Best Golf Rain Pants Reviews 2021

Attire or clothing should always follow the weather condition. If you love playing golf, then the weather can never be an issue to stop you from playing. But, the clothing can give some itchiness and dissatisfaction if it does not match the weather need. To make your golfing comfortable, even on a rainy day, we have brought for you the eight golf rain pants that are going to make your golfing experience great again.

Among all the eight golf rain pants, Nike Men's Hypershield Golf Pants will remain as our top pick for today.

Best Golf Rain Pants

Best Golf Rain Pants

1. Nike Men's Hyper shield Golf Pants

This Men's hyper shield Golf Pant from Nike is our top pick and first recommendation for you to try without imposing any doubts. The 100% polyester construction material of this item will look after getting the perfect protection from the rain. When it is about rain pants, the water-resistance capacity receives the highest priority all the time. This one with the Hyper Shield fabric and seam-sealed construction will block wind or water to keep you dry and fresh. What if the item that you are wearing is prohibiting free movement?

Most of the rain pants tend to do so. But, this one with the stretch-mesh insert will make sure that you get a comfortable workout without any restriction. The inclusion of the zippered pocket will allow you to have extra storage to carry golf balls or other small equipment. Finally, the elastic waistband and snap-button closure will be handy to keep you dry and comfortable all the time.

Key Features

  1. Brand: Nike
  2. 100% polyester construction for water protection.
  3. Comfortable movement with stretch-mesh inserts.
  4. A Hyper-shield fabric and seam-sealed construction will ensure better water protection.
  5. Zippered pocket.
  6. Elastic waistband and snap- button.

2. Adidas Men's Climastorm Provisional Golf Rain Pant

This Men's Climastorm Provisional Golf Rain Pant from Adidas will remain in the second position on this list. Polyester is going to be the most common construction material that you will notice in a rain pant. This one is also not different. The 100% polyester construction is going to give you protection from wind or rainwater. The drawstring closure of the pant will make sure that you are getting the perfect safety and comfort at the same time.

Are you thinking about having some extra storage to carry small things? Well, the side seams pocket is not going to make you dissatisfied at all. Movement becomes challenging when you do not have the perfect waist construction. This one with the drawcord on the elastic waist is going will ensure comfortable movement. Finally, the climastorm design will provide excellent weather protection, making it suitable for rainy and winter seasons.

Key Features

  1. Brand: Adidas.
  2. 100% polyester construction.
  3. Drawstring closure.
  4. Extra storage capacity with the side seams pocket.
  5. You will get the comfort of movement with the drawcord on the elastic.
  6. Climastorm design.

3. Helly Hansen Men's Voss Windproof Waterproof Rain Pant

In the third place, we have brought for you an item from Helly-Hensen, and this time it is the Men's Voss Windproof Waterproof Rain Pant. This one is available in two different sizes to choose from. While most of the rain pant tends to come with a polyester construction, this one is slightly different. A polyurethane construction makes this one both convenient and comfortable at the same token.

This trouser is going to have a full weatherproof design with the perfect PU fabric construction. It does not matter in which condition you are playing golf; you will never get any hindrance from the rain or wind with this one. This one is fully stretchable, allowing you to have a more comfortable movement. Finally, this one is going to be super lite taking your comfort zone to another extent.

Key Features

  1. Brand: Helly-Hensen
  2. Two different sizes.
  3. Polyurethane construction.
  4. Fully weatherproof with the PU fabric construction.
  5. Fully rain and wind protection.
  6. Stretchable.
  7. Super lite construction.

4. Columbia Women's Storm Surge Waterproof Rain Pant

We don't want to finish this article by suggesting only men's rain pants. In the fourth place, we have a golf rain pant suggestion from Columbia, especially for the women. This one is going to have a 100% nylon shell with 100% polyester lining. The elastic closure of the pant will make sure that this one fits everyone.

This one will make sure that you remain protected from the weather roughness, including wind, water, or winter dews in every condition. The proprietary Omni-tech design makes this item thoroughly water and wind-resistant. The pant's mesh lining will be handy for a touch of extra warmth and comfort over shorts or other undergarments on a damp, chilly day.

Key Features

  1. Brand: Columbia.
  2. Suitable for women.
  3. 100% nylon shell.
  4. 100% polyester lining.
  5. Elastic closure
  6. Mesh-lining for warmth

5. Foot Joy Hydrolite Rain Pants

In the fifth place, we have brought an item from FootJoy, and this time it is the Hydrolite Rain Pant. If you are a die-hard golf fan, and you love golfing, even in the rain, then this one should be the appropriate item to choose. The waterproof construction of this item will make sure that you get the perfect 100% water protection.

These rain pants also include a gripper waist for easy slip-on and are lightweight and comfortable, so even the rain can't stop you from golfing. The auto-suede knit of these pants is going to ensure easy fitting. The lightweight design, finally, will make sure that you get the enhanced comfort of apparel.

Key Features

  1. Brand: FootJoy.
  2. Waterproof construction.
  3. Gripper waist for easy slip-on.
  4. Lightweight and comfortable.
  5. Auto-suede knit.

6. Clothing Men's Rain Pants Waterproof Elastic

These amazing rain pants from Clothin will remain in sixth place on this list. Like most other rainy season pants, this one is also going to have a 100% polyester construction material. Fitting is going to be no matter of concern at all because this one will have an elastic closure to ensure exact fitting. The sealed seam construction makes this one thoroughly water-resistant to enjoy a smooth outdoor experience.

