EZ-GO golf cart charging problems and solutions

Most EZ-GO golf carts charging problem tends to happen because of insufficient cart power, loose or damaged wiring, and charger malfunction or damage.

An EZ-GO charger should function automatically if everything is okay with your cart. But if you face trouble while charging the battery, there must be something wrong with your golf cart or the charger.

If the problem is mild to moderate, there is nothing to worry about. You can always troubleshoot the charging difficulties on your own. You merely need to follow some instructions and guidelines to solve the problem.

If you are here for the instruction or solution, we are here to help. Before you solve the problem, let us first find the causes that might be causing the charging problems.

EZ-GO golf cart charging problems

EZ-GO compatible charger

An EZ-GO golf cart will come either with a 36-volt or a 48-volt battery function. The cart will come with different charging receptacles, depending on the model that you have.

Whatever types of receptacles you maybe are using, there is one thing common in every EZ-GO compatible charger. The internal board of the charger allows them to control the charging process automatically. The internal board of the charger operates the charging process without any external influence like switches or buttons.

When you plug in the charger, the charger will automatically decide whether the batteries require additional voltage or not. If the battery does, the charger will start charging the battery.

But if something is wrong with the cart or the charger, the charging process may not start. That is when you start to tear your hair out.

EZ-GO golf cart charging problems

If the charger does not operate automatically, these are the three primary issues that maybe are causing the problems-

  • Insufficient cart power

Insufficient cart power means problems with the dead batteries. The charger may not be able to detect whether the battery requires any additional voltage or not if the battery of your cart goes dead. As a result, the golf cart battery charger will not start charging the batteries.

The charger needs to receive a signal back from the cart in order to start the charging process. There is a solution, too. You can charge the dead battery to resolve the problem. If you are not familiar with the methods of charging a dead battery, follow the troubleshooting section in the latter part of this article.

  • Loose or damaged wiring or connections

Loose or damaged wiring or connections is one of the most common problems for why people face trouble while charging their cart. If you are not facing any problem with the dead battery, you probably are facing a problem with a damaged or lose connection.

A loose connection can happen in the charger receptacles, battery cables, or cart wiring. Securing or checking whether the cart has a loose connection or not can be another way of solving the problem.

Bad weather, corrosion, rust, and debris are the most common reasons for developing a loose connection. You should always check the connection every three to six months to avoid this kind of hassles.

  • Charger malfunction or damage

If nothing is wrong with the batteries or wiring, it should be the problem with the EZ-GO charger. If the charger goes malfunctions, it would not be able to charge the batteries.

An imbalance between the charging voltages may cause charger malfunction. Besides, dirt and debris can also damage the properties of the charger. If anything is wrong with the internal component of the charger, charging problems becomes a common issue.

Troubleshooting the EZ-GO charging problems

Now that we know the reasons that might be are causing the charging problems, it is time to troubleshoot them-

1. Solution of insufficient cart power

Insufficient cart power means the cart has a dead battery. The charger needs some signal from the cart to detect whether the device needs any voltage or not. When the battery goes dead, it fails to transmit the signal. As a result, the charger does not start charging the battery. Here is how should charge a dead battery-

  • You will require a jump box or a handheld automotive battery charger to charge a dead battery. You would require a charger that would charge the battery directly by connecting it to the battery.
  • If you are using a 12-volt battery charger, you need to connect the charger with one 12-volt battery or two 6-volt batteries at a time to ensure safety.
  • Our target is not to charge the batteries up to the full; rather we are trying to charge the battery for a little while. This will help the battery to gain a little voltage so that we can charge the battery later with the dedicated charger.
  • Connect the positive and negative parts of the charger with each battery to start the charging method. If you are charging two 6-volt or 8-volt batteries at a time, connect the positive hand on one battery and the negative hand on the other.
  • Charge each battery for a maximum time of five to ten minutes and then move to the next one.
  • Once you have done charging each battery with the handheld charger, connect the dedicated charger to check whether the battery starts charging or not.

If that works, you can skip the rest two sections. But if it does not, stay with us-

Note: You can use a 12-volt battery charger for two 8-bolt batteries, too. Remember that you are doing the process to give a little voltage to the batteries. Your intention should never be to charge the batteries up to the full.

2. Solution of loose wiring or connections

The only way to solve a loose connection or wiring is to check whether the connection is stable or not. Check whether you have established a stable cable connection or not. You can also use a voltmeter to detect power transmission.

 If anything is wrong with the connection, it will not transmit any from the powerhouse to the board. Fix the problem if you found any problem with the cables or connections. This should fix the charging problem.

  • 3. Solution of charger malfunction or damage

If you are still facing trouble with the charging, it should be because of a malfunctioned charger. The only way to solve this problem is to replace the old charger with a new one. Choose a battery receptacle that is compatible with your cart to replace the old one.

Final words

Charging problem is a common issue with all brands cart, including EZ-GO, Club Car, Yamaha, and so on. All the things that we have discussed above should be valid for other brand carts, too. You can try the procedures with any brand’s cart that you have.

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