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Best golf cart wheel spacers review 2021

What is the thing that could possibly bring more attractiveness to your golf cart? The simple answer is wheel spacers. By installing wheel spacers in your golf cart, you can provide your vehicle with a more aggressive stance. These also increase the stability and you can handle the cart better. But selecting suitable wheel spacers for […]

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Best golf cart steering wheel reviews 2021

If you are having a problem controlling your golf cart on the bumpy roads or not having a comfortable driving experience, it’s time to change the steering wheels. A quality steering wheel is always needed to be installed in your golf cart for having a sweet and comfortable driving experience with better control. This Best Golf […]

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Best led light kit for golf cart reviews 2021

The decoration or environment you live in is always essential to shift your mode from one way to another. A relaxed and vibrant atmosphere will make your mood cool, whereas a dumb one will make you clumsy. That is why many golf cart owner prefers decorating their cart with multi-colored lighting options, making their cart […]

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How much does a golf cart weigh?

A golf cart, in general, can weigh between 650 lbs. to 1150 lbs. whereas; the average weight of a golf cart will fall near 850 lbs. Many factors are there that can influence the weighting of a golf cart. At a first glance, the weight of a golf cart might not seem that important, but when […]

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