How many golf courses are there in the USA?

Well, before we provide you the answer, can you guess the number of golf courses that are available in the USA?

If your guessing is less than 10,000, then you are no way there.

Telling the approximate number is not possible at any time, but, the estimation is that there are more than 15000 courses all over the USA that are being used to play golf on regular basis.

If you are interested in the information on golf courses all over the USA, and the present situation, then following this article is going to help you to a great extent.

The exact number of golf courses

As we have mentioned in the introduction that it is quite impossible to find out the exact number of courses all over the USA. The thing that we can count is the statistics that many of the researchers have published regarding the number of courses in the USA. A research done in 2015 shows that the actual number of golf courses throughout the whole United States is nearly 15,500. But, in 2020, the number is declining to a great extent, and it is being believed that the number of golf courses right now in the USA is around 12000.

Whatever the number is! There is no doubt about the fact that the number of courses is not increasing rather it is decreasing to a great extent.

Follow the next section to find out why the number is decreasing.

Why the number of golf courses is decreasing every year?

Maintaining a golf course is not a kind of simple task that one can afford by spending thousands of dollars every month. Many things are there that you need to keep in mind when it is about maintaining a golf course.

  • Maintaining a golf course tend to be expensive which is completely impossible without having enough membership. The more the members, the greener the golf course is going to be.
  • The popularity of any sports greatly relies on the popularity among the young generation. Since the beginning of the 21st century, parents are greatly enforcing child to do something that will brighten their future career. Golf maybe is producing great money every year, but the chances of being another Tiger Woods, in reality, are very low. This careerist generation thus is not in great love with golf which is impacting the number of courses every year.
  • People are paying more concentration on earning money or work. As a result, people going on the courses are, at the same time, reducing to a great extent which is greatly contributing to reducing the number of courses.
  • Finally, this pandemic situation of 2020 can be another hammer on the nail that will also contribute to reducing the number of courses.

Top 5 golf courses in the USA

If you are reading this whole article with great enthusiasm, then there is a high chance that you love to learn statistics and information about golf. Keeping this thing in mind, in this particular section, we have added the top 5 golf courses of the United States that are going to intrigue you to a great extent.

  • The first and the most popular course of the United States is the PEBBLE BEACH (Calif.) G. LINKS. This one is a 6828 yards huge course that is bearing a lot of memories. This remains the number one popular golf course since 2003.
  • The PACIFIC DUNES will remain in the second position when it is about popularity. This one is a 6633 yard s course. The best ocean frontage of this course makes it an intriguing and challenging course for golf enthusiasts.
  • In the third place, there are the WHISTLING STRAITS (STRAITS). This one is huge with a yardage of 7790 yards. This beautiful and huge green course is going to intrigue you even if you are not golf enthusiasts.
  • In the fourth place, there is THE OCEAN COURSEin Kiawah Island, S.C. total yardage of 7356 makes it a huge place for every golf lover a challenging place. The decoration of this course was completed by keeping the 1991 Ryder cup in mind.
  • Finally, in the fifth-place, there is the SHADOW CREEK. This course is a 72 par score course and it has a total yardage of 7560. If you love green, this one should be the perfect place for you.

Where are most of the courses in the USA?

Many factors are there that influence the places of golf courses. Among them, the climate is one of the factors. The warmer a place, the more golf courses are going to be there. The opposite is true for cold places. This particular issue is also influencing the number of courses in America. Most of the golf courses in America are actually in places like Florida, Texas, California, Ohio, and New York, etc. because of the favorable condition of the weather. The state that has most of the courses in the USA is actually Florida. States like North Dakota, Alaska, and Maine hardly have any courses because of the rough weather.

Prospects of golf courses in the USA

We are nearly at the finishing line of this article. But, if now I ask you about your thinking of golf and about its future, then what would you say?

Research shows that the number of golf courses in America is actually 43% of the total number of courses all over the world. But, it is not going to remain the same for sure. The condition is deteriorating. But, we know that there is hope because many youngsters are coming out who are working to regain the popularity of golf.

Final words

There is no doubt about the fact that golf is an expensive sport. One of the most important issues that make it more interesting and expensive is the size of the course and the total maintenance. Though golf, right now, is not in its worst condition, many works need to be done to regain its early position.

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