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Soft vs hard golf ball with a comparison chart

The beginning of the 21st century has witnessed some dramatic changes in the category of golf ball construction. Earlier it was only Balata and hardcover golf balls that were available. In this modern world, the hard golf balls are near the culmination stage of it,s extinction. Hardball and softball tend to serve in two different […]

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Golf scoring terms : All about score

Prior to becoming a pro golfer, knowing all the golf scoring terms becomes mandatory. In general, golf scoring terms means the perimeter of scoring based on what every golfer scores. If you are interested in learning the basics of golf scoring terms, then following this article is going to benefit you greatly.Golf scoring termsLike most […]

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How to polish any golf club – Proper way to know

If you would like to make the appearance of your golf club shiny, the first pre-requisite is cleaning it regularly. But, then again using it for a long time can deteriorate the condition to a greater extent. In that case, you need to think about polishing your golf club. Throughout this whole article, we are going […]

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Average golf club distance with chart (all clubs)

Does it really depend on the club when it is about reaching a great distance? Many factors are there that actually can influence the total outcome of the distance that you are going to make. The weather condition, the club itself, the golf ball, your potential level, your age are all such issues that can […]

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How wide is a golf hole – Golf hole describe

Golf is an interesting sport for sure, and there is no doubt about the fact that every sporting event around the world follows some rules and regulations to make the game more interesting. Golf also has such interesting facts and informations that you would love knowing if you are a golf enthusiast. The dimension of the […]

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How to build a best golf swing for every beginner

If you are watching golf on television, you probably feel like it’s easy, and you will be the champion when you are playing in the course. But, trust me! Golf can be an intimidating sport for every beginner. Especially when it is about developing the skill of a good swing. Developing the swing skill is […]

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