What size cooler fits in golf cart ? Cooler size chart

Golf cart coolers are available from smaller to extra-large sizes. While choosing a golf cart cooler, you would notice that they tend to come with the number of cans or bottles they can carry.

In general, a golf cart cooler tends to start with six cans capacity and can reach up to sixty pieces.

A golf cart cooler bag is one of the coolest golf cart accessories that golfers would love to carry on the golf course. Multiple brands are delivering dedicated golf cart cooler bags to keep you chilly during the summer. The size of the cooler bag plays an essential role because you need to think about the space and carrying availability before buying the product.

We are here to do the thinking for you. Let's learn about the golf cart cooler sizes-

Golf cart cooler size

Golf cart cooler sizes

We have categorized a golf cart cooler in three different sizes. It starts with the smaller size and ends up with the larger. In the middle, we have medium-sized coolers. Depending on the size you have, a golf cart cooler can contain from 6 pieces of cans to around 60 pieces of cans. If it is about carrying bottles, the number would be around 2 to 30 pieces. Let us start with the discussion-

Smaller golf cart cooler sizes

Smaller golf cart coolers are available from 6-can capacity to 12-can capacity.

This type of golf cart cooler will allow you to carry two to three bottles. These are the types of cooler bag that you would notice in this particular category-

Six-can/two bottles 

These are usually the most portable option in the cooler bag section. These are enough versatile with a simple compartment design. These bags should bring refreshment for two people throughout the whole day. They may also come with a backpack capacity, allowing you to carry them conveniently. These types of bags will come with a length of 6 to 9 inches. Some of the most popular six-can golf cart cooler bags are-

  • Athletico Golf Cooler Bag - Soft-Sided Insulated Cooler Holds a 6 Pack of Cans or Two Wine Bottles
  • AROUY Golf Cooler Bag - Golf Accessories for Men and Small Soft Cooler Bags Insulated Cooler Holds a 6 Pack of Cans or Two Bottles of Wine

Nine-can/two bottles

Cooler bags with nine cans capacity are another popular edition of the smaller category. They usually come with a two-way compartment design, allowing you to carry around 9 cans or two pieces of bottles. The dimension will be much similar to the six-can bags. The two most popular nine-cans golf cooler bag you may try are-

  • GeckobrandsVerticool Cooler – Holds 9 Cans or 2 Wine Bottles
  • Coleman 9-Can Collapsible Cooler with 16-Hour Ice Retention

12-can/two bottles

Another type of smaller cooler bag that you would notice come with a space capacity of 12-can or two bottles. One of the primary benefits of having a small cooler bag is that they are enough portable to allow you to carry them with ease. Besides, they come at a handy price to grab them without any considerations. Here are the top two 12-can golf cooler bag that you may try-

  • Athletico Golf Cooler Backpack - Soft-Sided Insulated Cooler Bag Holds a 12 Pack of Cans or Two Wine Bottles.
  • PrideSports Cooler Bag - Holds 12 Cans

Medium golf cart cooler sizes

The range of medium golf cart coolers starts from 16-can capacity and can reach up to 24 pieces.

These bags are suitable for all types of outdoor activities. They tend to last for a long time with durable construction. Medium cooler bags can come from 20 inches to 20 inches in length. Here are the types of medium golf cooler bags that you would notice-

16-can capacity/8-10 bottles

You will be able to carry around 16 cans or 8-10 pieces or bottles inside this type of bag. Besides, they may also offer some further space to carry dry food or snacks to take in need. If you love outdoor camping or adventure, they should be excellent gear to have. The three most popular 16-can cooler bags are-

  • Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler with Removable Liner.
  • Arctic Zone 16-Can + Ice Zipperless Cooler.
  • Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Hardbody Cooler (16 cans)

24-can capacity/10-15 bottles

Another medium-sized cooler bag that you would notice for your golf cart falls in this category. This type of device can carry around 24 pieces of cans, creating refreshments for a large number of peoples. They are enough versatile to use in different activities. The dimension of this type of device will be around 12 inches to 20 inches. Several manufacturers are bringing a mid-size cooler to make the summer chilly. Some of them may also come with backpack capacity, making them enough portable to carry on your shoulder. Some of the most popular 24-can cooler bags are-

  • Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze 24 Can Backpack Cooler.
  • OGIO 2015 Chill Can Cooler.
  • Under Armour 24 Can Soft Cooler, Graphite.
  • geckobrands 30L Backpack Dry Bag Cooler - Holds 24 Cans or 18 Bottles

Larger golf cart cooler sizes

The range of larger golf coolers starts from 30-can capacity and can reach up to 60-can capacity.

 They will also offer you to carry a large number of bottles. We have categorized the larger golf cooler into three different sections. It starts with a 30-can capacity and finishes with a 60-can capacity. In the middle, there are three more variants possible. Let us begin with the 30-can capacity-

30-can capacity

These golf cooler bags tend to be larger. You will be able to carry them inside your golf cart. They may not come with any backpack capacity. Besides, the larger size allows them to carry more cans or bottles for refreshment. The larger space will also allow you to carry extra food or snacks inside the bag. Some popular 30-can golf coolers are-

  • Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze 30 Can Insulated Tote.
  • ROCKBROS Soft Cooler 30 Can Insulated Leak Proof Soft Pack Coolers Waterproof Soft Sided Cooler Bag for Camping, Fishing, Road Beach Trip, Golf, Picnics.

40-can capacity

This type of golf cooler will allow you to carry 32 pieces to 40 pieces of cans. Besides, you will be able to carry around 20 pieces of bottles inside them. Some of the most popular 40-can golf coolers are-

  • Geckobrands 2 Compartment Tote Cooler – Holds Up to 40 Cans or 24 Bottles, Available in 6 Colors.
  • Coleman 34-Can Collapsible Cooler with 30-Hour Ice Retention.
  • GeckobrandsOpticool Backpack Cooler – Holds Up to 36 Cans or 18 Bottles, 3 Pockets, Easy Access Lid.

Up to 60-can capacity

The most expensive and spacious golf coolers fall in this section. This type of device can retain ice for more than 48-hours. Besides, the larger inside creates enough space to accommodate more beverages and snacks. The two most popular 60-can capacity golf coolers are-

  • Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze 60 (50+10) Can Collapsible Rolling Cooler with All-Terrain Cart.
  • Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Rolling Cooler - High Performance - 60 Can Capacity (Blue).

Final words

Refreshment during the summer requires a bottle of chilly beverages. The only way to carry them on the golf course is a golf cart cooler. Many varieties of sizes may baffle you while choosing a golf cooler. If you know what you should choose, it should not be a problem at all.

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