Golf magazine vs. Golf digest : Which One Chose You

A dedicated golf lover never misses any updates and happenings related to golf. One of the best ways to remain up to date with the latest news and views of golf is by checking any forum or magazine related to golf.

When talking about a golf magazine, the two most popular golf magazines that come to our mind are ‘'Golf Magazine'' and ‘'Golf Digest''.

A great thing about both these publishers is that they deliver printed and online copies to ensure maximum coverage of their publications. It does not matter whether you are an eccentric mind with a classy personality or not, you will always get your type of copy to prioritize your preference.

If you are ready to take subscriptions from both these publishers, there is nothing more to bargain. But if you would love to take a subscription from one particular magazine of these two, a comparison is what can help you to make a wise decision.

Golf magazine vs. Golf digest

Golf magazine

Golf magazine started its journey back in 1959. And there is no doubt about the fact that Golf Magazine is still one of the most recognized and popular golf news providers available.

You would not find a single topic that Golf Magazine does not discuss about. From golf instructions, instruments, and courses to trouble, you will get everything in a single place. And the best thing is that most of the writings published in the magazine are written by professional golfers. As a result, the authenticity of the news always remains at a great height.

How often Golf Magazine releases its copy?

Golf Magazine publishes its copy every month. The magazine has been quite consistent since its first appearance. In 2021, the magazine has reached almost 10 billion subscription mark. And it is easily believable that the site will grow even to a much bigger edition.

How much does Golf Magazine charge for a subscription?

Golf Magazine will cost you around 30$ dollars for the annual subscription. But your money will be well invested. Golf magazine also serves its subscribers by offering different gifts. You will be able to get almost 25$ dollars of gifts once you subscribe to Golf Magazine.

The gift material includes both physical and online gear.

What are the mediums of publication of Golf Magazine?

Golf magazine published its copy online and offline. If you are the type of person who prefers hardcopy, Golf Magazine is here to back you up with its versatility.

Besides, you will also get their content on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and so on. If you love golf, Golf Magazine should be a paradise for you.

Golf Digest

Golf Digest came into the contest a little earlier than Golf Magazine. Golf digest started its journey way back in 1950 by the company Discovery, Inc.

Golf digest initially started its journey in the printed version. But the advancement of technology forces the company to get into the online medium. Golf Digest is now bringing its copy both online and offline.

Golf Digest also has a dedicated website that releases continuous articles and news to maintain good communication with their reader.

How often Golf Digest releases its copy?

Golf Digest also publishes its copy on a monthly basis.  But instead of publishing 12 copies each year, Golf Digest publishes 11 copies. It is because they release the December and January copy in one paper.

One of the great things about Golf Digest is that they are getting broader and broader every single day.

How much does Golf Magazine charge for a subscription?

Golf Digest offers different packages so that the readers can choose according to their preferences.

The yearly subscription fee for printed and online copies is the same. You have to spend around 20$ dollars for one year of subscription. You can also think about subscribing to both the printed and online copy simultaneously. You have to spend around 30$ dollars for a dual subscription.

Anyway, Golf Digest also offers different promo codes on different occasions so that you can take the subscription at a lower rate.

Another great thing about Golf Digest is that the magazine also offers international subscriptions.  That means versatility is always the high-end preference for Golf Digest.

What is the medium of publications for Golf Digest?

Golf Digest also brings online and printed copies to make the magazine more reliable among the readers. Besides, the Golf Digest website also updates its content at a regular interval to retain the traffic.

A good magazine never loses its reader. And the fact is so true about golf Digest. The number of subscribers and readers of Golf Digest is increasing at a rocket rate. So if you really are committed to golf, Golf Digest will never disappoint you to get the most exciting and latest news of the golf world. Besides, the instruction section will surely come in handy to improvise your skill level.

Comparison chart

Golf Digest

Golf Magazine

Golf Digest releases its copy on a monthly basis.

Golf Magazine releases its copy on a monthly basis as well.

20$ dollars of the subscription fee.

30$ dollars of subscription fee.

Golf Digest releases its copy both online and printed edition.

Golf Magazine also releases its copy in online and printed editions.

Golf Digest allows international subscriptions.

Golf Magazine does not allow international subscriptions.

Golf Digest talks everything about golf.

Golf Magazine talks about golf and travel.

Golf Digest is lucrative with enough features.

Golf Magazine is a little attractive than Golf Digest with its eye-catchy graphics and feature.

Golf Digest is trustworthy.

Golf Magazine is trustworthy as well.

Which one should you pick?

When one is talking about trust, both magazines have enough reasons to claim themselves as worthy. And it is true as well. Both magazines have lasted this long only because of the versatility and reliability they have delivered so far. And we all know that they will last longer for some more years as well. That is why you should grab a subscription from both magazines if you don't have any problem spending behind a magazine.

On the other hand, you can take a subscription from Golf Magazine if you want to subscribe to a particular magazine only. It is because all the contents of Golf Magazine are a little eye-catchy and attractive to get easy concentration. Besides, the graphics of the magazine will also provoke anyone to love the magazine.

If money is your highest concern, you can go with Golf Digest. They are a little cheaper than Golf Magazine. But Golf Magazine also returns almost 90% of your total subscription fees through delivering different gift materials.

Final words

To suffice the whole article, we need to say that you can take a subscription from both if you have the money. On the other hand, you can go with Golf magazine if you want more versatility from your Golf Magazine.

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