Are golf courses open in the winter: Golf courses open/close season

While most golf courses remain open year-round, some of the golf courses can close according to the severity of winter.

When the snow starts to fall at a dense level, playing golf becomes almost impossible. That is what we mark as an off-season. But there are some states like Texas, California, or Florida where you will find golf courses open even in the winter.

The opening and closing of a golf course depend on the severity of winter and the states you are currently living in. If you are a golf enthusiast like most other Americans, we know that the golf season of your state really matters to you.

This article will deliver everything you need to know regarding the season of golf in every state of America. if you are interested, let's get started-

Are golf courses open in the winter

When do golf courses open/close for the season?

The opening and closing of a golf course depend on the severity of the climate. You cannot expect a golf course to remain open when the snow is falling at a dense level.

If you are living in the Northern part of the United States, most golf courses will close during mid-October. States like Alaska and Montana will close golf courses during mid-October. The on-season for golf in the northern part of America is from May to October. On the other hand

If you are living in the Southern part of the United States, most golf courses will close in the late-November. States like New York and California will close golf courses in late November. Some of the courses may remain open year-round in the northern part of America.

Which States will offer a year-round golf season?

Not all the states of America are suitable for playing golf throughout the whole year. But there do have some envying states where you can play golf anytime and any moment.

Here are the top five states to play golf year-round-

  • Hawaii.
  • California.
  • South Carolina.
  • Texas.
  • Arizona.

No matter whether it is winter or summer, you can always go for a round of golf if you are a citizen of one of these states. Both the sunny and chilly weather will give you a nostalgic experience while golfing in these beautiful states.

Golf season chart for different states

The opening and closing of any private golf course depend on its authority. On the other hand, the opening and closing of a public golf course depend on the severity of the weather.

States name

Golf season







New York







May to September.





As you can see,  most golf courses tend to remain open throughout the whole year. Some of the states mentioned above, like Washington and New York, may close golf courses when the snow starts to fall.

Why do golf courses close during winter?

Heavy snowfall does huge damage to the turf of the courses. The only way to protect the turf from snow damage during the winter is to close the course for a couple of months. Most importantly, closing the golf course reduces the interventions of people inside of the course. As a result, the delicate turf does not come into contact with the human feet.

Another reason the club owner closes the golf courses during winter is to save the budget. Not everyone wants to play golf during winter. As a result, the revenue of the club reduces to a great extent during the winter. This forces the club authority to close the course during the winter.

Finally, winter is an excellent time to take preparation for the next season. The club management gets enough time to make the course a little more organized during that time span.

Can you play golf in the snow?

Why not? You can always play golf in the snow. But before you get into the course, it is always necessary to take enough preparations and plans.

There should not have any limitations to excitement. Stretch the boundary as wide as possible when it is about exploring the real taste of adventure.

Not everyone thinks about golfing in the snow. If you have an eccentric mind to think like that, you would also require some eccentric preparation to accomplish your goal.  Be ready for any kinds of unprecedented events so that nothing baffles you except the adventure of snow golf.

Tips for playing golf in winter

Playing real golf during winter is tougher than any other season of the year. Summer indeed gives a troublesome experience, but winter makes it even harder. Here are some of the things everyone should keep in mind while golfing in the winter-

Essential clothing: Make a decent investment in your clothing to play golf during the winter. Catching a distracting cold during the winter becomes too prevalent among the winter golfer. Do not go out on the course without wearing the right clothing in winter.

Take care of your club: Golf club becomes too vulnerable to damages during the winter. If you think that you will play winter golf, always clean your club after each session. The contact with snow and mud can deteriorate the club’s balance to a great extent.

Use golf glove: Getting enough traction while golfing in the winter is the most daunting challenge. Think about using comfortable winter golf gloves so that you can make better swings while playing golf during winter.

Choose stretchy clothing: Wearing too heavy clothes can make the swing a little suffocating. That is why choose stretchy trousers, jackets, and clothing so that you can make optimum swing during the winter. 

Golf shoe: Golfing without wearing a pair of decent shoes can give you an intimidating experience on the course. Spend a good budget on a pair of good amn and women shoes to enjoy the real taste of winter golf.

How can I play golf indoors during winter?

Winter is here should not mean you have to stop playing golf. One of the easiest ways to play golf during the winter is by setting a golf simulator inside of your house. 

A golf simulator delivers almost 80 to 95 percent of accuracy. As a result, it can greatly help to remain on pace even if you are inside of your home.

Besides, building a mini-golf course in your backyard can also enable you to hone your putting skill during the winter.

You will also find some mini-golf course equipment on the market to enjoy your winter playing golf with your friends and family.

The snowy winter is the off-season for golf. But some of the states of America may continue golfing even in the winter.

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