10 of the best online golf forums right now

What's the most convenient way to keep in touch with the latest news and views of golf? Yes, checking different forums allows you to be in touch with the latest news and viewpoints within and outside of your region.

If you are mad about golf and would like to broaden your outlook to another level, we are here to help you with the list of the ten most latest online forums that talk about golf.

Let get started with the list-

Online Golf Foruum

1. The Hacker's paradise

Total Member - 125,185

Monthly traffic : 300000

Link : https://www.thehackersparadise.com/forum/index.php

When one is talking about golf talk, ignoring the Hackers Paradise is impossible. A good online forum is always loaded with active members. And that's the best part of Hackers Paradise. Almost 90 percent of members are active to provide specific replies to your queries. You can discuss different topics and insights with golfers from across the whole world.

You can also search with your specific query to get the most relevant discussion to satisfy your thirst. If you are still not a member of Hackers Paradise, it should be the right time to put your name on the forum.

2. Number four: Golf WRX

Mothly traffic : 100000

link : forums.golfwrx.com/

Golf WRX is one of the largest online golf forums when you consider the member. The quality of a forum depends on the activity of the members and the excellence of the members' opinions. And Golf WRX will surpass your expectation in terms of members' activity.

Besides, Golf WRX will allow you to share media files like videos and content so that you can deliver and get the most authentic information available.

A golf forum should not mean that it will serve only the amateurs. Golf WRX is a place where you will get insight both as an amateur and pro. If you love to remain up to date with golf news, Golf WRX is always an envying online forum to follow.

3. The sand trap

Mothly traffic : 25000

link : https://www.thehackersparadise.com/forum/index.php

The Sand Trap not only provides instructions for the golf courses but also talks about the ways of improving your performance.  The Sand Trap says, ‘’Know before you go’’

Following this site will greatly help you to get amazing tricks and tactics to be more versatile on the golf course. If you are an avid golfer, you should not remain away from the forum.

4: Golf Simulator Forum

Monthly visitor : 5000

Link : golfsimulatorforum.com/

A golf simulator helps to play golf without even going on to the course. The Golf   Simulator Forum allows you to make contact with the most affluent golfers to discuss your problem and other issues regarding golf.  One of the great things about the Golf Simulator Forum is that you will get a variety of discussions to broaden the outlook of your thinking regarding golf.

If you are thinking about setting a golf simulator inside of your home, this is always the ideal forum to follow.

This forum indeed targets topic related to a golf simulator, but that's not the only thing you would get from the forum.  Join the forum to get the clarity of conception.

5: My online Golf forum

link : https://www.myonlinegolfclub.com/Information/GolfForum

My online Golf forum is another important golf forum to discuss different topics related to golf. Unlike some other specific forum, this one talks about everything about golf. Besides, you will come in contact with many PGA Tour Pros to get the most optimum suggestions.

My golf forum also maintains abusive members with some strict regulations. If someone writes an abusive comment on the forum, he is instantly banned to make any further communication on the forum.

If you love talking about golf, My Online Golf Forum is always worthy to give it a go.

6: Reddit

link : https://www.reddit.com/r/golf/

We all know about Reddit. Reddit may not talk about golf only, but the list would be always incomplete without mentioning the name here.

One of the drawbacks of online forums is that people can use abusive language anytime because of poor maintenance. But Reddit is something totally different.  The admin panel filters the most abusive comments from the site so that you can get the best from the experts.

Join Reddit to get the latest news of golf if you have not joined yet.

7: Greens Keeper

One of the great things about Greens Keeper is that you will be able to be a member of the community at zero cost. Green Keeper is one of the most prominent online communities that talk about golf.

Green Keeper allows you to see all the courses scheduled for maintenance.  Besides, you will be able to book a particular

You can also book a tee time with other players to meet and play. This is an excellent online community to develop online communication into reality.

Golfers also update their experiences about different courses they have played recently. This can help you to gather some knowledge about the next course you will be playing. 

8: WGT Forum

Monthly visitor : 10000

link: https://www.wgt.com/forums/

WGT Forum is an excellent place to create precise virtual communication with a larger online community.  If you have a golf simulator installed inside of your home, you probably know about WGT Forum.

The forum organizes tournaments online among members worldwide. Besides, the forum also provides worldwide and regional based ranking so that you can measure expertise.

9: Golf magic

Member 60000

Monthly visitor : 10000

link : https://forums.golfmonthly.com/

Playing golf requires you to develop certain muscle power so that you can remain far ahead of your competitors. When it comes to fitness, Golf Magic is one of the trustiest online golf forums available right now.

The forum will provide you with someessential diet plans and chart, and instructions to develop the most convenient golf-specific muscle.

Besides, Golf Magic will also deliver tips and tactics in all topics related to golf. Be more specific with your golf routine by following the Golf Magic Forum.

10: Quora

link : https://golf1.quora.com/

Should we talk too many things about Quora? Search anything on Google, and the discussion on Quora will always appear first. Quora is one of the trustiest ask-and-answer based online website that answers most of your queries.

People from different expertise talk about different problems and solutions so that you can decide what you should do at any particular moment. 

Quora also enables you to collaborate with those who have commented on your post.

The company launched in 2009. We have to mention that it did not a long time to gain the trust of most Americans.

Final words

The number of available golf forums online is manifolds. One great thing about an active online forum is that it gives you the vibrant opinions of a larger group of people. As a result, you get the most dynamic insights and tactics to develop your certain potential.

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