Is Golf really a sport?

There is a common suspicion among critics about the credibility of Golf as a sport. For many people, Golf is surely an exciting sporting event, whereas some others claim Golf to be a non-sporting event. For sure, Golf is a sport, and there are many valid reasons to support this claim. In this article, we will be showing … Read more

How many majors has Rory Mcllroy win -Tiger woods vs. Rory McElroy

We, human beings, are so much fond of comparison. Comparison is the only way, for us, to determine whether someone is doing good, or he is just another average individual.”Rory Mcllroy win  four-time major champion, winning the 2011 U.S Open, 2012 PGA Championship, 2014 Open Championship, and 2014 PGA Championship.”This article is, also, about two great individuals … Read more