Golf cart with motorcycle engine: Is it legit to replace a golf cart engine with a motorcycle engine?

Golf carts are a low-speed vehicle that runs on a specific low-powered engine. A golf cart engine can deliver up to 20 mph of top speed without any kind of customization.

But how about making your golf cart a little faster than the average carts? Yes, you can think about making your cart way faster by installing a motorcycle engine on the cart.

But is it legit making the replacement?

Well, we are here to find out. This article will cover everything you need to know to swap your golf cart engine with a motorcycle engine.

Golf cart with motorcycle engine

Can I swap a golf cart engine with a motorcycle engine?

It seems absurd to replace a golf cart engine with a motorbike engine. Not everyone thinks like that. But if you are someone with an eccentric mind, you probably would find a way to make the thing possible.

Yes, you can always replace the engine of your cart with a street bike’s engine. In case you are thinking about doing the thing as an experiment or for fun, go ahead with your process.

But if you are thinking about doing the thing for curiosity, there are some things you should know before getting into the process.

The following section will talk about why and why you should not replace the stock engine of your golf cart-

Should I put a motorcycle engine in my golf cart?

A golf cart will either come with gas-powered or electrical power source compatibility. A gas-powered golf cart uses a combustion engine as its power source. On the other hand, an electrical golf cart will use rechargeable batteries to generate the power to run the vehicle.

That is why the engine you are thinking about installing onto your cart needs to comply with the cart you have. Otherwise replacing the engine will be a complete waste of your precious time.

Be more precise whether you really want to swap the engine or not. We recommend consulting with a professional before you start doing the job. Otherwise, you may make a blunder in the middle of the work.

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Why you should avoid installing a street bike engine on your golf cart?

First of all, changingthe balance always leads to entropy.  The golf cart comes with a low-powered engine with a small body frame and weight. The stock engine that comes with the cart is specific for the exact body and weight.

On the other hand, a motorcycle engine is more robust with a high-end horsepower capacity. As a result, the engine tends to deliver more speed than a golf cart. 

 A golf cart cannot exceed a speed limit of 25mph, whereas a motorcycle engine can deliver up to 70mph of top speed. In some cases, you can expect to get some more speed than the 70mph barrier.

When you put a motorcycle engine inside of your golf cart, it becomes hard for the vehicle to co-operate with the motor. As a result, you may face backfiring issues with your golf cart.

Besides, the chance of accidents will enhance to a moderate degree. Someone said that putting a motorcycle engine on your golf cart means going nearer to death. 

How can I put a motorcycle engine in my golf cart?

If you are still determined to make the experiment for exploring something new, we are welcoming you to this section. This section of the article will talk about all the things you should know to install a motorbike engine on your golf cart.


Not having the right gears and equipment is always the prerequisite to move into the next section. Here are some of the essential accessories you should have prior to the process-

1. Jack stands.

2. Socket set and screwdrivers.

3. Mounting bracket.

4. Different sizes of wrenches.

5. Battery tester.

6. Necessary nuts and screws.

7. Welding kit.

8. Motorcycle engine.

9. Cables.

Installation process

Step one: Removing the stock engine from the cart

The first step you will need to do to complete the installation is to remove all the parts from the engine.  Use the necessary gears like socket and screwdrivers while removing all the parts from the engine compartment.

Once you have done removing all the unnecessary parts from the engine box, remove the rear axle from your golf cart. You would notice bolted nuts on the axle. Unbolt the nuts to remove the rear axle.

Some of the electric golf carts may remain attached to the rear axle. If you are using such a model, you have to remove both the rear axle and engine at a time. Otherwise, remove the rear axle and engine separately.

Step two: Making the perfect placement

The golf cart engine and a motorbike engine are not the same. When you are thinking about installing a motorbike engine on your golf cart, it becomes essential to make the perfect placement. Otherwise, you may face problems in the longer run.

While making the perfect placement, it becomes essential to keep some space for the rear axle and suspension. In some cases, you may need to change the stock rear axle to ensure essential fitting.

Once you have done determining the perfect placement, it’s the right time to mount the new engine.

Step three: Mount the engine.

In the third step, install the motorbike engine to the exact slot you have fixed previously.

Always ensure that all the materials are lined up while installing the engine.

You may also require doing some welding to ensure high-end compatibility.

Step four: Finishing the job

The final job that relies upon your hand is now finishing the job with proper dexterity.

Assemble all the parts you have previously disassembled. You may require some customized gears while finishing the job.

Step five: Testing the engine

We are now finished installing the new motorbike engine on our golf cart. But installing the engine on our golf cart is not the only job we have. If the engine does not work properly, it's going to be a complete waste of our energy and precious time.

Start the engine and check whether all the batteries of your cart are functioning or not. If you have made the perfect installation, things should work better.

In case the voltage production and power output are inconsistent, you should consult with a professional mechanic.


If you do not have any previous experience, you will not complete the installation by simply watching a tutorial or reading an article. If you think that you can complete the job on your own, go on with the process. But if you are missing the confidence, it would be ideal to consult with a mechanic so that you don’t make any blunder in the middle of the work.

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Final words

When you are imposing too much pressure on an elephant to fly in the sky, you may end up calling the elephant a fly. Replacing the stock engine of your golf cart is quite similar. The cart loses its identity when you do so. When you will start the engine, you will get to discern the differences between your previous and present experience. In case you are thinking about doing the job as an experiment o for fun, we always appreciate your courage. But don't deteriorate the condition if you are naïve. You may end up losing a handy amount of bucks.

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