What’s the best tip for hitting 3-iron in Golf?

If someone asks you to specify the name of the most versatile but intimidating golf club inside of your golf bag, what it would be?

Well, for many people, a 3-iron is the most intimidating but most versatile golf club inside of their golf bag. Why is so? It is because it requires you to have enough skillset to hit a 3-iron properly.

Many people thus prefer switching to the equivalent 3-wood or hybrid to improvise their performance on the course. But we can assure you that striking with the 3-iron is not that hard as you think. 

If you are willing to show enough perseverance and patience, it would take a long time to be the Pro with your 3-iron.

In this particular article, we will try to give you a little support so that you can become a better hitter with your 3-iron.

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If you dare to continue your journey with us, let's get started with the process-

hitting 3-iron in Golf

3-tips for hitting a 3-iron

You can also think about using these tips and tactics for the rest of the Irons as well. Here go the three things you should consider to make a solid shot with your Irons-

  1. Weight transfer
  2. Turning or rotation
  3. Arm structure

Weight transfer

The thing that ensures true distance and accuracy is a solid hit. If you can make solid contact by keeping the swing path right, you should always get the distance and accuracy within your true potential.

One of the essential ways to get optimum leverage from the club is making the perfect weight transfer from your body through the club to the ball. Here are some of the things you may follow to make a perfect weight placement-

It's important that your low point is forward enough of the golf ball so that you can get enough compression while hitting with your 3-iron.

The more your body will remain behind the ball, the lesser chance you will get to make a more solid shot. On the other hand, the more you will remain forward of your golf ball, the better you will be able to make a solid shot.

To make the perfect backswing. Ensure you are pressing your weight into your left foot.

Move forward towards the target, push off your right foot, push into your left foot, make the swing.


For getting some additional drills to do it correctly, you may checkthis video to make your swing better.

Turning or rotation

How you rotate your body is also another essential factor that determines the quality of your swing. As I said earlier, if the swing is appropriate, you should not face any additional trouble with the swing and accuracy. Here are some of the suggestions to make the ideal rotation while making your swing-

The more you turn your body towards the target from the top of the backswing, the easier it becomes for you to move forward to your target. As a result, you get to make more solid strokes.

Take your golf club, and put it across your hips. By the time you would finish, you need to ensure that your club and your hip are parallel to the target. Turn all the way towards the target so that you get the essential distance.

Don't think too much while making the swing. It can lead you to a distracting experience. Just feel the swing, and eventually, you will get accustomed to the condition. Initially, it may give you trouble like hell. But you will love the experience once you get into the flow.

If you can shift your weight and turn enough, the odds of hitting a solid stroke go way up. As a result, you get to hit with your 3-iron farther than normal. At the same time, you get to make better club face management.

The grip of the Iron is also an essential item that plays a crucial role to make your swing better. This best golf grips for iron article will help you to choose the perfect grip for your Golf Iron.

Arm structure

If you follow the gameplay of any better golfer, you will notice that they tend to keep their arm pretty straight while making the swing. And that’s our final tip to improvise your performance with the 3-Iron. This is true for the rest of the Irons as well. Here are some of the things you can keep your mind to make a better arm setup-

We will use a little ball as a training aid to help you to make a straighter stroke with a better arm position.

Put the ball about halfway between your wrist and your elbow.

The reason behind that is it is going to keep your elbows tight together. As a result, making more straighter shots will be much easier than before.

Keep practicing by maintaining this procedure until you become comfortable with the swing. This will prevent your arms from bending.

Never compromise with the practice session. When you love to spend your time on the practice, you tend to make it better in the actual game. Sharpen the sow as much as possible so that you can cut the burden with one single push.

Why hitting with a 3-iron is tough?

The problem is not with the 3-iron rather it is the flaw of your swing that delivers an intimidating experience while making a swing with the 3-iron. 3-Iron is one of the most forgiving golf clubs inside of your golf bag after the driver and 1/2 iron.

Having the presence of high-end forgiveness with a longer shaft makes the club a little inconsistent for all types of golfers. But beginner golfers tend to be the worst sufferers.

We always mention one thing which is getting into the flow is what it takes to be a better golfer. Keep pushing yourself until you reach the threshold. Once you are on the mark, the rest of the task will be much comfortable than ever before.

Final words

All the tips and tactics we have shared above are not only suitable for the 3-irons but also for the rest of the irons. If you are struggling with your Irons, this article should come in handy to ensure better performance in any situation.

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