How to clean golf shoes – Proper way to know

Cleaning golf shoes is not a daunting task that you should fear; rather you can do the cleaning by maintaining some casual procedures.

Whether you are using a spiked or spikeless shoes, the procedures are going to be more or less the same.

In this article, we are going to tell you all the procedures that you need to follow for having a crystal clear shoe for a better game of golf.

We will be discussing both the procedures for cleaning a spiked and spikeless shoe for your better convenience.

Stay tuned if you are having a hard time cleaning your golf shoes.

What you will get in this article

  1. We will be talking about the materials that you need to have for having a pair of cleaned shoes.
  2. You learn the procedures of cleaning a pair of spiked golf shoes.
  3. You learn about the procedures of cleaning a pair of spikeless shoes.

Materials that you need to use

You need to have some raw materials that will be necessary for completing the cleaning process. The materials that you need to have for cleaning a golf shoe are-

  1. A soft bristle brush/ old toothbrush
  2. A cleaning solvent/detergent
  3. Towel.
  4. Shoe tree
  5. A sharp stick.

That’s it, only having these five things should be enough for cleaning your golf shoe.

Cleaning a spikeless shoes

Cleaning a spikeless shoe is the easiest among the two. Even if you are naïve, then again, you can remain sure that you are not going to hamper the condition of your shoe if you follow some unprecedented procedures. Golf shoes are made of synthetic materials that are not going to deteriorate even you use them roughly for about one year. But, following some precautions might always help to enhance the lifeline. Without making any further delays, let’s get into the procedures of cleaning a spikeless shoe.

  • The first thing that you need to do for cleaning a spikeless shoe is removing all the shoelaces from the shoe and put them into a washing machine for having a deep cleaning.
  • Then insert the shoe tree for having a balanced experience while cleaning the shoe.
  • The next step is cleaning the upper sole of the do so; you need to use the bristle brush and the solution. Gently pour the shoe solvent or detergent on to the upper surface of the shoe, and then use the bristle brush/toothbrush for rubbing the whole upper part of the shoe. By now, you should have a clean upper part of the shoe.the task is not finished yet! Use the towel for drying up.
  • The next step is cleaning the mid-sole of the shoe.the procedures for cleaning the mid-sole of the shoe is going to remain the same.rub the mid-sole of the shoe with the same solvent/detergent by using a soft bristle brush.
  • Finally, you need to clean the bottom sole of the, this is not all the time mandatory to clean the bottom sole of the may hit hard the two shoes with each other for removing all the dirt that is lying the bottom sole of the shoe with solvent/detergent is not all the time an ideal choice to make.

Cleaning a spiked shoes

A spiked shoe is going to pick up more dirt than a spikeless shoe if you are playing golf.that is why cleaning the down-sole of the shoe is most of the time mandatory.otherwise, all the other parts of the cleaning process is going to remain the same.

Down below are the procedures that you need to follow for cleaning a spiked shoe.

  • Remove all the shoe-laces from the shoe
  • Use a shoe tree for having balance while cleaning the shoe.
  • Use the sharp-stick to remove all the hard mud or dirt on the down-sole of the shoe. for the presence of spike, only a hard hit will not be enough for cleaning the dirt.
  • Clean the upper part of the shoe by using the soft bristle brush/toothbrush and the show cleaning solvent/detergent.
  • After cleaning the upper part, never forgot to use a soft towel to dry out the shoe.
  • Clean the mid-sole by following the same procedures that we have discussed earlier.


We have already said that following some precaution always help to enhance the lifeline of the shoe.

These are the precautions that you might follow for enhancing the quality of your shoe.

  • Cleaning the shoe daily-we are not talking about cleaning the golf shoe daily with detergent, rather we are talking about cleaning the surface of the shoe after everyday use with a towel. Following this particular technique will give you a crystal clear shoe every day.
  • Storing them properly when not in use-its quite okay that you will not play golf every day or every week.When the golfing time is off, it is better to store the shoe properly.that is how you are going to ensure the health of the shoe for long time use.
  • If possible use two pair of shoe-having two pairs of the shoe gives you the freedom to use them when in need. If you can manage to buy two pairs of shoes (spike and spikeless), you will be able to use them with the condition of the course rather than forcing too much pressure on one shoe. Enforcing too much pressure on one particular pair of shoes may deteriorate the condition with minimum use.

Final words

Throughout the whole article, we have discussed everything that you need to know for having a clear and cleaned shoe.besides; the precaution section of the shoe may also help to maintain the perfect health of your golf the end, we would like to mention again that you should not fear about cleaning a golf shoe, rather maintaining some casual procedures is going to be enough to have a clear pair of shoe.

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