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Best led light kit for golf cart reviews 2021

The decoration or environment you live in is always essential to shift your mode from one way to another. A relaxed and vibrant atmosphere will make your mood cool, whereas a dumb one will make you clumsy. That is why many golf cart owner prefers decorating their cart with multi-colored lighting options, making their cart […]

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How much does a golf cart weigh?

A golf cart, in general, can weigh between 650 lbs. to 1150 lbs. whereas; the average weight of a golf cart will fall near 850 lbs. Many factors are there that can influence the weighting of a golf cart. At a first glance, the weight of a golf cart might not seem that important, but when […]

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Best 6v – 12v golf cart batteries reviews 2021

A battery produces the fuel to run an electric golf cart. A quality battery enhances the true potential of your golf cart to a great extent. That is why it becomes quite mandatory to choose a quality battery. Otherwise, you may have to spend some extra budget on the replacement cost. If you are thinking about […]

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