Can you share golf clubs and bags in courses?

As long as you are not violating the rules, you can share golf clubs with your partner on the golf course. By violation, we mean that you are only allowed to take 14 golf clubs inside of your golf bag. That means if you take 14 golf clubs in your golf bag and use another club from your partner, you are violating the regulations.

Both you and your partner can use 14 clubs combined. You are taking more than that will be the reason for a penalty.

But is sharing a golf club a better decision? Well, we are here to find out.

Can you share golf clubs in courses

What is scramble golf?

When someone is talking about sharing a golf club, scramble golf is the first thing that comes to our mind. In the scramble format of golf, players play in two to four teams to win the glory.

The scramble format is a more customized version of golf where kids learn the basics of playing golf. They get the chance to share their clubs until they put the golf ball into the hole.

At the end of the game, the team with fewer strokes wins the game.

If you still love playing scramble golf, we don’t have to say anything about the club rules. But when you are taking part in a professional golf game, sharing the club may not seem that logical.

Why sharing a golf club is not ideal in a professional golf game?

The term ‘sharing is caring’ may not get enough validity in golf. Golf is a time-consuming sport. It consumes a lot of your time to complete a round of golf. The time becomes lengthier when players start to share their golf clubs with one another.

Suppose you and your partner are playing golf by sharing golf clubs. At one point in the game, both of you may require a particular golf club at the same time. But if both of you stay in different positions of the course, it would take a long time to complete the game by playing in succession.  

Another reason to avoid sharing golf clubs is that it can give you a distracting experience in the middle of the game. When you have got your own golf club set to play your stroke, nobody is going to distract you with your approach.

How many golf clubs are allowed to take in your golf bag?

Every golfer is allowed to take a maximum number of 14 golf clubs inside of their golf bag. Carrying more than 14 golf clubs inside of the bag can be the reason for a penalty. That is why arranging a golf bag requires you to deliver enough skill and dexterity.

As a beginner, you may find it a little tough to arrange the golf ball with enough proficiency. But as you will get to know yourself more properly, you will be able to do the job without feeling any kinds of pressure at all. 

Can I use more than 14 clubs by sharing?

As you know that USGA allows you to share clubs with your partner. At the same time, USGA specifies that you are not allowed to take more than 14 golf clubs inside of your golf bag. But can you share more than 14 golf clubs by sharing?

No, you cannot. The rule becomes more complicated when you think about sharing golf clubs with your partner. No players havethe authenticity to use more than 14 golf clubs on the golf course. That means both you and your partner can only share 14 clubs at the same time.

To make it more simplified, suppose you have carried 13 golf clubs inside of your golf bag, whereas your friend has carried 14 clubs. Now, if you use a pitching wedge from your friend's collection, your friend also has to share the same club.

Which golf clubs should you carry inside of your golf bag?

 Picking up the right golf club inside of your golf bag can deliver handy support in different situations. Golf clubs areavailable inmanifold types and varieties. That is why it becomes a little confusing while arranging your hybrid golf bag. Here is our suggestion you may follow to arrange your golf clubs properly inside of your golf bag-

First of all, driver and putter will always remain on the list. Nobody has the guts to ignore them while arranging the golf bag. But a beginner should always be more specific while choosing a beginner’s golf driver.

The next golf club you may carry with you is a fairway wood. A 3-wood is the most ideal option for most beginner and high-handicapped golfers. But you can also think about carrying a 5-wood or 7-wood according to your expertise.

Ignoring Iron golf club is as impossible as ignoring driver and Iron. We are not suggesting you take a whole set of irons with you. Instead, you can consider carrying 7 to 9 Irons along with a pitching wedge.

If you are not comfortable with your longer Irons, you can also think about carrying a hybrid with you to get the most versatile performance in any kind of situation. But if you are a low-handicapped golfer, a longer iron like 2 -Iron can ensure precise performance.

Never miss a wedge. A wedge can always come as a handy tool to recover you from critical situations.

Finally, make the combination as per your wish so that you get the best support on the course.

If you are thinking about carrying all the golf clubs to a longer distance, always use a hard-casing golf travel bag so that you can ensure the maximum safety of your golf club.

Why scrambling golf is still a better option?

Not everyone can cope with the long schedule of golf. We all know that scrambling golf has nothing about professionalism. We play scramble golf to enjoy our time or to learn the basics as a kid. But playing scramble golf as an adult can also give you some taste of excitement.

Always being on your schedule puts you in the rat race. Find some spare time to get some refreshment with your gang.

Final words

Sharing the golf club with your partner may seem something novel. But it can make the game even longer. That is why think about paying scramble golf only when you have enough time to roam around the green. Besides, always ensure that you are violating the rules. Carrying more than 14 clubs inside of your golf bag can impose some allegations on you.

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