Best golf cart license plate frame reviews

A golf cart license plate frame is an excellent way to show your passion for golf. For instance, a golf cart license plate frame with ‘I’d rather be golfing’ writing on it always specifies your enthusiasm level for golf. On top of that, they protect your cart’s number plate from most damages and tearing. If you … Read more

Top 10 Best golf cart flag holder reviews

Golf flags are prevalent everywhere on the golf course. From teeing off to the green, you will notice flags of various colors everywhere. You can also think about adding a flag to your golf cart to let people know about your existence. Sometimes, a golf cart flag turns out to be an excellent tool to introduce … Read more

Battery Post/Terminal Repair (Problem and Solutions)

Batteries or cells are everywhere. It is quite impossible to find a single sector that does not use batteries for its power supply. From electric to automotive devices, batteries are the only solution to ensure smooth direct current output.As batteries are becoming more prevalent worldwide, problems related to batteries are also increasing at a rapid … Read more

How to attach decorations to a golf cart

How about decorating your beloved golf cart on different occasions? Decorating the golf cart on various happenings provides a vigorous feeling. Besides, it’s a great way to enhance the excitement of that particular day.Birthday, Christmas, independent day, Memorial Day, and so forth are some of the animated occasions you can think about decorating your golf … Read more

Best Golf Cart Garage Floor Mates Review 2021

A  floor mat protects the garage floor from dripping fluid, Water, and other liquids from leaking through the floor. Besides, a floor mat prevents smaller substances from rolling over the floor. But if you choose a floor mat with cheap quality, you have to think about replacement within a short time. That is why one should … Read more

EZ-GO golf cart charging problems and solutions

 Most EZ-GO golf carts charging problem tends to happen because of insufficient cart power, loose or damaged wiring, and charger malfunction or damage. An EZ-GO charger should function automatically if everything is okay with your cart. But if you face trouble while charging the battery, there must be something wrong with your golf cart or the … Read more