How to build a mini-golf course in the backyard?

Golf is a game of the riches, they say. When you are thinking about building a new golf course in your backyard, you might be more than rich. Is the statement true?

Well, the answer is it depends. It depends on the type of miniature golf Course you are aiming to build. If you are thinking about making high-end miniature golf, there is no doubt that you have to spend more than usual. On the other hand, buying some miniature golf equipment can also help build a miniature golf course in your backyard without being that rich.

Regardless of your richness, let us get some ideas to build a new miniature golf course in your backyard.

build a mini-golf course in the backyard

How did miniature golf appear?

  1. The first version of the miniature golf game was played between the ladies.
  2. The first version of miniature golf was formed in 1867, specially designed for women at St. Andrews, Scotland.
  3. During that time, there was a taboo regarding the golfing of women. Women were prohibited from raising a golf club above their shoulders. As a result, they could not play golf like men.
  4. To establish their own version of golf, women started playing the miniature version of golf, which is getting stronger every year of revolution.
  5. Regardless of women, miniature golf is now even popular among men, women, children, and old aged people as a recreational source.
  6. Nowadays, many miniature golf tournaments are happening worldwide, which are powerfully helping to enhance its popularity to a great extent.

Benefits of building a miniature golf course

  1. Many reasons are there for why you should be building a new miniature golf course. Here are some of them-
  2. The real golf game requires much more expertise to be good at, whereas, in mini-golf, everyone with no expertise at all can enjoy the game.
  3. If you have children, building a mini-golf course can be a great source of recreation for them. Children tend to be stubborn when it is about keeping all the electronic gadgets aside. Building a miniature-golf course can help them to be more outgoing and exuberant.
  4. To hone the better skill of putting, building a miniature golf course can help dramatically.
  5. Finally, to have a better time with your friends and family, building a new miniature-golf course in your backyard should be a great inclusion.

Types of a miniature golf course

One of the essential aspects you need to decide while building a new miniature golf course is its type. There are three different types of courses you would notice while making a new miniature golf course. These are-

  • Temporary miniature golf course
  • Artificial miniature golf course.
  • Permanent miniature golf course.

It is a permanent miniature golf course that would require many considerations before starting the building process. The rest of the two won't require much of your efforts or money. Mostly you can build them with one day of spare time.

Things to consider while building a miniature golf course?

Planning and procedure

Without proper planning and strategies, building a miniature golf course will surely be a tedious task. The first thing you need to decide is the types of golf courses you intend to make and the necessary equipment you will need to implement all of your plans.

Temporary miniature golf course

If you are thinking about building a miniature golf course, not many things are there to consider. These kinds of courses are more suitable if you have kids in your home.

  • This type of golf course does not require hours after hours or thousands of dollars to build. Anyone with the proper measurement of a backyard can think about making this type of course.
  • If you have a moderate amount of space in your backyard, you can think about making a temporary course.
  • Choosing a backyard with smaller grass on it should be ideal for making this kind of course.
  • Dig some random places, or pour some obstacles you think would be ideal for making the course to have a pleasant time with your children.
  • Building this kind of course requires more creativity than spending time or money.

Artificial miniature golf course

If you don't have enough time or money to build a temporary or permanent miniature golf course, thinking about making an artificial golf course should be ideal.

  • You will get all the necessary equipment to make this kind of course, including artificial mat or grass, clubs, obstacles, or hazards.
  • All you need to do is to buy some of them to make your backyard look like a mini-golf course.
  • Building this kind of golf course can be beneficial because all the equipment necessary for this kind of golf course is portable, and you always have the authenticity to store them when not in use.
  • Building this kind of course won't take more than 1 hour, meaning it will consume less of your time and energy at the same time.

Permanent miniature-golf course

  1. A permanent miniature golf course is the kind of course that we all the time hear where all the rich people love to play.
  2. Making this kind of golf course requires a lot more consideration and proportionate planning.
  3. It is worth taking a professional's help before starting the project.
  4. Before you start, make a complete outline or design of the course.
  5. Build all the hazards according to the plan.
  6. Make sure that the green of the course is flexible enough to provide you the best feeling.
  7. Our recommendation would be to do some extensive research before choosing the right green for the course you aim to build.

Hazards idea for miniature golf

To build miniature golf, you need to be creative enough; otherwise it will be a clumsy and rough experience overall.

  • Ask your children if they want to add something to the course. Sometimes children can come with outstanding ideas, where grown-up adults fail dramatically.
  • You may think about adding toy car race tracks as a perfect obstacle.
  • Wooden blocks can be another great inclusion.
  • Placing some colored balls or tires across the course can be another way to create some tremendous obstacles throughout the course.
  • Finally, it's all about getting creative. Make sure you are brainstorming enough to get the idea.

Final words

Making a permanent golf course is not easy, like making a temporary or artificial miniature golf course. Whatever the types of miniature golf courses you are destined to be making, it would be ideal to brainstorm first so that you can enjoy a pleasant time with your friends and family.

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