Different Types Of Golf Clubs And Uses – Beginner’s Guide

You may wonder how many types of clubs are actually there in golf? You may also ask why do they need all these different types of clubs.is it really necessary or is it kind of fancy activity to prove that you have many clubs available in your clubs.

The main use of a golf club is to hit the golf ball while you are playing golf.

But, you need to have different kinds of clubs for different situations.

In this article, we will be discussing all the different types of clubs and in which position you need to use what…

What you will learn in this article

  1. After reading the whole article, you will get to know the types of clubs that are being used while playing golf.
  2. You will be able to describe the uses of all these clubs.
  3. You will be able to understand golf better.

Types of clubs

The types of golf clubs are many and many subcategories are also possible within these main categories.

But, in the simplest sense, we can categorize golf clubs in six different categories.

The six types of golf clubs are:

  1. Golf driver
  2. Iron clubs
  3. Wedge
  4. Hybrid
  5. Putter
  6. Chipper.

Now, as you know the name of the types of golf clubs, let's move into the next section for having a brief knowledge about all of them and about their uses.

Driver/Wood clubs

golf driver

wooden clubs are known as the driver, and you need to start playing golf with a driver.

In the prehistoric time, wood clubs were made from persimmon wood, but now a large number of varieties is possible.

You may ask, is not a wood club made of wood totally?

Well, the answer is no, although it was before. That is how the name came. But now, a different combination of materials is found in a wood club.

Most of the wood club now a days comes with a graphite shaft and with a steel or composite head.

Wood or driver is known as the largest club among all the other clubs and it will provide you maximum speed and distance than all other clubs.

Now many driver heads made with strongest metal.

If you know the basics about a driver, you will be able to pick up the best driver for beginners for you.

Typically, every golfer tends to start their stroke with a driver or wood club.

Golf Iron

golf irons

Iron clubs are for having a little more loft angle than a driver.

They are completely made of a solid metal head and the shaft of an iron club is comparatively smaller.

Iron clubs can be used everywhere in the course. Iron clubs come with a number variation from 1 to 9.

According to their number, they provide different services.

From 2-4, they are known as long irons.

From 5-7, they are known as medium iron and

From 8-9, they are known as short iron.

According to your needs, you have to choose the iron clubs available in the market. Now a days, mizuno golf irons club are  most popular in PGA golfer and advance level golfer. 

Wedge clubs

golf wedge

You may consider wedges as a variety of iron clubs.

The real difference between an iron club and a wedge is the loft variation.

Wedges tend to have more loft angles than iron so that you can use them when you fall into different hazards of the golf course.

According to the loft variation of a wedge, it can be differentiated in four other subcategories.

They are-

  • Pitching wedge (48-50)
  • Gap wedge (52- 54)
  • Sand wedge (55-56)
  • Lob wedge (58-60)

When you will go for buying your 60 degree wedge club, you precisely need to have an idea about exactly what are you looking for.

Golf Hybrid

Golf Hybrid

With the name, you probably can guess that this product is a combination of different materials.

Yes, hybrid clubs are made with a combination of woods and iron.

They can be a great replacement for an iron club and people nowadays love to replace their long and medium irons with hybrid clubs.

Hybrid clubs are gaining peak popularity in recent days and new or beginner golfer loves to play with  hybrid golf club.

Golf Putter

Golf Putter

With two striking faces, a putter is a special kind of golf club that people need to use from a point on the putting green toward the hole.

They usually come with a loft angle of fewer than 10 degrees.

Remember, you must use a putter for putting the golf ball into the hole, that is why when you will go for buying your correct putter for avegare golfer, make sure to make a research about them.

Golf Chipper

golf Chipper

Chipper is the last kind of golf clubs that you will see while playing golf.

Chipper is a newer invention and it is mostly like a putter, but the real difference between a putter and a chipper is the loft variation.

Chipper tend to have a loft variation a little greater than 10 degrees.

Chippers are placed in the category of iron because they don’t fit in the category of putter for their loft angle.

When buying a new chipper for playing golf, make sure you know the uses of them.

How many clubs are allowed? (FAQ)

Another common question, most of the beginner golfer ask is how many clubs they are allowed to take in the course.

Well, according to the USGA (United States Golf Association), you are allowed to take a maximum number of 14 clubs inside your golf bag in a course.

Taking more than 14 clubs would be considered as an offense, and you need to suffer punishment for this offense.

But, you are allowed to take different types of clubs as your own wish.

Final words

There are six different types of clubs available in the game of golf and within these six types, you will find many subcategories of clubs.

With the types of clubs, you need to use them in different conditions.

The more you will practice, the more you will get to know the clubs and the game.

If you want to begin your career with golf, make sure you learn the conditions of clubs that USGA has certified.

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