Can you wash golf gloves? This is necessary!

As long as you are not using a leather golf glove, you can always wash a golf glove.

It is always okay to wash golf gloves. Washing the gloves helps to remove the dirt and debris that it gathers while playing.  But cleaning the glove in the wrong way or too frequently can wear it too fast.

A golf glove is the most convenient equipment that provides you with the essential grip to make a swift swing. The more you use a golf glove, the more moisture, dirt, and debris it gathers from the club or environment.

That is why it becomes essential to wash the glove properly. People procrastinate, thinking that cleaning the glove would impair its condition.

In reality, a dirty glove can impact badly on your playing condition. Washing the glove again and again indeed weakens the quality, but you should continue doing so until the next replacement.

Can you wash golf gloves

Why should you wash a golf glove?

A golf glove is not for a whole lifetime. There would appear certain times when you need to replace the old glove with a new one. Until then, washing the glove is the only way to maintain a comfortable grip while making your swing. If you are using a dirty glove, you maybe are not getting the appropriate result on the course. Here are the top five reasons to wash a golf glove in regular intervals-

  • A dirty glove impairs the swing condition. A dirty glove tends to be sticky, making the swing uncomfortable. As a result, you may not get the appropriate result with your swing.
  • A glove with moisture and debris will not provide the exact amount of grip you may expect from a golf glove. An uncomfortable grip means an awkward swing.
  • A dirty glove will not last for a long time. The condition becomes worst as time passes by.
  • Using a dirty glove is unhygienic. The contamination may make you sick if you touch your face by chance.
  • Finally, it gives a wrong impression among people. You should not be the untidy person in your community. Be the smart guy and encourage others to be the same.

How to clean a golf glove?

Cleaning a golf glove is not the hardest task of all. The difference is whether you are doing it in the correct way or not. Here are the ways that you should follow to clean a golf glove-

  • In the first step, we are going to keep it simple. We will not be using any soap to clean the glove. This kind of cleaning is appropriate after a round of golf. We will use normal cold water to do the cleaning.
  • Pour the water thoroughly on the glove. Keep it for some time to let the glove soak the water. After that, use a clean towel to rinse the dirt and debris away from the glove. If the dirt is not that tough, it should go away with that simple procedure. Once you have done the rinsing process, it is time to dry it for next time use. The glove may shrink a little, but it will be okay with one or two rounds of golf.
  • If you feel like the contamination on the glove is so tough that the above process would not work, you need to ensure a thorough cleaning by using soapy water. Follow the next step-
  • This time we will use soapy water to do the cleaning. Give the glove a deep dive into the soapy water for a couple of minutes. Let all the dirt and debris lose a little bit.
  • After that, use a clean towel to rinse the glove properly to get rid of the dirt and debris.
  • The final step is drying the glove properly. Drying the glove directly under the sunlight should not be the appropriate choice. It may shrink the glove permanently. Keep it overnight under the fan to ensure perfect drying.

If all the dirt and debris remain even after washing it with soapy water, you should think about replacing the glove.

When should I replace a golf glove?

You cannot use a golf glove for your whole lifetime. There will appear at certain times when you will not get the appropriate result with the gloves. That should the time to replace a golf glove.

  • People claim that a golf glove is worth using for eight to ten rounds of golf.
  • In reality, you can use a golf glove much more than that if you take proper care of the glove.
  • It is possible to play two to three more rounds if you take good care of the glove.
  • You should determine the appropriate time to replace a golf glove according to your performance perimeter.
  • If you feel like your grip is not up to the mark or you are not getting the exact swing variations, you should not procrastinate further. Change the glove as soon as possible to get back on track with the same performance.

How to care for a golf glove?

Taking good care of the glove can certainly extend the number of rounds you can play with a single glove. Here are some of the basic principle that you may follow to care for a golf glove-

  • Don't use a regular golf glove during rain. If you are uncomfortable without the glove, use a rain glove instead to ensure productivity.
  • Wipe the glove after every stroke to prevent the glove from building moisture, dirt, or debris.
  • You should never touch your face to remove perspiration while wearing your golf glove. The excessive amount of face oil can deteriorate the condition of the glove.
  • Use individual gloves for practice and professional rounds. Using the same glove in two different situations will reduce longevity.
  • Think about putting the glove off after each round. It gives the glove enough time to soak.
  • Finally, wash the glove when it is necessary. Using a dirty glove for a long time can impair longevity. Don't wash the glove too frequently. It can shrink the size awkwardly, giving you an uncomfortable experience.

Final words

There are many who can do the swing properly without using a glove. Some others can’t even think about making the swing without wearing their golf glove. If you love to play wearing your golf glove, a sticky glove with dirt and debris should be the most intimidating factor for you. Making the swing wearing a golf glove certainly will make the glove dirty. That is why cleaning becomes necessary. But you have to remember that all types of gloves are not worth washing. Washing a leather-made glove can make the situation worst.

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