Can you spray paint a golf cart? Is it good ideas?

Yes! You always can spray paint a golf cart even if you have not done the job before. Painting a golf cart body is not an intimidating job that one should fear about. Following some simple procedures and strict guidelines would enable even an amateur painter to do the job. If you are thinking about painting your … Read more

Are golf cart keys the same?

Believe it or not, most golf carts from the same manufacturer have the same keys, making the keys totally universal. That means if you and your neighbor are using golf carts from the same manufacturer, both of you will be able to replace the cart keys with one another without facing any trouble at all. Seems … Read more

Is a golf cart low-speed vehicle?

In general, a golf cart is not a low-speed vehicle (LSV). It is a kind of recreational transportation system only to be used in the golf course. To consider a golf cart as a low-speed vehicle or LSV, the cart needs to be street legal. A golf cart, in general, has the permission to run on … Read more

20 Best golf cart accessories list

Making your golf cart street legal or upgrading your cart to a newer version requires many new accessories to install. There are more than 100 different tools and accessories that you can install onto your cart to give it an attractive and sleek look. In case you are looking for some interesting accessories to install in … Read more

Best golf cart steering wheel in the market

If you are having a problem controlling your golf cart on the bumpy roads or not having a comfortable driving experience, it’s time to change the steering wheels. A quality steering wheel is always needed to be installed in your golf cart for having a sweet and comfortable driving experience with better control. This Golf Cart … Read more

How much does a golf cart weigh?

A golf cart, in general, can weigh between 650 lbs. to 1150 lbs. whereas; the average weight of a golf cart will fall near 850 lbs. Many factors are there that can influence the weighting of a golf cart. At a first glance, the weight of a golf cart might not seem that important, but when … Read more

Best golf cart locks: Golf cart security tools 2023

Installing a new locking device adds extra security to your cart, cars, trucks, etc. But, choosing a great device is not a kind of activity that one can easily accomplish. Keeping all these things in mind, we have gathered seven best all-time golf cart locking devices that you can try without any hesitation if you are thinking … Read more