The fully elasticated Waistband with Drawstring inside will be a great help when it is about ensuring both warmth and comfort. The reverse entry welted zippered Pockets Enhance Waterproofness and utility by providing by further storage. Another great reason to buy this item is that this one is going to have adjustable hook and loop tabs at the cuffs making it more convenient to wear.

Key Features

  1. 100% polyester made.
  2. Elastic closure ensures perfect fitting.
  3. Sealed Seams design.
  4. Fully Elasticated Waistband with Drawstring inside.
  5. Reverse Entry Welted Zippered Pockets Enhance Waterproofness and Utility by providing further storage.
  6. Adjustable Hook-and-Loop Tabs at the Cuffs.

7. Columbia Men's Rebel Roamer Rain Pant

After speculating this item, we could not resist ourselves from adding this item in this list. This one from Columbia will remain in seventh place on this recommendation list. These pants are available in three different colors to choose from. A great reason to try on this particular item is that this one is 100% nylon made adding more comfort and water protection at the same time. A rain trouser or pant is not worth of wearing if it does not fit you properly. This one with the elastic closure will make sure that you get the perfect fitting with your right proportion.

You will be able to wash this item through the machine without obliterating the quality of the item. The Omni-Tech technology attached to this item features air-permeable protection that's waterproof and breathable. It provides excellent waterproof protection, keeping Mother Nature's elements out, at the same time allowing the inside to breathe. The inclusion of two side zippered security pockets and two back pockets are going to provide enough space to carry smaller items like golf balls, tees, and so on.

Key Features

  1. Brand: Columbia.
  2. 100% Nylon
  3. Elastic closure
  4. Machine Wash
  5. Omni-Tech technology
  6. Two side zippered security pockets and two back pockets to secure your small items.

8. Marmot Men's PreCip Lightweight Waterproof Full-Zip Pant

We are at the end of our product recommendation section, and for our final recommendation, we have brought men's PreCip Lightweight Waterproof Full-Zip Pant from Marmot. Like the previous one, this one is also going to have a 100% nylon construction making this item more water-resistant and comfortable. This one is also going to offer a machine wash facility to give you relief. One of the main reasons to try this item is that this one is lightweight, and these pants are suitable not only for golfing but also for hiking, climbing, cycling, and other activities where rain is a concern.

The NanoPro fabric construction material is going to provide the highest breathability and water-resistance for better comfort and productivity. This one is going to have an elastic waist for a secure and comfortable fitting. The zippered side pockets and back pockets, finally, are going to provide additional storage capacity to store small and significant materials like phones, balls, tees, etc.

Key Features

  1. Brand: Marmot
  2. 100% nylon construction.
  3. Machine Wash
  4. Lightweight
  5. Suitable for golfing, hiking, climbing, cycling, and other activities where rain is a concern
  6. Waterproof/breathable NanoPro fabric for perfect comfort and breathability.
  7. Elastic waist for a secure, comfortable fit
  8. Zippered side pockets and back pocket are going to provide additional storage.

Buying guides

Here are the top five things that you need to consider while buying new golf rain pants.

1. Construction material

The construction material of any rain or winter season pants determines whether you are going to love the item or not. That is why it is essential to look at the construction material of the construction material. Rain golf pants will have a construction material of polyester, polyurethane, or nylon. It ultimately depends upon you which one you prefer most. If you are comfortable with polyester, you should pick polyester-made pants otherwise nylon or polyurethane should do the trick for you.

2. Fitting

The next thing to look at is whether the pant fits your size or not. Most of the rain trouser tends to come with an elastic closure so that it can check everyone. Make sure to look at whether your pant has an adjustable closure or not.

3. Breathability/ water resistance/comfort

Looking at the breathability, water-resistance features, and comfort are also more than necessary. If the trouser fails to lock the water from pouring into the pant, then it is going to be a complete waste of money. Besides, looking at the breathability of the item is also necessary because the more breathable the product, the more comfortable it is going to be.

4. Storage

Most of the trouser tends to come with side pockets and back pockets so that you can get an additional storage capacity to store smaller golf or other equipment like mobile phones, golf balls, tees, etc. Make sure the trouser that you are aiming to buy has one.

5. Price

The final thing to look at is the price of the item. We say it or not; you surely are going to bargain when it is about ensuring the right price. A golf rain pant can have a price range from 25 dollars to as much as 150 dollars. Choosing around 75-100 dollars should provide quality and comfort, whereas choosing a cheap one might reduce quality and comfort.

Why do you need golf rain pants?

Here are the top five reasons why you should be using a rain pant-

  1. If you are a golf enthusiast, and you love playing golf regardless of the weather, then having a golf rain pant becomes mandatory.
  2. A rain golf pant gives you perfect protection when rain or water hazard is a significant concern.
  3. They are not only suitable for golfing but also for hiking, climbing, cycling, and other activities where rain is a concern.
  4. They tend to be breathable and thus comfortable.
  5. They are pretty comfortable while playing golf in rough weather like snow, rain, or wind.

Final words

A golf rain pant can be your great companion when you are thinking about playing golf in the rain. Throughout this whole article, we have gathered the eigh best golf pants that you will find in the market. We can assure you that choosing from this list is going to benefit you to a great extent.

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