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What are noodle golf balls? All about noodle balls

If you have been roaming around the golf course for a couple of years, you probably have heard about Noodle golf balls. Noddle golf balls are one of the softest golf balls that you would notice on the market. The lower compression core with two-sided layers allows all these golf balls to get an explosive distance. The […]

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Best Red Golf Balls Reviews 2021

A red golf ball, because of its high-visibility, is easier to find out. If you are playing with the typical white golf ball, and you tend to lose a lot of balls, choosing a high-visibility red golf ball should be the solution. The high-visibility golf ball includes Red, Yellow, Lime, green, and so on. Most of […]

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How to stop topping the golf ball

Topping is an embarrassing moment for any player while playing golf. Amateur and handicappers tend to make this kind of stroke very often but senior and professional players are also not free from this evil. Whether you are a professional player or an amateur, you have faced this kind of embarrassment for sure if you are […]

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