Golf cart accident: Why is raising awareness necessary?

A golf cart may seem safe at first glance, but the statistics regarding golf cart accidents do not support the claim at all. A recent statistic has shown that around 150,000 people have faced accidents with their golf carts, and they have taken treatment to get rid of the situation.

Another research has proved that around 70% of the total accidents caused by golf carts tend to happen on the course. The rest of the 30% accidents tend to occur on the street. The severity of the street accident is always higher than the accidents on the course.

A golf cart accident may not kill you, but it can cause pressing damage to the organs of your body.

If you love going outside with your cart for a recreational excursion, it should be the right time to be a little more cautious with your vehicle.

Golf cart accident

Types of injuries that a golf cart can generate

As mentioned earlier, a golf cart is never a reliable vehicle that would ensure proper safety. Vulnerability is always there. Indeed, all the accidents are not tragic enough to kill one person, but some can make your life a whole hell. Here are the top five injuries that a person can get while riding or driving a golf cart-

Brain injury

One of the most tragic things happens when someone gets an injury to his/her brain. Injuries on the body organs may get better as time passes by, but injuries on the brain can cause you to suffer for a whole lifetime. When a golf cart flips down, a brain injury is the most common incident that happens to people.

Especially, children are vulnerable to brain injuries as they are still premature. That should not mean that adults are thoroughly free from brain injuries. Around 30 percent of the brain injuries caused by golf carts have to face by adults.

Neck and head injury

While driving a motorbike, you tend to use a helmet to protect your head and neck. But while driving or riding on a golf cart, there are no such pre-meditated steps that can help us remain safe during an accident. Neck and head injury is another most typical but chronic golf cart injury that people have to face so often.

If the injury does not reach the brain, it may get well within time. By any chance, if someone breaks the neck, paralysis is a common concern that he needs to suffer for the whole lifetime.

Broken spinal cord

Another most concerning injury that one may get while riding or driving a golf cart is spinal cord injury. The spinal cord is the most crucial body part that helps the human to keep balance while moving or doing any kind of chores.

When someone falls from the cart during haste, getting a spinal cord injury becomes a reality. Spinal cord injury leads to whole-body paralysis, leading you to live your life by sitting in a wheelchair.

Broken leg

Broken leg is a mild golf cart injury that tends to get better within time. Everyone, from children to adults, is susceptible to this kind of injury. Leg injury may get better with time but the pain that one needs to endure for a certain period of time can be intimidating. Teenagers are the worst sufferer of this kind of injury. Being a low-speed vehicle, a golf cart is not that hard to control. But when teenagers are the drivers, they tend to make it complicated.

Hand injury

The least chronic injury that you can get from a golf cart accident is the hand injury. Hand injury may not seem fatal. But it can turn out to be severe when children or teenagers are the sufferers of the injury. In some cases, you may need to pass life with a misplaced hand.

Which states are the most vulnerable to golf cart injuries?

A most common question that people ask most often regarding golf cart injuries is about the states that are most vulnerable to golf cart injuries. If you are talking about America, Florida is the most vulnerable state that produces too many golf cart injuries. As Florida tends to have more golf courses, it also generates more golf cart accidents.

Golf cart accident incidents

A golf cart accident may not kill one, but it can produce long-time wounds or injuries. If you are searching for golf cart accident's real evidence, here are the top five incidents that you might love to know-

  • Some days earlier a man died on the spot when his golf cart collided with an SUV. The incident took place near Joshua. Donald Kelly, a Johnson County man, was 69 years old when died in the accident.
  • Another 74 years old man died on February 17,2021, when his golf cart collided with a Mercedes. The person got a serious injury and died while taking to the hospital.
  • Some years earlier, a teenager 11 years of age died when his cart flipped from the street. The boy received a major neck and head injury and could not survive later. Such accidents always provoke thoughts.
  • Another tragic incident took place when a 10 years old boy in Los Angeles was driving a cart. All of a sudden, the cart tipped over him, killing the poor boy on spot.
  • Sometimes fun can turn out to be dangerous. Two boys were playing with one another in Ohio. One boy was running, and the other boy was chasing his friend with a golf cart. Accidentally, the boy ran over the poor boy, killing him on the spot.

Why is raising awareness necessary?

Twenty years earlier golf carts were limited to the course only. By modifying the cart, it is possible to take the cart off the course nowadays. That is why it is becoming a concerning fact to maintain proper safety concerns to avoid accidents.

Accidents on the street are more dangerous than accidents on the course. Children and teenagers, on the other hand, are most vulnerable to accidents. They hardly know to control the cart. Being premature, they tend to suffer in the worst way possible. Even the death rate is higher among children and teenagers.

Maintain the proper speed while driving with your cart. If your children are using the cart, talk with them about the vulnerability that they might face. Raising awareness is the only way to minimize the risk of golf cart accidents.

Golf cart safety equipments

1. golf cart turn signal kits

2. golf cart horn kit

3. golf cart light bar kit

4. led light kit for golf cart

5. golf cart Rear and side view mirrors

6. golf cart speedometer

7. fast aid kit

Final words

A golf cart might be a recreational vehicle, but it is not free from vulnerability at all. Golf cart accidents are becoming a more concerning fact as the accident rate is increasing at a rapid rate. Raise awareness among your family member to avoid accidents with the cart.

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