How to clean your golf bag – 5 Best way to know

Cleaning a golf bag can be tricky, and it can be sometimes misleading if you don’t know the exact way to clean the golf bag.

The most important thing is that you should not wash or clean your golf bag so frequently, otherwise there is a high chance that the quality of the bag will be damaged.

How to clean a golf bag

So, it is better to clean the golf bag only when it is necessary.

Now, if you are in a situation where you need to clean up your golf bag but you exactly don’t know how you should approach cleaning the bag because you have never done it before.

Should you pour it into soapy water, or should you need to send it to the nearest laundry for a dry clean?

Nope man! If you do so, you are going to ruin the golf bag for sure.

In this article, we will be discussing the easiest way that you can follow for cleaning up- your dirty golf bag also your hybrid golf bag.

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5 way to clean your golf bag

1. Is it necessary

the first question that you need to ask yourself before cleaning up the golf bag is- Is it really necessary?

Remember that, after a hard clean up your bag may not take the previous shape that it used to have.

If cleaning up only the dirty places can make you happy then you need not make a hard clean up.

But, if you think that you will do it and you want to do it than no worries, the next step is for you.

2. Remove all the parts of the bag

Now, if you are determined to clean up the golf bag remove every single part attached with your golf bag.

Open up all the pockets, chains, and all other staff that are related to your golf bag.

3. Clean the upper part of the bag-

After opening up all the parts of the bag, now it is time to clean the upper part of the bag.

You may use mild soap water for doing so.

Spray the mild soap water all over the bag.

Now, with the help of a cloth or a scrubber rub the whole upper part of the bag gently.

Don't scrub so hardly. Doing it hardly may reduce the brightness of your bag.

Do it as gently as you can and not that light that the dirt doesn’t get off.

Now, with the help of a hosepipe pour clean water all over the bag until all the soap and dirt clean away.

All right! You are halfway through…

Now, it is time to clean up the inside part of the golf bag and remember this is the most sensitive part of the bag.

It is the place that keeps your golf clubs safe for the next time use.

4. Cleaning up the inside part

Don’t use any kind of soap for cleaning up the inside part of the golf may harm the cloth or leather.

Just pour clean water through the golf bag for cleaning up the bag.

You may use your hand or a clean cloth for cleaning up the inside part of the bag. There is a little chance that the inside part of the golf bag gets dirtier unless your clubs are dirty.

That’s why keeping your club clean is also necessary.

Now, after cleaning the inside part you are nearly there but not yet finished.

5. Drying or soaking

The brightness of your bag depends mostly on this part. if you take any wrong steps to dry up your golf bag, the color and health of your golf bag can be highly damaged.

For this part, we recommend you not to dry the bag in the sunshine rather, you may keep it under a fan or cooler overnight.

Keeping the bag in the sunlight can make the color of your golf bag fade away.

6. Reshaping

This is the last section that you need to complete for having a perfect cleaned bag.

We have mentioned earlier that your bag may not get its previous shape after a cleanup process.

If it is a little bit shrink after the cleanup process- try putting some towel inside the pockets for reshaping it.

The bag will eventually get its previous shape after some days of use or maybe not.

It depends on the process that you have chosen for cleaning up the bag. don't be too hard and clean the bag as gently as you can


  1. Don’t soak up the bag in the scorching will reduce the brightness of your bag. Instead use a fan or cooler for drying up the bag.
  2. Don’t push too hard for scrubbing the bag. It can damage the material of the bag.
  3. Use a mild soap if necessary. Using rough detergent can create havoc.
  4. You should not dry clean your golf bag.
  5. Do not use a washing machine for cleaning up your golf bag.
  6. Do not wash your bag frequently, it can reduce the health of your golf bag dramatically.
  7. Keep all the parts in a place after removing them. Otherwise, you may lose one.
  8. Keep your clubs clean, dirty clubs may damage your golf bag.
  9. Reshape the bag carefully. Stretching it forcefully should not be an ideal choice instead put some towel or staff inside the bag letting the bag reshape in its own way.
  10. Last but not least, take good care of your golf bag for keeping it safe.
Note: Golf impact bag does not needs to extra wash only clean dry wash.

Final words

Also hard case golf travel bag cleaning is the same process. Cleaning up a golf bag is somehow easy if you know exactly what you should be doing.

It can also be misleading if you don’t know the exact way or methods.

While cleaning the golf bag the most important thing you need to keep in mind is the health of your golf bag.

Cleaning the golf bag without maintaining a proper precaution may ruin the color and leather quality of the bag dramatically.

This article has covered all the things that you need to know before you start cleaning up your golf bag including the precautions and steps.

We hope this one will help you cleaning up your golf bag and helping you is our only intention.

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