Which oil should I use in my EZ-GO golf cart’s rear end differential?

We all know that the function of fluid inside of any car engine is to lubricate the system so that it does not overheat because of the continuous friction. The differential oil does the same tricks, too. But instead of lubricating the engine, a differential oil lubricated the differential of the rear axle.

As a result, the rear differential does not overheat while transferring power from the drive shafts to the wheel axle. But you cannot think about using the same fluid as you use inside of your car engine.

Almost every car or other vehicle manufacturer specifies the oil weight for the differential on the manual guide. In case you have an EZ-GO golf cart, it is the 30weight oil that you should use in the rear end of your cart.

This article will cover everything you need to know regarding the differential of your EZ-GO golf cart. If you are thinking about replacing the oil, checking all this wholesome information might help you make a better decision in the long run. What else? Let’s jump right into the process-

EZ-GO differential oil

By the way, what is the differential?

The differential is an integrated part of every four-wheeler. The wheels of any automotive receive power from the engine through a drive shaft.

The main function of a differential is to allow these wheels to turns at different rpm while receiving power from the engine.

How does the differential work?

While taking a turn, both engines do not pass the same distance. As a result, it makes the situation a little complicated while making the turn. That is when a differential comes into action.

The ingenious mechanism of a differential allows the wheels to turn at different rpm while transferring power to both wheels. Here is how it works-

  1. The power from the engine transfers to the ring gear through a pinion gear. Again, the ring gear is connected to a spider gear. The differential would be a complete waste without the spider gear.
  2. The spider gear can rotate at two different angles. It can rotate on its own axis and along with the ring gear.
  3. The spider gear also meshes with the two side gears. 
  4. This simple but complex mechanism allows the differential to act conveniently when you are making a turn.

Why do we need differential oil?

You may ask why the hell do we require oil for the differential. It's not even generating power like an engine. The most convenient function of oil is to lubricate a system so that it does not deteriorate as time passes by.

The engine and the differential may not share the same characteristics. But the differential also demands lubrication for better functionality.

While transferring engine power to the wheels, the differential needs to make a sudden movement. The friction generated during that movement can deteriorate the condition to a great extent. Besides, it creates a high temperature that can reduce the functional balance of the differential.  What’s the solution then?

Well, a perfect lubricator or oil can minimize the risk to a great extent.

But you cannot think about using the same oil both on the engine and the rear end differential. Both types are different than one another. Why? Let’s find out-

Difference between engine oil and gear oil

Engine oil and gear oil lubricates different parts of an automotive. That is why they demand different kinds of construction and quantity.

An engine will specifically lubricate the engine, fuel pumps, bearings, and all kinds of moving parts inside of the engine.

On the other hand, gear oil lubricates important parts like transmission, differentials, and so on.

All these parts have no similarities with one another. The gear oil thus comes with distinctive construction and material that you would not find in the engine oil.

Which differential oil should I use on my vehicle?

Every specific vehicle comes with a manual guide. The manufacturer specifies the exact type of oil you should use for your vehicle. If you have the manual guide, go and check to grab the best thing.

In case you have lost the manual, you can search on Google with the exact model number to find out the specific oil that you should use on your vehicle.

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Which differential oil should I use on my EZ-GO golf cart?

Well, we have already mentioned in the previous section that you would find the appropriate oil variety on the manual guide that comes with your golf cart. but anyway-

EZ-GO most of the time recommends using 30wt gear oil to the differential of your EZ-GO model. You can also think about using some similar kind of oil on your EZ-GO golf cart.

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How often should I change my golf cart’s differential oil?

That's an important question. You should check the differential oil of your golf cart every month. More precisely, you should check the differential oil after every 18 to 22 hours of operation.

If you have been running with your cart with more than that, it should be the right time to give it a check.

How to check the rear end oil of my EZ-GO golf cart?

Checking or changing the fuel of your EZ-GO golf cart is not a kind of job to fear. You just need to have some decent knowledge about the parts of the cart to ensure convenient processing. Here are the processes you will need to maintain while checking the differential oil of your EZ-GO golf cart-


13mm socket


  1. First of all, ensure that the engine of the cart is off. You should never think about checking or changing the oil when the vehicle is active.
  2. Locate the differential from the rear axle part of your golf cart.
  3. Once you have found the part, locate the fluid drain plug.
  4. Use a 13mm socket and remove both drain and fill plug from the differential.
  5. If the house of the differential is full of oil, the oil will start to come out.
  6. If it requires oil, load it with the exact 30wt oil.
  7. Fill all the holes conveniently to complete the process.

Fina words

Don’t be too economical while choosing the fluid for the rear end of your EZ-GO golf cart. A low-averaged and cheap fluid can hamper the performance of your golf cart to a great extent. Choose according to the manual guide’s recommendation to get the best result out of it.

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