. To make a perfect posture, at first, stand tall and place the golf club right before your belly button. Then, tilt your hips only for bending forward. When you will go for making the stroke, flex your knees a little bit.

That's it! Start practicing with these steps first. I am sure you are going to improvise your own kind of way.

Be good at practicing. The war will be easier.

2. Your grip position

Another miscalculation that many people make while making a stroke is the way of their gripping while catching the golf club.

Remember, your way of gripping is an important factor for determining the distance that you are going to make with every stroke.

A tight grip can create tension. That is why it is important while gripping that you loosen the grip so that there is less tension.

if you are not comfortable, you may try making some backswing for finding a comfortable position.

If you are not using a good quality golf club grip, it can also affect greatly on the distance that you are expecting.

3. Your way of swing

Swing is the most important factorfor taking the golf ball to a greater distance.

If you are not making the swing properly, you can’t expect a great distance.

For making a perfect swing, you need to consider two things. The first one is your shoulder and the second one is your leg movement.

In the time of making your swing, relax your shoulder as much as you can. A tight shoulder can be a great obstacle for making a great swing.

On the other hand, you need to place your body weight on the front leg while making the swing.

If you are doing these three things properly, then you can move to the next step where we will be discussing the things that you need to keep in mind for taking the golf ball to a great distance.

4. Forcing the swing

If you feel like, the more force I will be implementing, the better distance I will be able to get, then I need to mention you that you are living in a fallacy. It is not the force that you are implementing, If, somehow, it does then a little, make the ball to reach a great distance, but the combination of tactics and procedures greatly determine the outcome.

Too much enforcement may cause top shot that every golfer tries to avoid.

If you are feeling like I will be making it possible by implementing great force, then we would like to mention to you that you may face some embarrassment.

5. Playing with a worn grip

If you are using an old, worn-out grip for so long, it can also impact the total distance that you will get. Your golf club’s grip is a great determiner of the distance that you will get.

It is ideal to change a golf club grip once in a year. If the grip of your golf club is not well satisfactory, you will not feel comfortable while playing. And as a result, the total carry distance will greatly deteriorate that you don’t wish to see.

How to hit the golf ball far?

Depending on the condition, we use a driver or iron for taking the golf ball to a great distance.

Now, in this section, we will be discussing the ways that you can follow to improve your distance both with the driver and iron.


You may be playing with a great golf driver, but you are not getting the distance that you are expecting. Now, let’s get into our presentation that you may apply for getting a great distance.

  1. The loft variation of your driver greatly determines whether you will be able to make a stroke that will take the ball to reach a great distance or not. We will recommend you to use a driver that has a loft angle near 11 to 15 degrees. Choosing a great lofty driver will increase the potential.
  2. The second thing that you need to consider is the balance between your driver and the tee.

If the tee is too high or too low, you will not be able to hit the golf ball in its perfect position. And thus, the total distance will greatly deteriorate.

You need to take a position where the golf ball will remain a little higher than the face of the driver.

That is how you are going to make great contact with the golf ball and the clubface.

If the contact is not great, you can’t expect to get a great distance.

  • 3.  And lastly, you need to place the golf ball in the right position. If you are not getting the comfort zone of hitting, probably it is because the golf ball is not perfectly lined up with your position.

You need to make the golf ball lined up with your front foot, that is how you are going to get a great distance.

If all the things that we have discussed here are being done properly by you, then you should be able to make perfect contact. And a perfect contact with the golf club is the pre-requisite for taking the golf ball to a great distance.


we have discussed everything about the driver, now it’s time to continue with the iron club.

Although everything about the driver and iron is kind of the same, you need to go under some processing for making great contact with the iron club as well.

  1. Firstly, you need to place the golf ball in the right position for making a great do so, you need to place the golf ball inside of your front foot.
  2.  Another thing is that you need to make a straight shot with an iron club. Iron clubs tend to be loftier than a driver. That is why it is better to avoid a kind of shot that will be angular. Square the clubface while hitting for making a straight shot.
  3. Lastly, you need to make a great swing for taking the ball to a great do so, do the backswing and front swing properly. The backswing is important because it aggregates the force that is necessary for the ball to move fast. On the other hand, the front swing releases the force.

That is why you need to learn the basics of a perfect swing. If you can make a great swing, the rest should be good.

Some hacks to develop the hitting skill

Be consistent

Consistency is probably the most important factor that determines whether you will be able to play with confidence or not. If you are thinking about developing a new skill, then you must need to be consistent. Practice every single all the things that are necessary for developing the skill. If you are doing all the necessary things, then one day, you will wonder that you are doing far better than many people.

Challenge yourself everyday

It is all about fighting with your own self. Get the best out of you every day. If you are determined about the things that you need to acquire, then now, it is time to break every barrier. If today you have made it 120 yards, the next day your target should be to take it to 125 yards. That is how you should be approaching your goal. And until you achieve your true destiny, you should not falter from the track.

Physical fitness

Golf is not the same as it was 20 years earlier. Now, you can’t say that we play golf only for enthusiasm. Rather, golf has become more athletic in recent days. The more fit you are, the higher the chances of better performance.

Tiger woods can be a great example for the beginner who is greatly aiming at developing their golfing skill.

He has developed a great sense of priority about his physical fitness.

You maybe are doing everything correctly, but not getting the expected result. Probably, you are not working on your fitness.

You need to maintain a perfect diet plan; you need to work out for strengthening the tissues of your healthyorgans. That is how you will be able to execute your true potential.

We are here to show you the direction, but it is you who need to work.

Keeping motivation

Keeping motivation is another important aspect that one needs to maintain when it is about developing a new skill. Motivation is the force that encourages us to work on any particular task diligently.

Many people are there who start a project but for thelackings of motivation, they can’t continue.

We don’t want you to be like them. Motivate yourself enough, things are going to be okay.

Final words

With experience and consistency, you will be able to take the golf ball to a great distance.

If you are a beginner, it is quite common that you will be trying to get a great distance with heavy re-enforcement.

But, that is not going to work for sure if you are missing the tactics that you need to implement.

In this article, we have discussed everything that can be a great indicator to develop your carry distance. Besides, we also added all those things that you are doing wrong for getting a good carry distance.

Some internal factors like motivation, integrity, and tendency of practicing, also determine whether you will be doing good or not.

If you have scanned through the whole article, we believe you now know that it's not a short term focus that is going to help you, rather it is a long term focus and consistent effort that are going to make you better every single day.

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